Revision history for Data-Consumer

0.01    2008-02-10
        Initial creation. Support Mysql and File based data resources.

        Pretty close to ready for release. Cleaned up pod and perltidied
        the code (my current parameters of choice are in comments in .pm 
        files). Spent some time on the make process to have configurable
        mysql arguments, which default to off for automated processed.

        Added support for 'leave', 'ignore', 'fail' and 'halt'. They probably
        could be better documented and tested.

        Lots of changes. Fixed an important bug and disabled the broken sweep
        functionality for now. Also silence some warnings on older perls.

0.11    Fri Mar 27 2011
        Fix SELECT GET_LOCK order-of-evaluation issue.
        This is an important bug fix if you're running Data::Consumer in
        a pipeline-fashion with multiple consumers working on items in
        various stages. If in doubt, upgrade.