Revision history for App::MFILE::WWW

*** N.B.: for versions 0.001-0.078 the distro was known as App::Dochazka:WWW on
    CPAN and the code was included in the 'dochazka' project on SourceForge

0.001  2014-08-11 17:22 CEST
- establish App::Dochazka::WWW on a green field (more or less)

0.002  2014-08-11 19:11 CEST
- modifications to get it to pass "bare basic" test suite

0.003  2014-08-12 10:23 CEST
- write some POD

0.003  2014-08-12 16:57 CEST
- bring in from App-Dochazka-REST and start adapting it

0.004  2014-08-13 03:37 CEST
- bin/dochazka-www: bring in server startup script from App-Dochazka-REST
  and adapt to our needs
- config/ add some config params
- bring in initialization routine from App-Dochazka-REST, adapt it, and
  call it from dochazka-www
- eliminate large chunks of App-Dochazka-REST code that we don't
  need here; add debug messages; think through how requests will be validated
  by writing comments
- looking good overall -- the server starts and displays placeholder
  credentials dialog

0.005  2014-08-13 08:36 CEST
- change distro sharedir from 'config/' to 'share/', move config/ into it
- make a new 'comp/' subdir under share/, for Mason components
- make a new '' top-level Mason component for the credentials dialog
- instantiate Mason interpreter and export it as $Mason singleton;
  load our distro sharedir instead of App-Dochazka-REST's; replace 
  placeholder auth dialog with one constructed by Mason on the fly from
  the template stored in 'share/comp/'

0.006  2014-08-13 13:17 CEST
- Resource: add 'service_available' method for purpose of logging incoming
  HTTP requests, as it is the first method Web::Machine calls
- dochazka-cli: serve files in 'js/' and 'css/' directories statically using

0.007  2014-08-13 13:27 CEST
- MANIFEST: add bin/dochazka-www

0.008  2014-08-13 14:56 CEST
- MANIFEST: add missing files
- share/comp: bring in,, and auth.mi from my old
  'mfile-mason' project; start adapting them to our purposes
- share/js: bring in jquery.js from
- export $VERSION so we can get to it from
- executive summary: server starts and displays login dialog

0.009  2014-08-13 15:04 CEST
- POD - add Jonathan Swartz's suggestions regarding a
  'Mason::Plugin::Utf8' to the 'Development notes' section

0.010  2014-08-13 16:05 CEST
- Build.PL: update dependencies
- MANIFEST: add auth.mi

0.011  2014-08-14 09:15 CEST
- add COPYING file with text of BSD license
- write some POD
- add license boilerplate to Mason components
- auth.mi: get length of username and password fields from site configuration
- tickets/: work on tickets

0.012  2014-08-14 14:58 CEST
- bin/dochazka-www: look into how we could allow admin to specify host/port on
  command line, yet default to values in site configuration if they are not
  specified there

0.013  2014-08-14 17:01 CEST
- fighting with web technologies

0.014  2014-08-14 20:18 CEST
- add new JavaScript file js/02auth.js with authentication dialog-related
- fix bug "don't die when no context at line 349"
- comp/auth.mi: eliminate useless legacy iframe; do not submit form -
  leave everything to the JavaScript code
- work on tickets

0.015  2014-08-15 11:14 CEST
- comp/: add license boilerplate; merge comp/ into
- js/02auth.js: merge beginnings of auth_check code

0.016  2014-08-15 17:47 CEST
- use jQuery 2.0 instead of 1.1.1
- jettisoned idea of having the JS code open a connection to the REST
  server via Ajax calls -- instead, will store a LWP::UserAgent object
  in the session data 

0.017  2014-08-16 10:15 CEST
- lots of trial-and-error work to get login dialog to authenticate against REST
  server with LWP::UserAgent object in session data
- current state: login dialog displays and user can enter credentials; each
  time the form is submitted, the credentials are authenticated to the REST
  server and the REST server's response is displayed

0.018  2014-08-18 10:06 CEST
- fix bug "messages not getting loaded properly due to typo in name of
  WWW_Message_en.conf file"
- rename 'auth.mi' to more descriptive 'login_dialog.mi'
- add some POD detailing the request-response cycle
- eliminate resource_exists and integrate _validate_session into
  is_authorized; improve session recognition; clarify that all POST requests 
  are treated as form submits and handled in 'process_post', which will not
  be reached if session not authorized
- clarify what's job is 
- 02auth.js: rename to login_dialog.js and refactor to work with new
  generalized JSON structure for form submits

0.019  2014-08-18 10:43 CEST
- fix bug: "exception in>is_authorized"
- login_dialog.js: display reassuring message before attempting to
  authenticate to REST server

0.020  2014-08-18 11:45 CEST
- fix 'known_content_type'
- add comp/main.mi and js/main.js
- modifications to enable display of main page when session is
  authorized; add debug messages
- login_dialog.mi: call MFILE.main() upon successful auth

0.021  2014-08-18 17:02 CEST
- edit POD to get rid of 'Use of uninitialized value $_ in pattern
  match (m//)' error
- lots of other changes (WIP)

0.022  2014-08-18 22:19 CEST
- config/ add config file for runtime generation of
  the main menu
- add mainLogout.{mi,js}
- rename main_menu.{mi,js} -> mainMenu.{mi,js}
- rename login_dialog.{mi,js} -> loginDialog.{mi,js}
- move init_session function to
- fix logic; add mainMenu and setSessionTarget targets
- js/ add mainMenuFormSubmit function with AJAX call
- status: login dialog works, dynamically-generated main menu is displayed,
  mainLogout works
- NEXT: cache Mason-generated source in the JavaScript top-level object so we
  can switch between forms/targets without triggering a page reload

0.023  2014-08-19 14:16 CEST
- write POD
- add a debug message
- add debug messages; don't push session object onto context; 
  refactor is_authorized

0.024  2014-08-19 16:59 CEST
- attempt to cache subcomponent output in JavaScript object (failing so far
  due to quoting issues)

0.025  2014-08-19 23:37 CEST
- export a $tcache singleton
- import $tcache singleton; fix mainLogout function; make
  mainMenu function return cached content if available; convert
  setSessionTarget into getTargetCache
- import $tcache singleton; get rid of previous caching attempt; 
  use content from $tcache if available so subcomponents are not called
  more than once
- mainMenu.js: add JS code to check the tcache and display the subcomponent source directly if
  available in MFILE.tcache object (not tested -- need to implement at least two subcomponents
  other than "mainLogout")
- simplify _render_response_html; cleanup
- mainLogout.mi: remove <%perl> block -- these can no longer be used in subcomponents
  unless it's OK for them to run only once
- mainLogout.js: add AJAX call to send 'mainLogout' form submit
- status: caching implemented but only sketchily tested, and no testing yet on
  the JavaScript side

0.026  2014-08-20 16:19 CEST
- start implementing submenus

0.027  2014-08-21 09:44 CEST
- rename mainMenu.js to menu.js as we will use a single JS file for all
- add 'generate_menu' function called from
- add generalized '_processMenuSelection' function and call it
  from the form-submit function of each menu/submenu
- menu.js: refactor for multiple menus/submenus - kludgey, but it works

0.028  2014-08-21 10:53 CEST
- 'generate_menu' now generates entire form, not just the entries
- mainMenu.mi, mainEmployee.mi: remove duplicated code
- menu.js: mitigate kludginess

0.029  2014-08-21 11:24 CEST
- make menu selections case insensitive
- mainLogout.mi: display a goodbye message for 1 second on logout
- rename to, change logout selector from
  '10' to 'X'
- MANIFEST: was missing - add it
- mainLogout.js: wait one second before reloading the page

0.030  2014-08-21 11:53 CEST
-, bin/dochazka-www: write log messages to file defined in site
  param instead of relying on App::CELL::Test::LogToFile, which creates a
  temporary file each time

0.031  2014-08-21 12:23 CEST
- fix bug "cache not being reset after logout"

0.032  2014-08-21 14:13 CEST
- start implementing empProfile target

0.033  2014-08-21 15:36 CEST
- provide 'cookie_jar' parameter to LWP::UserAgent->new as this
  is necessary for session management to work; implement 'loadCurrentEmployee'
  target function
- empProfile.mi: improve HTML, uncomment JS handler call
- add 'loadCurrentEmployee' to DOCHAZKA_WWW_FORMS
- empProfile.js: add some debug messages
- current state of empProfile implementation: HTML form is displayed,
  AJAX call gets current employee object and values from it appear in
  the form; single-line minimenu is displayed; NEXT: enable user to make a
  selection from the minimenu and process that selection

0.034  2014-08-22 10:56 CEST
- cleanup; comment out some debug messages; add empProfileMiniMenu
- empProfile.js: add call to 'empProfileMiniMenu' ) and started
  to debug why it doesn't work as expected

0.035  2014-08-22 11:15 CEST
- fix bug "empProfileMiniMenu submits the wrong form, breaking the
- refrain from setting
- add missing 'empProfileMiniMenu' form to
- menu.js: move misplaced console.log statement to right place

0.036  2014-08-22 16:44 CEST
- embark on major refactor after realizing that the current model
  of treating everything (including menu selections) as a "form submit" 
  is bogus -- WIP

0.037  2014-08-23 09:06 CEST
- continue stabilizing the application and converting Mason components
  to JavaScript -- the goal is to remove Mason completely. Mason is
  nice, but it makes sense to have it only when the application consists
  of a number of different, complex pages and page reloads are used to 
  switch between them. This application consists of very simple HTML
  that can easily be stored in JavaScript variables and keeping all the 
  navigation on the JavaScript side eliminates page reloads and makes
  working with the application much faster. Also, conceptually it is 
  easier to understand because AJAX calls are used only to communicate
  with the REST server.
- js/: add 03empProfile.js; rename 03simpleMenu.js to 04simpleMenu.js;
  work on both

0.038  2014-08-24 20:34 CEST
- eliminate obsolete module
- write some POD
- instead of representing the current employee with three separate
  session attributes, do it with a single 'currentEmployee' hashref containing
  the entire employee object; now that is gone, we have to do
  login/logout POST handling here -- add the necessary code
- use 'currentEmployee' session attribute
- 01init.js: since we are no longer thinking in terms of "submitting forms", 
  but rather in terms of AJAX calls, change MFILE.lib.submitForm to MFILE.lib.AJAX
- js/: convert all "form submits" to AJAX calls
- status: everything works as it did before, except that all the "on-screen
  action" takes place on the JavaScript side, and AJAX calls are used only to
  communicate with the REST server; editEmpProfile is still WIP; menu system
  still needs work (ACL profile, incorporate minimenu into form) 

0.039  2014-08-24 20:47 CEST
- get rid of lots of code made obsolete by the recent redesign

0.040  2014-08-24 22:38 CEST
- Build.PL: eliminate Mason dependency
- MANIFEST: eliminate comp/, data/; add lib/App/Dochazka/WWW/
- eliminate exports, Mason
- new module replaces Mason templates
- convert from Mason to
- status: works without Mason

0.041  2014-08-25 08:51 CEST
- write POD; cleanup; eliminate 'verbose' parameter to init routine;
  move 'init_session' to as it is used there only
- eliminate dependency on 

0.042  2014-08-25 10:22 CEST
- started working on JavaScript code
- rename 01init.js to 01initlib.js
- log body of all incoming requests
- 01initlib.js: refactor MFILE.lib.AJAX so it takes an object instead of
  three variables; bring in contents of 02loginDialog.js; display a polite
  message when user logs out

0.043  2014-08-25 12:39 CEST
- js/: rearrange code

0.044  2014-08-25 16:11 CEST
- implement dynamic generation of "simple forms"
- simple forms consist of a title, a set of read-only span elements, 
  a set of read/write input elements, and a minimenu
- each form entry/element has an ACL profile
- individual menuItems also have ACL profile
- miniMenu logic autodetects presence of additional input elements above
  'sel' and enables user to use TAB and SHIFT-TAB to navigate the entire
- ready to implement empProfileEditSave

0.045  2014-08-25 20:26 CEST
- implementing empProfileEditSave (WIP)

0.046  2014-08-25 22:13 CEST
- js/: start refactoring to take advantage of prototypes and methods

0.047  2014-08-26 13:40 CEST
- js/: complete refactor of "targets" object model underway; "targets"
  are simple menus, mini menus, simple forms, and direct actions;
  all targets "inherit" from the prototype; now being 
  much more careful about the order in which I define objects so I
  don't refer to objects that don't yet exist; hopefully this change
  will streamline the code and facilitate addition of additional targets
- get names of JavaScript code files from site configuration
  parameter, instead of having them hardcoded
- status: login, logout, and simple menus are working again; rest is broken

0.048  2014-08-26 14:49 CEST
- MANIFEST: update JavaScript source files
- 002lib.js: expand MFILE.lib.AJAX to take success and failure callbacks
- js/: change all MFILE.lib.AJAX calls to send success and failure callbacsk
- 011simpleMenu2.js: use anonymous function call to loop over all simple
- status: ready to re-implement simple forms

0.049  2014-08-26 15:52 CEST
- WIP refactoring JavaScript code for the new 'target' prototype
  and to use object references wherever possible

0.050  2014-08-27 16:18 CEST
- ironing out bugs in the JavaScript code

0.051  2014-08-27 21:22 CEST
- finally finish migration to new object model (simple forms implementation)
- implement empProfileUpdate (formerly empProfileEditSave)
- split off 'priv' and 'schedule' properties from MFILE.currentEmployee into
  MFILE.currentEmployeePriv and MFILE.currentEmployeeSchedule, respectively,
  so the MFILE.currentEmployee object's properties match those of the employee
  object in the REST server's data model
- remove 'priv' from empProfile and empProfileEdit, as it is not a property
  of the employee data model object and it's presence here might confuse users   

0.052  2014-08-27 22:31 CEST
- add 'new employee' simple form
- 013simpleForm2.js: fix some minor issues in makeSimpleFormSource function

0.053  2014-08-28 10:03 CEST
- 006simpleForm1.js: add 'dispEmployee' target; add preamble text to 'empProfileEdit' target; 
  Nick is a required field, so it gets a star
- 011simpleMenu2.js: clear '#result' before displaying the menu
- 013simpleForm2.js: text of Back menu entry is now configurable; add 'dispEmployee' target;
  makeSimpleFormSource display preamble; menu selection defaults to 'X' (back) when there
  are no other menu entries
- 110empProfile.js: add 'dispEmployee' target; newEmployee target now calls 'dispEmployee'
  upon successful insert

0.054  2014-08-28 16:16 CEST
- WWW/ trying to tame JSON encoding/decoding
- js/: start working on employee search/browse
- status: implemented new 'Search employee' menu item, simple form for
  getting search key, AJAX call to REST server, "browse" results in cases
  when 0 or 1 employees found

0.055  2014-08-28 22:29 CEST
- js/: first shot at employee search functionality for administrators: simple 
  form gathers a nick search key (e.g. 'ro%') which matches 'n' records,
  which can then be displayed/browsed using a clumsy set of forms -- it is 
  enough to see that:
  (a) it can be done using the simple forms, but
  (b) realistically, a new widget will be needed

0.056  2014-08-29 08:53 CEST
- js/: add 'changePassword' target
- status: changePassword works, but REST server does not allow passerbies and
  inactives to change their passwords -- need to look at that

0.057  2014-08-29 13:42 CEST
- 'rest_req' now returns entire HTTP::Response object instead
  of just its 'code' property: adapt our code to handle that; AJAX calls 
  return HTTP response code _and_ message
- js/: run JSlint on all the JavaScript source files and fix all errors

0.058  2014-08-29 16:18 CEST
- css/: widen application frame by "50 pixels"
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka version 0.164 minimum
- 002lib.js: fix MFILE.lib.rightPadSpaces (broken by JSlint-related
- 013simpleForm2.js: fix bug "form submit broken when clicking on submit

0.059  2014-08-29 17:20 CEST
->_login_dialog: improve error displayed on login failure
- 007directAction.js: constructor gives dA objects a default start method
  if one is not provided in the argument object; add 'insertEmployee' dA
- 100login.js: refactor MFILE.loginDialogFormSubmit, improve error message
  displayed on login failure
- 110empProfile.js: refactor MFILE.directAction.newEmployee.start so it
  properly validates the nick before attempting the insert, which is
  implemented by calling the new 'insertEmployee' dA target

0.060  2014-08-29 22:36 CEST
- implement "Masquerade as different employee" feature
- js/: add 'masqEmployee' target; rename 003targets.js to 003prototypes.js
  after adding MFILE.empProfile prototype to it; minor cleanup
- check MFILE.currentEmployee's heritage each time we enter
  a menu, and fix it if necessary (it loses its heritage on each page reload,
  but each page reload takes us to the main menu, where we restore the heritage)
- give 'userbox' an id so we can refer to it
- test and debug MFILE.empProfile.sanitize function, now using it to ensure
  that employee objects don't have illegal properties when sending them to
  the REST server

0.061  2014-09-01 07:49 CEST
- Unicode hell

0.062  2014-09-02 17:57 CEST
- Unicode hell
- js/: split JS source files into 'mfile' and 'dochazka' trees -- 'mfile'
  is the "framework" and 'dochazka' is our "application" (preparation for
  Hackweek 11), minor cleanup
-, config/ instead of having all the JS source code files
  in a single array ref, each source file now has its own site param

0.063  2014-09-02 18:42 CEST
- js/: js/mfile/004simpleMenu1.js contains "general" code, while the "real"
  simple menus are defined in js/dochazka/004simpleMenu1.js, which overwrites
  the MFILE.simpleMenu object; eliminate MFILE.listOfAllSimpleMenus array since
  this information can easily be derived from the MFILE.simpleMenu object

0.064  2014-09-03 12:21 CEST
- js/: separating general ('MFILE') from specific ('DOCHAZKA') code,
  implementing privilege history submenu (WIP)

0.065  2014-09-03 13:58 CEST
  site configuration parameter so we don't have to type in credentials 
  a gazillion times a day

0.066  2014-09-03 16:40 CEST
- js/: get crazy idea to add a "Run unit tests" entry to the main menu,
  start implementing it

0.067  2014-09-03 17:34 CEST
- js/: move "specific" simple forms code to /js/dochazka, eliminate
  MFILE.listOfAllSimpleForms because it is trivial to derive the list
  from the MFILE.simpleForm object; add "Run unit tests" entry to main
  menu (WIP)

0.068  2014-09-03 22:44 CEST
- fix bug ('ip_addr' and 'last_seen' not getting set properly 
  following addition of DOCHAZKA_WWW_BYPASS_LOGIN_DIALOG); add more
  debug messages
- js/: move some code to mfile/002lib.js, move more Dochazka-specific code
  from mfile/ to dochazka/

0.069  2014-09-04 11:12 CEST
-, config/ fix bug (DOCHAZKA_WWW_JS_PRIVHISTORY was not
  defined and hence not being loaded at runtime)
- dochazka/004simpleMenu1.js: generate 'start' method of objects in
  MFILE.simpleMenu using a loop, instead of assigning them manually
- {mfile,dochazka}/013simpleForm2: move Dochazka-specific code to 
  the right place
- 120privHistory.js: fix bug (Dochazka-specific code in wrong place)
- 120privHistory.js: fix bug (wrong concatenation operator)
- mfile/002lib.js: fix bug (new MFILE.lib.hairCut method was broken)

0.070  2014-09-04 20:39 CEST
- js/mfile/003prototypes.js: fix bug in 'sanitize' method (missing return)
- js/dochazka/110empProfile.js: fix bug in MFILE.directAction.empProfileUpdate.start 
  (failure callback was not displaying server error message)
- js/: add some debug messages, bring in RequireJS

0.071  2014-09-08 09:31 CEST
- don't let user masquerade as herself

0.072  2014-09-08 22:07 CEST
- start migrating to RequireJS (WIP)

0.073  2014-09-09 10:12 CEST
- js/: move code from mfile/002lib.js into 'ajax.js' and 'lib.js', migrate it
  to RequireJS

0.074  2014-09-09 11:40 CEST
- gut module and move remaining code into
- js/: continue migrating existing code to RequireJS - login dialog now

0.075  2014-09-09 14:13 CEST
- migrate prototypes to RequireJS
- migrate dmenu, dform, daction initialization routines to RequireJS
- add 'app' paths config entry - JavaScript modules in 
  this directory are considered "application-specific" yet still referred
  to by this general name ('app')

0.076  2014-09-09 17:51 CEST
- hack like mad to get a menu to appear (still no joy)

0.077  2014-09-10 09:39 CEST
- js/: cleanup, delete deprecated code
- js/current-user.js: include 'obj' and 'priv' properties in module object
- js/daction.js: add 'logout' to the set of "core" dactions
- js/dform.js: integrate entries object
- js/dmenu.js: work on introductory comments; add demoForm to demoMenu
- js/lib.js: fix priv_check; add 'entries' and 'back' properties to dmenu
  constructor; add 'hookGetObj' property to dform constructor
- js/main.js: start demo menu instead of main menu

0.078  2014-09-10 11:03 CEST
- implement phased initialization of dmenu and dform objects
- dforms now working and can be included in dmenus
- js/dmenu.js: rewrite introductory documentation; move initialization of
  'entries' and 'back' properties to js/init/
- js/init/dform-source-start.js: rename from init/dform; adapt to
  restructured object
- js/init/dmenu-source-start.js: rename from init/dmenu
- js/main.js: initialize dforms by requiring init/dform-source-start

0.079  2014-09-10 15:22 CEST
- migration to RequireJS complete
- rename to App::MFILE::WWW

0.080  2014-09-10 16:14 CEST
- hack css

0.081  2014-09-10 17:22 CEST
- js/html.js: iff currentUser is an admin, display 'ADMIN' next to her nick

0.082  2014-09-10 17:48 CEST
- massage POD

0.083  2014-09-10 17:59 CEST
- js/ajax.js: cleanup and document

0.084  2014-09-10 18:02 CEST
- js/cf.js: cleanup and improve in-line documentation

0.085  2014-09-10 18:08 CEST
- js/current-user.js: cleanup; improve in-line documentation

0.086  2014-09-11 09:31 CEST
- js/: {dmenu,dform,daction} object initialization was subject to race
  conditions, so had to be redesigned - the new system treats all three
  types of objects as instances of a single type "target" and all targets
  are stored in a single module, target.js, and initialized in

0.087  2014-09-11 09:55 CEST
- fix bugs in MANIFEST and t/00-load.t

0.088  2014-09-11 10:00 CEST
- Build.PL: update dependencies

0.089  2014-09-11 11:49 CEST
- js/mfile-www/daction-start.js: single source for daction start methods
- js/mfile-www/{daction,dform,dmenu}-init.js: each target type has its 
  own method for initialization round one
- js/mfile-www/target-init.js: function that initializes all targets
  (called from main.js)
- js/main.js: adapt to new targets system
- js/init/{dmenu,dform}-source-start.js: (target init round two) adapt to
  new targets system

0.090  2014-09-11 12:25 CEST
- js/: fix lots of bugs introduced by the last refactor

0.091  2014-09-11 14:46 CEST
- add unit testing infrastructure
- adapt for QUnit (URLs containing 'test' will cause unit
  tests to be run); rename 'gen_html' to 'main_html'; new '_require_js'
  generates shared RequireJS HTML code
- js/: set up QUnit with a single "dummy test"; move require.js to libs/;
  add 'test.js' unit testing script and 'tests/' directory for unit tests

0.092  2014-09-11 16:12 CEST
- js/tests: implement 'cf' test, start work on 'current-user' test
- fix first bug uncovered by the new unit tests

0.093  2014-09-11 21:42 CEST
- js/: add a few unit tests

0.094  2014-09-12 10:28 CEST
- add more unit tests

0.095  2014-09-12 16:46 CEST
- Build.PL: add 'Getopt::Long' dependency
- bin/mfile-www: start refactoring startup script to work in two
  different modes: "standalone operation" and "derived distro"
- write POD on the new operating modes
- change default location of logfile to $HOME/.mfile-www.log 
  to increase probability of it being user-writable

0.096  2014-09-12 18:00 CEST
- bin/mfile-www: start extending the script to handle "standalone" and "derived
  distro" modes
- fix some errors in the new POD

0.097  2014-09-15 21:38 CEST
- js/: move all core JS files to js/core 
- bin/mfile-www: start refactoring startup script to support "standalone"
  and "derived distribution" modes
- more annotation of the JavaScript initialization code
- config/ add config parameters that will be needed for
  "standalone" and "derived distribution" modes
- t/pod-coverage.t: fix typo in test that was causing it to fail on one

0.098  2014-09-17 17:54 CEST
- implemented feature standalone/derived distribution mode (so far, only
  standalone mode has been tested)
- add 'mode' param to 'init' routine - if mode is 'STANDALONE', 
  set META_WWW_CONNECT_TO_REST_SERVER meta param to the string 'false'
- eliminate MFILE_WWW_CONNECT_TO_REST_SERVER site param
  as we are using meta for this
- js/core/ bring in 'cf' as a dependency; do mode-specific setup
  and hard-set nick to 'demo' if we are in standalone mode. This has effect
  of bypassing the login dialog

0.099  2014-09-17 22:17 CEST
- js/core/ajax.js: in standalone mode there is no REST server
- js/mfile-www/: add a "demo submenu"

0.100  2014-09-18 08:18 CEST
- in 'is_authorized' routine, session is authorized if
- js/core/logout.js: eliminate 'logoutSource' (duplicated code); in standalone
  mode, emulate actual logout

0.101  2014-09-18 08:48 CEST
- js/: divide 'sampleAction' into three demo actions

0.102  2014-09-18 12:33 CEST
- bin/mfile-www: edit POD; make sitedir configurable and optional

0.103  2014-09-18 15:12 CEST
- minor POD fix

0.104  2014-09-19 09:27 CEST
- move startup script-related POD to startup script
- clarify logic in 'is_authorized'
- js/core/current-user.js: refactor, document
- js/core/lib.js: refactor 'privCheck'
- js/core/tests/current-user.js: test differently in standalone mode
- js/core/tests/lib.js: adapt to changes in current-user.js
- tickets: add some tickets

0.105  2014-09-19 13:59 CEST
- do not use quotation marks when we send 'false/true' value
- js/: adapt to true/false value of cf('connectToRestServer'); deal with
  current-user being null in standalone mode; make privCheck test use new
  lib.privCheck "API"

0.106  2014-09-19 17:25 CEST
- add initialization code for derived distribution mode

0.107  2014-09-19 18:10 CEST
- bin/mfile-www: fix various oversights
- current_user.js: make 'obj' switch return null if there is no nick
- main.js: fix derived distribution mode
- status: server starts in ddist mode, login dialog is displayed

0.108  2014-09-20 08:20 CEST
- make target-init return name of target to be called first (by main.js)

0.109  2014-09-20 22:53 CEST
- lib.js: clean up deprecated constructor functions

0.110  2014-09-21 00:33 CEST
- bin/mfile-www, add code to get the right version string so we
  don't display App::MFILE::WWW version in derived distro mode

0.111  2014-09-22 21:02 CEST
- fix bug "App::MFILE::WWW version number in HTML title, but 
  in derived distribution mode the version number should be that of the
  derived distribution"

0.112  2014-09-24 10:19 CEST
- js/core/dform-source-start.js: fix two bugs relating to how miniMenu length
  is determined

0.113  2014-09-24 11:53 CEST
- fix bug "privilege reverts to passerby on page reload"

0.114  2014-09-24 13:47 CEST
- do the right thing when user hits ENTER at a menu or miniMenu

0.115  2014-09-24 15:27 CEST
- js/: two minor clarifications

0.116  2014-09-25 10:29 CEST
- massage POD

0.117  2014-09-27 10:53 CEST
- js/: start refactor in preparation for adding new 'browser' widget

0.118  2014-10-03 12:46 CEST
- ajax.js: expand commentary
- js/: start work on 'dbrowser' widget (target type)

0.119  2014-10-06 08:13 CEST
- html.js: first shot at dbrowser HTML generator; modularize some snippets of

0.120  2014-10-10 12:05 CEST
- js/: debug latest round of changes
- NEXT: start testing dbrowser functionality

0.121  2014-10-10 17:01 CEST
- js/: work on dbrowser (progress)

0.122  2014-10-11 14:53 CEST
- lib.js: add 'holdObject' routine
- start.js: add 'dbrowserSubmit' routine; when dbrowsing, use 'lib.holdObject'
  to store the current object so we can return to it
- dform-init.js: start work on a 'demoEditFromBrowser' target

0.123  2014-10-11 17:15 CEST
- start.js: add warning about argument passed by dform handler to start
  method of item picked from the dform miniMenu; store dbrowser state in a
  descriptively-named object; rewrite dbrowser method to enable it to be
  called either with an argument ("new" dbrowser) or without (return to
  existing dbrowser state)
- daction-{init,start}.js: add 'returnToBrowser' action for returning to
  the saved dbrowser state
- dform-init.js: make the 'Back' miniMenu selection in 'demoEditFromBrowser' 
  call the 'returnToBrowser' target

0.124  2014-10-11 19:34 CEST
- dbrowser-init.js: use lib.holdObject for the hook and store the sample
  result set there before initializing the target

0.125  2014-10-11 20:34 CEST
- html.js: add comment; remove useless arguments from 'dbrowser' function
- lib.js: add comment
- start.js: fix bug "start.dbrowser not reinitializing state"; add comments

0.126  2014-10-11 21:57 CEST
- current-user.js: add flag1 property, which we will use to store
  masquerade state but which could be used for anything
- html.js: fill 'userbox' element from app/lib.js
- mfile-www/lib.js: new module with one method so far: 'fillUserBox' (based
  on code that used to be in html.js)

0.127  2014-10-11 22:39 CEST
- start.css: change 'dbstatus' to 'noticesline'
- html.js: add notices line to body HTML
- mfile-www/app.js: add 'fillNoticesLine' method

0.128  2014-10-11 23:13 CEST
- start.js: notify console log and clear 'result' element whenever a dmenu,
  dform, or dbrowser is started

0.129  2014-10-13 15:25 CEST
- work on POD
- core/html.js, css/start.css: rework CSS code in light of
  and get rid of several deprecated classes
- mfile-www/lib.js: tweak notices line

0.130  2014-10-13 15:52 CEST
- start.css: fix bug "#result element has fixed height, causing text to
  overflow the border whenever more than one line is displayed"
- core/ajax.js: display '* * * Communicating with REST server * * *' in the
  #result line before each AJAX call
- lib.js: add 'clearResult' library function
- star.js: use 'clearResult' library function

0.131  2014-10-13 16:47 CEST
- js/: CSS tweaks

0.132  2014-10-13 17:53 CEST
- core/lib.js: stop logging every keypress
- core/start.js: move miniMenu keyhandler into its own routine, thereby
  eliminating some code duplication and preparing the code for a 'dnotice'
  target type 

0.133  2014-10-14 08:41 CEST
- js/: implement dnotice feature

0.134  2014-10-14 09:20 CEST
- js/: fix bug "privHistory dnotice: race condition in AJAX call"

0.135  2014-10-14 09:32 CEST
- core/html.js: put dnotice in a <div> instead of a <form>

0.136  2014-10-14 10:58 CEST
- mfile-www/dnotice-hooks.js: make demoNotice display a random number to
  illustrate that noticeText is generated at runtime

0.137  2015-08-07 13:17 CEST
- migrate to GitHub
- Tame $VERSION strings
- Tame READMEs

0.138 2016-09-04 17:45 CEST
- export $VERSION variable correctly
- use match method to check content type
- Travis CI
- MANIFEST: drop ignore.txt

0.139 2016-09-05 08:29 CEST
- tests: drop t/boilerplate.t

0.140 2016-09-11 22:22 CEST
- current-user: do not fall back to passerby if priv undefined
- doc: fix POD markup in bin/mfile-www
- start with null currentUserPriv
- core/lib.js: improve diagnostic message
- js: add console.log() calls to shed light on code paths
- config: set MFILE_WWW_PORT to right value
- bin/mfile-www: improved --ddist handling
- cleanup: concentrate subroutines at the top in bin/mfile-www
- Move is_authorized() from to
- Implement standaloneMode boolean config param
- Get listen host/port from configuration
- Move login dialog and POST processing to
- bin/mfile-www: use $dispatch_module instead of hard-coding
- Make debug mode controllable via MFILE_WWW_DEBUG_MODE config param
-, support login/logout
- Implement login/logout functionality in standalone mode
- login dialog: fail properly on bad login creds

0.141 2016-09-12 10:17 CEST
- cleanup: remove all mentions of REST
- doc: drop version section from README.rst
- js: drop connectToRestServer config param
- cleanup: drop over-verbose comments in login-dialog.js
- Initialize currentUserPriv (fixes login dialog)

0.142 2016-09-16 00:18 CEST
- doc: improve comments and log messages
- dform: calculate length of form entry text
- js: replace for-loop with reduce method in core/html.js
- js: display (none) if no value in dform

0.143 2016-09-19 12:46 CEST
- js: add forceArray() function to core lib
- js: handle null in array concatenation (core/html.js)

0.144 2016-09-25 09:46 CEST
- bin/mfile-www: add --init option for perlbrew installs
- Log user out if AJAX call returns 401

0.145 2016-09-27 17:00 CEST
- eliminate a warning
- cleanup: improve debug messages
- bin/mfile-www: save session data in temporary file
- js: handle various form field values better in html.js
- Port dform display improvements to dbrowser
- dbrowser: rename aclProfile -> aclProfileRead
- dbrowser: fire itemHook in listener function

0.146 2016-09-28 18:58 CEST
- Remove dbrowser "itemHook", bad idea
- js: export dbrowserListen and dbrowserState in start.js
- _load_config: make sitedir take priority
- build/ops: set OBS_PROJECT to Application:Dochazka

0.147 2016-09-28 22:58 CEST
- dtable boilerplate
- dtable: everything except table rendering
- js: fix ACL profile property name in entry definitions
- build/ops: fix session management
- js: rename charsNeeded() to maxLength() and generalize
- dtable: finalize initial feature implementation

0.148 2016-09-29 00:43 CEST
- html.js: handle null entries prop in miniMenu()
- js: take headings into account when calculating column widths
- js: grammatically correct "Displaying table" message
- js: add readableDate() function to core lib

0.149 2016-09-29 01:09 CEST
- html.js: restore proper padding in dform
- js: make readableDate() take full "YYYY-MM-DD HH:DD:SS+TZ"

0.150 2016-11-03 19:22 CET
- expose REST server URI to JavaScript side
- export foreign site params only if defined
- js demo: dtable return to demoSubmenu instead of demoMenu
- js demo: implement a proper hook for dbrowser demo
- html.js: do not concatenate undefined entries
- html.js: use text prop to determine max length
- html.js: implement and use getObjStr()
- start.js: simplify dtable start/listen code
- Implement a drowselect target (widget)
  - demo: plumb in the new "drowselect" widget
  - demo: implement proper dtable, drowselect hooks
  - html.js: initial HTML for drowselect widget
  - start.js: add drowselect start and listen functions
  - html.js: put spans around table/rowselect rows
  - core: implement drowselect reverse video, arrow-key navigation
  - html.js: remove potential code duplication (dtable/drowselect)

0.151 2016-11-04 22:02 CET
- demo: storage and accessors for dbrowser data set
- demo: move rowselect demo to submenu
- demo: enable editing in dbrowser/drowselect demos
- core: refactor to eliminate code duplication (and fix a bug)

0.152 2016-11-05 21:18 CET
- core: prevent miniMenu entries from being undefined in start.js
- core: library function for displaying error messages
- core: improve display of empty table/rowselect in html.js
- core: display drowselect navigation only if rows > 1

0.153 2017-02-25 09:30 CET
- Refrain from making a new Plack::Session object
- doc: tweak log messages
- implement session and session_id methods
- script: store sessions in a dedicated directory in /tmp
- Display session data on all screens
- login: do not trigger page reload when bad credentials
- remove dead code
- Control display of session data by config parameter
- doc: better description of MFILE_APPNAME config param
- Control display of session data via configuration parameter

0.154 2017-02-27 15:40 CET
- build/ops: require recent versions of dependencies
- Cleanup session data display
- html.js: handle null entriesWrite array
- Implement a special divider dform entry, including rendering
- Implement a special dform entry that is just an empty line
- html: handle null elem.text in maxLength

0.155 2017-02-27 22:37 CET
- html.js: handle special entries in dbrowser, too
- lib.js: add shallowCopy function
- spam console log less (rightPadSpaces, current-user.js)
- current-user: refrain from spamming log

0.156 2017-02-28 15:23 CET
- lib.js: add isStringNotEmpty function

0.157 2017-08-25 14:01 CEST
- doc: start documenting the JavaScript primitives
- Implement target stack feature (major refactor)
- lib.js: implement isObjEmpty()
- stack.js: handle undefined and null obj in push()
- start.js: dform restore state only if rememberState is true
- stack: unsetFoo functions take no argument
- stack: make unwindToTarget take an optional obj argument
- stack: implement grep function
- stack,start: cleanup

0.158 2017-08-29 15:12 CEST
- doc: fix POD syntax in
- Fixed up the existing unit tests
- js: make JS entry point more of a wrapper
- tests: js: add a test that starts the application
- tests: js: add #mainarea introspection to dmenu test
- tests: js: migrate QUnit from 1.15.0 to 2.4.0

0.159 2017-09-23 23:52 CEST
- js: core: migrate to JQuery 3.2.1
- doc: describe how to add new JavaScript unit tests
- doc: JS unit testing: include QUnit documentation links
- js: core: upgrade to RequireJS 2.3.5
- js: core: strictly separate dmenu submit codepaths
- js: tests: test what happens when 0 is pressed in demoMenu
- js: core: drop passhash and salt from user prototype
- js: root: prevent login dialog from appearing in tests
- do not set currentUser when testing
- js: core: current-user: handle null values
- js: core: cf, current-user: allow override with null
- js: core: root: reset stack on every invocation
- js: core: stack: implement getStack method
- Refactor login, logout codepaths to allow login/logout from tests
- js: core: rename logout.js to loggout.js
- js: tests: declare QUnit module "mfile-www core"

0.160 2017-09-25 17:33 CEST
- js: make login() take an object instead of two positional arguments
- js: export mmKeyListener from start()
- js: core: lib: add displayResult function
- js: stack: add getLength() method
- js: refrain from calling loggout from ajax.js
- js: lib.js: add focusedItem function
- js: stack.js: fix reference to "push" attribute
- tell browsers not to cache
- Provide way to specify result line when starting a target
- stack.js: make getTarget take an offset
- start.js: unify arguments taken by primitive start functions

0.161 2017-09-28 11:42 CEST
- stack.js: implement restart() and pushWithoutStart() methods
- target.js: do not export _store
- js: core: html.js: put functions in alphabetical order
- build/ops: hopefully do not install Vim .swp files
- js: cleanup: rearrange lib.js functions and drop holdObject()
- js: fix logout breakage introduced by recent refactoring
- js: hack standalone demo app tests following recent refactoring
- migrate is_authorized to App::MFILE::HTTP
- Eliminate dependency on App::MFILE distro
- html.js: tweak valueToDisplay()
- lib.js: displayError use css center
- start.js: reset result line to &nbsp instead of null

0.162 2017-10-14 13:01 CEST
- Integrate D3 into the application
- js: core/lib: allow empty line to be first item in dform
- js: html: improved debug logging in maxLength()
- js: html: in dform, handle entriesRead more carefully
- js: core: implement getEntries() method in target prototype
- js: Implement form entry vetting feature
- js: ignore SHIFT+TAB in login dialog
- js: concentrate form entries into a central module
- js: start: use currentTarget "global" in mmSubmit()
- js: core: implement date vetter function
- js: datetime: implement canonicalizeTime and vetTimeRange
- js: core: add submitAction property to drowselect
- js: lib: enable displayError() to focus on arbitrary entry
- js: datetime: implement offset time ranges
- js: stack, start: make dform take an "inputId" option

0.163 2017-10-19 23:19 CEST
- js: lib: add isArray() from Crockford, Douglas
- js: datetime: enable vetting of special Dochazka time ranges
- js: dform: if entries have populate property, trigger populate async
- js: start: implement dform non-interactive async populate feature
- Resource: re-enable browser caching, increase waitSeconds
- js: core: use minified d3 and jQuery
- js: eliminate D3 from login dialog to lower page load times
- Resource: use onNodeCreated to display RequireJS module loading info
- js: start: refrain from vetting form entries on SHIFT-TAB
- js: core: use keydown instead of keypress (for Chrome)
- Resource: fix login bypass functionality

0.164 2017-10-20 22:41 CEST
- Dispatch+Resource: refactor login dialog bypass
- js: core: implement populate module
- js: start: clear result line when displaying dmenu
- js: stack: implement unwindToType()
- Dispatch: fix App::CELL constructor
- js: datetime: add intToDay(), monthToInt(), and tsrangeToTimeRange()

0.165 2017-10-21 12:02 CEST
- js: start: vet populate property more carefully in dform
- js: start: log an error if entry has bad populate property
- js: stack, start: refrain from setting resultLine option to null
- js: core: make the console log less noisy
- js: refactor ajax.js
- js: refactor populate.js

0.166 2017-10-22 07:17 CEST
- js: datetime: do not allow offset time range to go past 24:00
- js: html: implement "hidden entries" feature in dform
- js: start: ESC is "Back" in dmenu and dform
- js: datetime: implement isTimeRangeAfterTime() and isTimeWithinTimeRange()
- js: html: implement "hidden entries" feature in dform
- js: stack: make unwindToTarget take opts

0.167 2017-10-27 23:07 CEST
- js: loggout: refactor
- js: html: tweak logout message
- start.js: add "populate" option to dform
- js: populate: clear result line when populate is finished
- Add .ignore file for ag
- js: core: display logout message from application in result line
- js: stack/start: disable logout-via-ESC

0.168 2017-10-29 12:25 CET
- js: core/html: improve debugging experience
- js: core/datetime: implement vetMonth() and vetYear()
- js: core/datetime: add daysInMonth() function
- js: core/lib: add uniq() function, eliminates duplicates from array
- js: core/html: let entries have size attribute different from maxlen
- js: core/datetime: implement vetDayList()

0.169 2017-10-29 17:57 CET
- js: core/ajax: display failure message with displayError()
- js: core/loggout: propagate result line message
- js: core/html: fix bug in vetEntries()

0.170 2017-10-31 12:00 CET
- js: core/datetime: add tsrangeToDateAndTimeRange()
- js: core/start: vet all writable dform entries when submitting
- js: core/start: populate object regardless of target type
- js: core/start: display opts.resultLine after populate in dform
- js: core/html: make long miniMenus wrap a little less clumsily
- js: core/stack: fix missing underscore in pop()
- js: core/stack: push opts onto stack
- js: core/stack: make unwindTo{Flag,Target} handle opts and respect _start
- js: core/start: make dmenu process opts and respect resultLine

0.171 2017-11-02 20:14 CET
- js: core: implement dcallback widget
- js: core/start: support htmlCallback and populateCallback props in dcallback
- js: core/datetime: implement dateToDay()
- start.css: make boxtopbot have the same background color as mainarea

0.172 2017-11-10 15:17 CET
- js: core/current-user: use jQuery to reset object
- js: core/datetime: implement vetTimeRangeNoOffset
- js: core/lib: implement "nullify" function
- js: core/stack: add ability to unwind to target without starting

0.173 2017-11-11 13:23 CET
- js: core/datetime: improve tab completion of months
- js: core/datetime: fix strToMonth() regression
- js: core/populate: do not clobber result line
- css, js/html: implement proper miniMenu indenting
- js: core: html/start: make menu entries start at 1

0.174 2017-11-13 11:43 CET
- Revert "Integrate D3 into the application"
- js: core/html: fix dmenu regression
- js: core/html: give minimenu div an id
- js: reflect appLib.fillUserBox() behavior change

0.175 2017-11-14 17:24 CET
- js: core/start: pass resultLine to drowselectListen()
- js: core: implement "menu" prototype
- js: core/populate: handle undefined populateArray a little less stupidly
- js: core/init2: do not clobber miniMenu objects