Revision history for Perl extension Attribute::Handlers

0.50  Sat Apr 21 16:09:31 2001
	- original version; 

0.51	Tue May  1 06:33:15 2001

	- Fixed fatal file path error in MANIFEST (thanks Marcel and Jost)

0.60	Thu May 10 15:46:02 2001

	- Added RAWDATA specifier

	- Cleaned up documentation (thanks Garrett)

	- Added warning for all-lowercase handlers (thanks Garrett)

	- Added autotie functionality

	- Tweaked handling of anon arrays as attribute args

0.61	Thu May 10 16:28:06 2001

	- Critical doc patch

0.70	Sun Jun  3 07:40:03 2001

	- Added __CALLER__ pseudo class for 'autotie'

	- Added multi-phasic attribute handlers (thanks Garrett)

	- Fixed nasty $SIG{__WARN__}-induced bug

	- Cached ref/symbol mapping for better performance and more
	  reliable symbol identification under evil typeglob manipulations

	- Added option to pass arguments when autotied classes are imported
	  (thanks Marcel)

	- Fixed bug in handling of lexical SCALAR refs

	- Cleaned up interactions with other class hierarchies
	  (due to being base class of UNIVERSAL)

0.75	Mon Sep  3 09:07:08 2001

	- Cleaned up AUTOLOAD

	- Numerous bug fixes (thanks Pete)

	- Fixed handling of attribute data that includes a newline (thanks Pete)

	- Added "autotieref" option (thanks Pete)

	- Switched off $DB::single

	- Changed licence for inclusion in core distribution

	- Fixed 'autotie' for tied classes with multi-level names (thanks Jeff)

0.76	Thu Nov 15 06:31:51 2001

	- Fixed documentation nit (thanks Rick)

	- Improving intuitiveness of autotie mechanism (thanks Marcel)

	- Added $VERSION numbrs to demo modules (seems bizarre to me, but
	  they're core too now).

0.77	Sat Jun  8 22:58:56 CEST 2002

	- Since Attribute::Handlers now is core, I will refer to changes
	with their patch number, please read  Porting/repository.pod from
	your a perl tarball for more information.

	- Brought up to date with perl 5.8RC1 version 
	will be 5.8 if no more changes come in

	- [#13686] This changes the behaviour of lexical attributes.
	Prior to this lexical attributes were done at a compile time, 
	and they would loose their attribute on the next run over them.
	Now perl 5.8 calls the attribute handler runtime whenever it hits my.

	- [#14448] Fixes cases with too high refcounts on lexical attributes

	- [#15945] Do not warn about too late CHECK and INIT block if
	A::H is pulled in using a require.

0.78	Sat Oct  5 07:18:09 CEST 2002
	- [#17940] Includes :unique and :shared in the builtin types

	- From perl 5.8 { __CALLER__::foo => __PACKAGE } is missparsed,
	the proper approach is to use  { '__CALLER__::foo' => __PACKAGE }.
	The documentation is updated to reflect this. 
	Reported by Dave Cross


	- The version released with Perl 5.10.0
	- All interpreted attributes are now passed as array references,
	  eventually nested.
	- Don't AUTOLOAD DESTROY (Jerry D Hedden, cpan bug #1911)
	- A::H is now able to report caller's file and line number
	  (David Feldman)

0.80	Fri Oct 24 12:06:00 CEST 2008
        - CPAN release of the Attribute::Handlers version in bleadperl.
0.81	Sun Nov  9 22:47:00 CET 2008
        - Fix to make tests work on 5.6.X (Eric Rybski, RT #40781)

0.82	Wed Mar 11 17:17:00 CET 2009
        - Bring test code in line with core perl.