[Changes for 0.978 - Feb 28, 2008]

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Fix pp -r for absolute file names (RT #33355) (Slaven Rezic)
    - Fix for FreeBSD's unreliable procfs (RT #33349) (Slaven Rezic)
    - Fix @INC ordering in par.pl: This might just fix the infamous
      "Only available with the XS version..." bug (see #24192)
      (Michael Schwern, Slaven Rezic)
    - Fix pp.pm version (Audrey)
    - Require Win32::Process on win32 (Audrey)
    - The parl-generation tests are now skipped if a pre-built .par
      binary is being used. (Mark Dootson)
    - Shared library extraction now checks first whether the file exists
      and whether it has the same size as the one to be extracted. In that
      case, the extraction is skipped. This should fix an issue with
      overwriting DLLs on Windows, see
      http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.par/3325 (Scott Stanton)
    - When re-building the distribution because of a change in 
      e.g. script/par.pl, the DATA sections of
      blib\PAR\StrippedPARL\{Dynamic,Static}.pm were not updated accordingly.

[Changes for 0.977 - Dec 20, 2007]

* New features
    - Support for Perl 5.10 and later.
    - New -E flag for "pp" that works just like "perl -E" for Perl 5.10+,
      namely enabling new syntactic features like "say".

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - When deleting the temp directory in the background, rename the
      directory to a unique name to avoid potential collisions caused
      by pid reuse (primarily an issue on Windows).
    - PAR::Packer now depends on Module::ScanDeps 0.78 because 0.77
      had a critical bug. If you are having trouble with M::SD 0.78,
      please a) report it in the bug tracker and b) try versions of
      M::SD below 0.77.
    - If running with the "clean" option, go through extra pain in par.pl
      to clean up if the OS doesn't allow opened shared libraries to be
      deleted. (Scott Stanton)
    - Use the P_tmpdir macro as temporary directory on Unix if available.
      See RT #29784.
    - Included PWD fix. See RT #29050.
    - Added deletion of 'orig_parl' on Win32 in PAR::Packer.
[Changes for 0.976 - Jul 29, 2007]
* New features
    - If available, the packager will include the new and slightly
      experimental Archive::Unzip::Burst module in generated binary
      executables. This can speed up the initial extraction of such
      a binary by a significant factor.
      (Total running time went from 8 seconds to 1.4 seconds in a
      simplistic test.)
    - The preprocessor option/define PERL_PROFILING can be used while
      compiling myldr/ (parl) to enable Devel::DProf profiling of
      the archive extraction.

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - myldr/Makefile workaround for HPUX. (RT #24950)
    - Makefile.PL doesn't require 5.006 any more but uses 'strict' now.
    - Makefile.PL doesn't use Module::AutoInstall any more. It's evil.
    - Dependency on PAR.pm upgraded to 0.976.
    - Marked PAR::Filter::Bytecode as deprecated. Added references to

[Changes for 0.975 - May 06, 2007]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Trailing backslashes in @INC paths handled in
    - Win32 added to 'required modules' to handle changes in Win32 core
      present in ActiveState build 820 and development branches.
    - No longer assume -B when using pp -P (or -p). (Roderich Schupp)

[Changes for 0.973 - Feb  3, 2007]
* New features
    - If PERL5LIB is set, that variable may be ignored in some parts
      of the myldr/ build process. We now warn the user during Makefile.PL
      if PERL5LIB is set. (Gaal Yahas)

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Cosmetics: Add "use strict;" and "use warnings;" to some files that
      lacked it.
    - Several bug fixes for the tests from Malcolm Nooning. Related to
      making them work on Windows with spaces in paths.
    - Added regexp escaping to the "pp -X foo.par" use case.
      (Eric Wilhelm)

[Changes for 0.970 - Dec  3, 2006]
* This is the first release of PAR-Packer as a separate distribution.
* PAR and PAR-Packer (+pp, parl, etc.) have been separated because there
  is usually no reason for the PAR Packager to be present on a user system
  which just needs PAR.pm to access .par archives.
* PAR-Packer will include all development tools such as those included
  in the contrib/ subdirectory.

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Moved most code from script/pp to lib/pp.pm so it gets picked up by the
      CPAN indexer. Hence you will be able to write "install pp" in the CPAN
      shell to install pp/PAR::Packer.
    - PAR::StrippedPARL::Base->write_parl() failed to work if the @INC
      directories contained spaces in 0.960. (Steven Mackenzie)
    - Much improved documentation of the environment variables
      (Glenn Linderman)
    - Fix for a spaces-in-pathname problem on Windows for
      t/30-current_exec.t. (Malcolm Nooning)

[Changes for 0.960 - Nov 21, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - myldr/Makefile.PL fix: Clean up myldr/usernamefrompwuid.h.
    - Silence warning in myldr/internals.c.
    - Silence warnings seen on Irix from myldr/env.c.
    - Skip most tests in 10-parl-generation.t if there is no parl.
    - Skip loading ActiveState Perl's "sitecustomize.pl" in par.pl.
    - Load modules via require and other files via do.
    - The parl-regeneration-for-every-pp-call addition of the 0.958 release
      should now also work for static perls.

* New features
    - Adressing RT ticket #6612: Now using getpwuid() to determine the
      user name if supported by the OS.

[Changes for 0.959 - Nov 12, 2006]
* This is just a hotfix release because 0.958 lacked META.yml. One day, I will
  switch from Module::Install to Module::Build...

[Changes for 0.958 - Oct 25, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - myldr/Makefile.PL fix: make static.o depend on mktmpdir.c, my_perl.c,
      my_par.c. (Roderich Schupp)
    - Modules included with the -M option to pp were previously scanned
      for dependencies but not mapped through the
      %Module::ScanDeps::Preload hash for custom dependencies. That's
      fixed now.
    - $ENV{PAR_RUN} isn't set by PAR::Packer any more because nothing in
      the PAR sources uses it. $ENV{PAR_RUN} is no longer used by PAR
      at all.
    - Unified the environment variables which are looked at for
      finding the system's temporary directory.

* New features
    - During the build process, PAR appends stripped down copies of parl
      (and parldyn if applicable) to the data classes
      PAR::StrippedPARL::Static and ::Dynamic. These
      parls-without-embedded-modules are used for packaging so the formerly
      embedded modules are now packaged from the packaging system. (Instead
      of stemming from the system where PAR/parl was built.)
    - The "use PAR { repository => $url };" syntax now also supports
      the use of user-constructed PAR::Repository::Client objects instead
      of an URL.
    - The -F (module code filter) option now supports selective filtering
      of modules. The syntax is "-F FILTER=REGEX" or - as before -
      "-F FILTER". The regular expression is applied to the *file name*,
      of the module inside the PAR (e.g. Foo/Bar.pm). This behaviour was
      chosen over matching against the module name (e.g. Foo::Bar) because
      the filters can be applied to module-like and script files as well
      (.pl, .al, etc.).
    - Updated PAR/FAQ.pod with the new FAQ's from the PAR wiki.
    - Added a POD file PAR/Environment.pod which is intended to become
      an index of all environment variables PAR uses of its own or
      recognizes from its users. Still mostly a stub.

[Changes for 0.957 - Oct 24, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Fix executable PARs top properly detect embedded scripts
      named the same as the executable. (Jesse Vincent)
    - Comment out the call to par_current_exec_proc (in the C loader)
      which breaks the use of symlinks to pp-ed executables when not
      called with a path. (I.e. using a search in $PATH).

[Changes for 0.956 - Oct  3, 2006]
* This is another hotfix release. Fixed a mindless bug introduced in 0.955.

[Changes for 0.955 - Oct  3, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - 0.952 introduced removal of system module search paths if -B is in
      effect. This resulted in some valid PAR-related paths being removed
      as well. Fixed. Upgrading from 0.952 and 0.954 is suggested.
    - Changed the use of hard-coded '/' as path-separator to using File::Spec.

[Changes for 0.954 - Sep 26, 2006]
* This release is equivalent to 0.953. The 0.953 CPAN upload is

[Changes for 0.953 - Sep 18, 2006]
* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Added optional POD tests.
    - Modified -B so that if -B is in effect, all entries are stripped
      out of @INC except for the PAR hooks. This happens right before
      the script contained in the pp-ed binary is executed.

[Changes for 0.952 - Aug 22, 2006]

* New features
    - Added the "install" option to the PAR loading syntax.
      If specified, the contents of the PAR distribution are
      permanently installed.
      This requires PAR::Repository::Client 0.04.

* Bug fixes, etc.
    - Fixed broken META.yml in 0.951.

[Changes for 0.951 - Aug 12, 2006]
(This includes any changes up to 0.950.)

* New features

    - Introduced new PAR loading syntax and semantics:
      use PAR { file => 'path/to/par/or/URL' };
      ==> equivalent to "use PAR 'path/to/par/or/URL';"
    - Introduced the 'fallback' option: (default = 0)
      use PAR { file => 'foo.par', fallback => 1 };
      ==> Loads modules from the PAR file only if loading
          them from @INC did not succeed.
    - Introduced the 'run' option which executes a script
      in a PAR archive just like
      perl -MPAR foo.par script.pl
    - If PAR::Repository::Client is installed, you can add a
      repository of .par distributions to your library search path
      as follows:
      use PAR { repository => 'http://foo' };
    - Of course, 'run' also works with repositories:
      use PAR { repository => 'http://foo', run => 'my_app' };
      (This searches the repository for any distributions that have a
      my_app script.)
    --> For details on repositories, have a look at the
        PAR::Repository::Client module.

- Bug fixes, etc.

    - Commented a couple of the routines in PAR.pm. (Yay!)
    - New test script for the new fallback loading feature.
    - Fixed a bug in the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel handling in

[Changes for 0.942 - Jul 22, 2006]

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Better support for diagnostics.pm (in conjunction with
      Module::ScanDeps 0.62.)
    - Now requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.62.

[Changes for 0.941 - Jun 20, 2006]
(No, PAR isn't stagnating. It's just that 1.00 would draw close if
we continued with 0.01 increases.)

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Version 0.94 of PAR would use the same cache area for all pp-ed
      applications due to a faulty hotfix for Digest::SHA. This applies
      to PAR 0.94 only. Think of 0.941 being PAR 0.94 done right.

[Changes for 0.94 - Jun  1, 2006]

* New Features

    - Added support for reading options to pp from a file using a
      '@filename' argument to pp:  pp -o foo --gui @filename foo.pl

* Bug fixes, etc.

    - Workaround for a bug in Digest::SHA 5.38 and 5.39 that would prevent
      PAR from being built.
    - Fixed details in the 2-pp.t test file.
    - Now recognizes text files that aren't picked up by the -T operator
      but by the "file" tool.
    - Applied Roderich Schupp's patch to 30-current_exec.t to fix a
      path issue.
    - Now requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.60 which fixes a couple of bugs
      which might be observed as PAR bugs.
    - Now working well with Spreadsheet::ParseExcel which uses an invalid
      POD section to comment out a code block. This wasn't recognized by
      PAR::Filter::PodStrip as POD and hence partly left in...
    - If the output directory doesn't exist, we create it now and output
      a meaningful error message if that failed.

[Changes for 0.93 - May 19, 2006]

* New Features

    - Added support for PAR_TMPDIR (PAR_GLOBAL_TMPDIR) so that the
      temp directory can be controlled for just the PAR file bits.
    - Added par_current_exec_proc() which finds the file of the current
      executable in /proc, if possible. (Leolo)
    - Added par_current_exec() which finds he file of the current
      executable, if possible on this OS. (Leolo)
    - par_findprog() now uses par_current_exec() if possible.

* Bug Fixes, etc.

    - Upgraded to Module::Install 0.62+ (Audrey Tang, Steffen Mueller)
    - Document a strange interaction with chdir() and relative
      paths. (Chris Dolan)
    - Documented the bits that make up PAR_TEMP. (Leolo)
    - Fixed the call to par_findprog. path (aka val) was set to
      tmpdir. (Leolo)
    - Documented the CACHE name at the end of a self-executing
      PAR. (Leolo)
    - myldr/Makefile.PL now generates some dependencies for
      main.c (Leolo)
    - Applied patch from RT ticket. (tsee)
    - Applied Ivan Kudryavtsev's patch that fixes a couple of calls
      to PAR subroutines in PatchContent filtered code. (tsee)

[Changes for 0.92 - February 22, 2006]

* Bug Fixes

    - Now requiring Module::ScanDeps 0.56 which handles autouse
    - Now shipping with a correct SIGNATURE. (Which was broken for

[Changes for 0.91 - February 13, 2006]

* Bug Fixes

    - Applied Alan Stewart's patch which fixes @ARGV pollution in
      daughter programs. See also 
    - Now mentioning the ENV var "PAR_VERBATIM" in the documentation.
      See also http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.par/2196
    - Applied Malcolm Nooning's fix for the test suite. We used to get
      failed tests on Windows because of spaces in path names.
    - Applied Roderich Schupp's and Malcolm Nooning's patches to
      the test suite fixing problems with Cygwin.
    - Applied Vincent Ladeuil's patch to PAR::Filter::Bleach to return a
      true value for modules that loaded okay.
    - Changed 'PAR_BASE' in the Makefile.PL to 'SMUELLER'.

[Changes for 0.90 - November 25, 2005]

* Bug Fixes

    - When compiling with static libperl, myldr/ may fail "make"
      due to sha1.c not generated properly.

    - Pod stripping could fail on __DATA__ sections for files
      with CRLF line endings.

    - The documentation erroneously referred to the PAR_TEMP
      environment variable, whereas it should be PAR_GLOBAL_TEMP.

    - Compilation fixes for MinGW/MSYS.

[Changes for 0.89 - June 10, 2005]

* Bug Fixes

    - Stop static.c from pulling in Perl header files, otherwise
      parl.exe ends up depending on the Perl DLL on Win32 when
      Perl is built without PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS.

    - With *nix and File::Path 1.06, par.pl's avoidance of loading
      Cwd.pm caused syntax errors.

[Changes for 0.88 - June 7, 2005]

* Bug Fixes

    - Extracted .pl files should be loadable via the coderef-in-@INC too,
      just like .pm files and autosplit files.  This makes PAR work with
      Perl 5.8.7 on Win32.

    - Fix the build with GCC 4.0.

    - If $ENV{PWD} is not defined, fallback to use `pwd` to obtain the
      working directory for invoking.

[Changes for 0.87 - January 31, 2005]

* Bug Fixes

    - On Win32, some versions of File::Spec::Win32 contains explicit
      "use Cwd;" lines, which renders parl.exe unusable.

    - Executable made by "pp" may fail when invoked as "./a.out" or
      "../a.out", due to incorrect PWD handling logic.

[Changes for 0.86 - December 11, 2004]

* New Features

    - New "pp -z" (--compress) option to set compression level (0-9).

    - New "pp -T" (--tempcache) option to override the per-executable
      directory name; it defaults to a hash of the executable, computed at
      compile time.  This makes startup much faster for large executables.

    - The hash algorithm described above now prefers Digest::SHA if installed,
      otherwise Digest::SHA1, then fallbacks to Digest::MD5.

    - Functionality of "pp -X" is now extended: if the argument after -X is a
      zip or par file, files in it are excluded from the produced executable,
      and the executable will "use" the zip/par instead. For multiple -X args,
      successive args are only "use"d if they contain additional unique files.

    - "pp -l" now searches for libraries in "." and PATH in Win32.

    - "pp -l" shared libraries are now added to %skip, so it will not
      be included in both shlib/ and lib/.

    - "pp -l" now chases symbolic links.  For example, if "libsomelib.so"
      is a symlink to "libsomelib.so.1", which is another symlink to
      "libsomelib.so.1.2", pp now follows these symlinks and add the real
      file the par, rather than "libsomelib.so".

    - New contributed code in "contrib/stdio/": Useful Tk console for
      "pp -g" users.

    - New contributed tutorial documents, currently in "contrib/docs/",
      which will eventually be turned into POD documents.

    - Running "perl Makefile.PL" with $ENV{DEBUG} set to true now produces
      "parl" with debug symbols.

    - Remove Cwd.pm (and Cwd.so) from the bundled dependencies.

* Bug Fixes

    - More robust probing for case-insensitive file systems.

    - PodStrip now attempts to match "standard" pod start before =cut,
      otherwise =cut gets removed by itself.

    - Win32 slashes are now normalized in privlib and archlib directories.

    - Don't extract shared libraries to inc/, since they were extracted
      in $PAR_TEMP already.

    - Don't re-extract shared libraries in subdirectories, since they
      are picked up by corresponding "use".

    - Tk now exits properly with a non-zero exit() value.

    - Fix libperl probing problem on Debian and Gentoo that manifests as a
     "libperl5.8.so not found" error during runtime.

    - gpp: Fixed typo in options with multiple filenames; cleaned up
      pp parameters.

    - When PAR_TEMP is set, shlib/ was not correctly added to the dynamic
      load path environment variables.

    - PAR now builds with Win32 VC++ without CVTRES.EXE available.

    - Detection of cl.exe, gcc.exe and cc.exe is now case-insensitive.

[Changes for 0.85 - July 2, 2004]

* New Features

    - New version of "gpp"; see contrib/gui_pp/gpp_readme.txt for details.

* Bug Fixes

    - MANIFEST and META.yml were not properly updated by PAR::Packer.

    - Setting directory aliases with "pp -a"/"pp -A" was broken.
      Fixed, and tests were added for it.

    - Statically-built executables was needlessly extracting libperl
      each time it runs; now it is eliminated and hence much faster.

[Changes for 0.83 - May 29, 2004]

* New Features

    - Revamped PAR::FAQ and sychronized with par.perl.org.

    - In pp-generated programs, $0 is now set to the pathname leading
      to the invoked executable.  Use $ENV{PAR_0} instead to get the
      filename that contains the main perl program.

    - Updated "contrib/gui_pp/gpp" to support PAR::Packer options.

* Bug Fixes

    - Core XS modules, such as Data::Dumper, were skipped by "pp".

    - Fix t/2-pp.t for Cygwin by probing $Config{_exe} rather than uname().

    - Scripts made by "pp -P", when invoked as "perl scriptname",
      should not search for the same-named programs in PATH.

    - Correctly remove leading slash and drive letters from absolute
      filenames passed to "pp -a".  Also normalized blackslahes to slashes.

    - The PP_OPTS environment variable was not recognized.

    - "pp -a dirname;diralias" was broken.

    - "pp -f" and "pp -F" were broken.

[Changes for 0.82 - May 24, 2004]

* New Features

    - New module PAR::Packer provides an OO interface to "pp"'s
      functionality; "pp" is now merely a thin wrapper for it.

    - New module App::Packer::PAR is a modified version of
      App::Packer, designed to work with PAR::Packer, and will
      hopefully be merged back to App::Packer.

    - The old, procedural "pp" is moved to contrib/; end-users
      should notice no changes in "pp"'s behaviour.

    - New options "pp -a" and "pp -A" (--addfile/--addlist) provides
      ways to include extra files and directories in the package.

    - The long option name for "pp -M" is changed from --add to
      --module.  The old name is still recognized but no longer
      documented.  Using "pp -M" to include non-library files
      is now deprecated; use "pp -a" instead.

    - par.pl and parl now writes messages to STDOUT, instead of
      STDERR.  As a consequence, t/2-pp.t no longer prints extra
      warnings during "make test".

* Bug Fixes

    - On Non-Win32 platforms, perl 5.8.0 and earlier versions produced
      pp-generated executables that immediately segfaults.

    - Running pp-generated executables with absolute pathname failed
      on statically-built perls.

    - Tests were failing due to a missing pipe_a_command.pm in MANIFEST.

    - Add the missing myldr/win32.coff for building on Cygwin/MinGW.

    - If the "perl" in path is different from the perl interpreter used
      for "make test", t/2-pp.t is known to fail and is now skipped.

    - Cygwin failed t/2-pp.t because "parl" is spelled as "parl.exe" there.

[Changes for 0.81 - May 23, 2004]

* New Features

    - Regained support for Win9x, Cygwin and MinGW.

    - PAR now supports 64-bit platforms, such as Tru64 and AIX.

    - Cygwin and MinGW can now build EXEs with icons, too; MinGW can update
      the icons, but Cygwin cannot.

    - Newly supported modules: Pod::Usage, DBIx::SearchBuilder,
      DBIx::ReportBuilder, SVK::Command, SVN::Core, and the ':encoding()'
      IO discipline.

* Bug Fixes

    - On non-Win32 systems, invoking pp-generated executable from PATH
      did not work.

    - Standalone executables were clobbered by existing perl environments
      with an identical "auto/IO" libpath as the author's environment.

    - Standalone executables did not work on systems with an unset
      dynamic load path environment variable (eg. LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

    - "pp -p -o multi.par 1.pl 2.pl; parl multi.par 1.pl" now works.

    - $ENV{PATH} and $ENV{TEMP} were truncated at first path delimiter.

    - "pp -f Bleach" did not work for ActivePerl on Win32.

    - Windows 9x systems were generating invalid cache directory names.

    - $ENV{path} is also recognized as $ENV{PATH} for Win32.

[Changes for 0.80 - March 17, 2004]

* New Features

    - A comprehensive test suite for pp in contrib/automated_pp_test/.
      It is run as part of the "make test" process from t/2-pp.t.

    - Much better support for "pp -i" and "pp -N" (--icon/--info)
      using the Win32::Exe module.  You may now use EXE and DLL as
      icon files.

    - If PAR_GLOBAL_CLEAN (-C, --clean) is not set, we now preemptively
      extracts files under the cache directory.  That made POSIX.pm
      and other modules that depends on %INC pointing to real files
      work correctly.

    - Now uses SHA-1 to create temporary directories and files,
      instead of mtime.

    - Verbosity level is now 1..3, not 0..5; "pp -v" now takes
      an optional integer, so "pp -v input.pl" is no longer an error.

    - New flags "-vv" and "-vvv", as shorthands for "-v 2" and "-v 3".

    - The user-settable PAR_CLEAN and PAR_TEMP environment variables has
      been renamed to PAR_GLOBAL_CLEAN and PAR_GLOBAL_TEMP; the original
      variables are still accessible within the program.  This is so that a
      pp-generated program can exec() or system() another one without
      crippling its environment variables.

    - File lookups are now case-insensitive on case-insensitive filesystems.

    - Another Tk-based GUI in contrib/gui_pp/; not installed by default.

    - OOified "pp" in contrib/object_oriented_pp/; not installed by default.

* Bug Fixes
    - "pp -d" (--dependent) prevented "pp -C" (--clean) from working.

    - The "pp -m" (--multiarch) option was implemented incorrectly
      and thus broken.

    - Many documentation tweaks.

    - Previously, "pp -M" (--module) did not add the module itself,
      only its dependencies.

    - Suppress a bogus warning when $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}} is empty.

    - "parl -v" without Module::Signature installed could delete all
      files within the current directory.  Oops.

    - On *nix systems, pp-generated executables erroneously linked to
      libperl even if "pp -d" (--dependent) is not set.

    - Spurious =cut directives in source files is now handled gracefully
      by PAR::Filter::PodStrip.

    - "pp -L" (--log) now logs all output messages to the log file,
      not just the ones printed by "pp" itself.

[Changes for 0.79 - January 8, 2004]

* Bug Fixes

    - Setting PAR_CLEAN had the reversed effect.  Oops.

    - Dynamic libraries in cached directories was not detected
      properly, resulting in "permission denied" errors during
      certain race conditions.

[Changes for 0.78 - January 7, 2004]

* New Features

    - By default, executables generated by "pp" will now store
      extracted files in cache directories.  You may override
      this by setting the PAR_CLEAN environment variable to "1",
      or generate executables using "pp -C".

    - New "pp -C" (--clean) option to make the generated executable
      clean up temporary directories after each run.

    - PAR_CLEARTEMP is renamed to PAR_CLEAN.

* Bug Fixes

    - On Win32, temporary directories containing shared libraries
      was not being properly cleaned up.

    - If no suitable temporary directories are found, use the current
      directory (".") instead of the root directory ("/").

[Changes for 0.77 - January 1, 2004]

* New Features

    - New "pp -c" and "pp -x" (--compile/--execute) options run the
      script with "perl -c" to check for dependencies.
    - Also, the new "pp -n" (--noscan) command skips the default
      static scanning altogether.

    - Added support for "pp -c/-x/-n" to tkpp.

    - For dynamically-built perls, pp-generated .exe files will now
      appear in the process table with the same name as it was launched,
      instead of "par.exe".

    - New filter "Obfuscate", which uses B::Deobfuscate to strip away
      PODs and comments, as well as mangling variable names.

    - Merged tkpp 1.1 from Doug Gruber.

    - OS/2 is now supported.

    - External Zlib is no longer required to run pp-generated binaries.

* Bug Fixes

    - Makefile.PL was failing if $Config{cc} contains spaces.

    - No longer needs setting "Windows 95 compatible mode" to run on WinXP.

    - On Win9x with Perl 5.6.1, "nmake" was failing due to extra "@[...]"
      symbols in Makefile.  It should be fixed now.

    - The "bad signature" problem with newer Archive::Zip versions is fixed.

    - App::Packer::Backend::PAR was misplaced into App/Packer/PAR.

    - Signature tests were failing under new ExtUtils::MakeMaker versions.

    - ActiveState's PPM building machine was having problem with PAR;
      a ".pdb" entry in MANIFEST.SKIP is added to fix that.

    - Some self-built PAR instances on Windows were failing due to
      mismatching short and long pathnames.

[Changes for 0.76 - October 28, 2003]

* New Features

    - Input filters. "pp --filter Bleach" now obfuscates the incoming
      script with PAR::Filter::Bleach; "pp --modfilter Bleach" applies
      Bleach to all packed modules.

    - Two previously built-in filters, PodStrip and PatchContent,
      are refactored out as PAR::Filter subclasses.

    - Two new filters, Bleach and Bytecode, are added for source-hiding

    - New utility, "tkpp", provides a GUI frontend to "pp".

    - New option, "pp --perlscript", to generate stand-alone scripts.

    - The old "PAR::Intro" documentation has been replaced by two
      new ones: "PAR::Tutorial" and "PAR::FAQ".

    - Tk pixmap (.xpm) files can now be packed with "pp --add".

* Bug Fixes

    - Perl 5.8.1 has an off-by-one bug that prevents "parl" to
      function properly.  We have now provided a workaround;
      this bug should also be fixed in Perl 5.8.2. 

    - Fixed https support for LWP via the new Module::ScapDeps.

[Changes for 0.75 - September 21, 2003]

* New Features
    - "pp -o file.exe file.par" now packs file.par into file.exe;
      this means you can hand-tweak PAR files generated by "pp -p"
      before packing it into an executable.

* Bug Fixes

    - Packing multiple programs by "pp script1.pl script2.pl" was
      producing syntax errors; fixed.

    - "pp -M datafile" now works.

    - Exit code from pp-packed executables now properly propagates out.

    - Fixed "use base" detection, Math::BigInt support and spurious
      signature warnings, by updated versions of Module::ScapDeps
      and Module::Signature.

    - On Win32, the PE info headers no longer show PAR_XXXXXXXXXXX.

[Changes for 0.74 - August 20, 2003]

* New Features

    - pp now has a set of "PatchContent" rules, dealing with
      non-PAR-compatible modules: Tk, Tk::Widget, Win32::API::Type,
      Win32::SystemInfo, SQL::Parser, diagnostics.  These rules may
      get refactored back to PAR.pm in the future.

    - New function, PAR::reload_libs(), to reload currently used
      libraries inside PAR files.

    - PAR.pm itself is now never packed into pp-generated files,
      to perserve interface compatibility and reduce bloat.

    - PAR.pm now handles "use PAR 'othercode.par'" called from
      program or modules inside PAR files, even recursively.

    - A new icon for Win32 that is hopefully prettier.

* Bug Fixes

    - All data after __DATA__ are preserved for included libraries.
      This helps self-reading modules like Net::LDAP::Constants.

    - PAR::read_file() was broken.  It now works.

    - "use PAR" inside pp-generated executables was failing with
      'file too short' errors due the mishandling of seek/tell.

    - Occasional crashes on Win32 due to rmdir() called too early
      with DLLs still open is fixed; however, "pp -d" executables
      may still exhibit this problem.

    - "pp -X" used to only take full pathnames as arguments.
      It now also takes "Module::Name" and "Module/Name.pm".

    - Dynamically built Perl under Cygwin failed to build, because
      libperl.dll.a was not found.

    - Eliminated "callback called on exit" warnings, and the related
      "access violation" error on Win32.

[Changes for 0.73 - August 6, 2003]

* New Features

    - The PAR Homepage is now online at http://par.perl.org/.
      Documentations have been changed to link to it.

* Bug Fixes

    - Tk applications can now properly access xpm/xbm files
      with Tk->findINC.

    - On Win32, pp-generated executables could not start from
      Explorer, if its path contains space characters.  Fixed.

    - On Win32, pp-generated executables used to leave around an
      empty directory in $ENV{TEMP}.  It is now properly rmdir'ed.

    - Some systems (notably OpenBSD and Debian) does not put their
      libperl.so in the default location, which breaks the build
      process; now searches inside $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}} and
      $Config{libpth} to find it.

[Changes for 0.72 - August 2, 2003]

* New Features

    - CHECK and INIT blocks in programs inside PAR are now supported.

* Bug Fixes

    - Two debug statements were mistakenly left in the source,
      resulting in "trying to get rid of /tmp/par_priv.xxxx.tmp"

    - Building on Linux with GCC 3.2.2 was failing due to massive
      heap required for my_perl.c.  Fixed by splitting it into 3k

    - Depends on Module::ScanDeps 0.21; it supports utf8 on Perl 5.6.1
      and can significantly reduce executable file size by eliminating
      unneccessary shared libraries.

[Changes for 0.71 - July 30, 2003]

* Bug Fixes

    - A nasty data-loss bug has been uncovered immediately after the
      previous release; it only affects Windows platforms, and may
      cause all files to be erased under the current root (\) directory.

    - Building on Red Hat linux was failing, with error message that
      says "my_perl not declared".  This has since been fixed.

[Changes for 0.70 - July 29, 2003]

* New Features

    - On machines with shared libperl, "pp" now makes truly stand-alone
      executables; the old behaviour is available with "pp --dependent".

    - Under Windows NT/2000/XP, "pp --icon=name.ico" now changes the icon
      for the generated executable; otherwise, a default "white camel"
      icon is used.

    - "use PAR 'http://example.com/foo.par'" now works, as does
      "perl -MPAR -Ihttp://example.com/foo.par".

    - PAR::Dist is now a mandatory prerequisite, which provides
      functions to turn any CPAN distribution into a PAR distribution,
      as well as to install, uninstall, sign and verify such files.

    - Integrated PAR::Dist into "par.pl" and "parl".  For example,
      "parl -i Foo-0.01-i386-freebsd-5.8.0.par" installs a PAR
      distribution; "parl -v out.exe" verifies a digitally signed
      executable generated by "pp --sign".

    - A new option, "pp --multiarch", lets you generate PAR files
      that can work on several architectures.

    - "pp --sign" now adds digital signatures to generated executables
      and PAR files.

    - PAR files may now (recursively) contain other PAR files inside
      their par/ directories.

    - shlib/ and par/ directories inside PAR files can now contain
      architecture- and perl-version-specific subdirectories.

    - The "Cross-Platform Packaging and Deployment with PAR" tutorial
      is now online as http://www.autrijus.org/par-tutorial/.

* Bug Fixes

    - MANIFEST.SKIP was broken on Win32.

    - C compilers that doesn't handle long line well can now
      compile PAR.

    - DLL files inside the same auto/ library as XS modules
      was not properly extracted and loaded.  This specifically
      affects Win32.

    - Because parl's @INC is '.', pp-generated executables may
      miss IO.dll and other shared libraries since they couldn't
      be correctly found in @INC.

[Changes for 0.69 - May 31, 2003]

* New Features

    - Under Perl 5.8, "pp -p" now works with Apache::PAR.
      See http://aut.dyndns.org/par-tutorial/slide018.html for
      a simple example.

    - "pp -M filename" now adds "filename" to /, not /lib/,
      unless filename ends in (pm|ix|al).  This makes it
      possible to bundle "web.conf" needed by Apache::PAR.

    - "pp -l" now searchs in system library paths, and
      appends "lib" / prepends ".$dl_ext" where necessary.

* Bug Fixes

    - PAR segfaults on some Unix platforms due to a NULL pointer
      used in mktmpdir.c.  Fixed.

    - "pp -o out.par -p -e '...'" now honors -o; previously
      it used "a.out.par" anyway.

    - Inhibited spurious uninitialized warnings under -w in the
      POD-stripping code.

    - Win32 did not properly cleans up PAR_TEMP directory, resulting
      in failure for executables that reused the same PID.  Fixed.

[Changes for 0.68 - May 26, 2003]

* New Features

    - New 'pp -l' option to pack additional shared libraries (DLLs).

    - POD-stripped libraries inside PAR files now have #line directives
      inserted, so they report the original line numbers on failure.

    - PAR files generated by 'pp' now has a MANIFEST file that can be
      viewed by Gecko-based browsers with Javascript turned on, e.g.:

* Bug Fixes

    - Each pp-executable instance now creates its own PAR_TEMP directory;
      this avoids permission errors when multiple users run the same binary.
      As a consequence, PAR_CLEARTEMP is now set to "1" by default.

    - Newer versions of shared Zlib library no longer causes "pp" to
      generate broken executables.

    - Fixed dynamic loading on Cygwin was failing due to missing +x mode.

    - Like "use lib", "use PAR 'name.par'" now unshift()s instead of push()es
      into @INC.  Same applies for "par.pl -A" and "parl -A".

    - Fixed building on ActivePerl 626 and below due to a missing $Config{ld}.

[Changes for 0.67 - April 1, 2003]

* New Features

    - PAR now works on Cygwin and MinGW/MSYS.

    - Globbing support in PAR::import(): use PAR "/path/*.pm";

    - New license clarification messages added to POD and 'pp -V'.

    - All 'pp' options now has a short form (-o) and a long form (--output).

    - Revamped documentation for 'pp'.

    - New -g (--gui) flag for 'pp' to build console-less Win32 executables.

* Bug Fixes

    - Building on Darwin Perl 5.6.0 was broken with 'cc -s'.

    - Building on 5.6.0 was broken due to bad 'base.pm'.

    - Win32 Tk::Widget autoloading was broken due to a binmode() bug.

    - IPC::Run was pod-stripped incorrectly.  Fixed.

    - Depends on Module::ScanDeps 0.19, which supports utf8 and .ph files.

    - Better AutoInstall support, which uses 'sudo' where necessary.

[Changes for 0.66 - March 20, 2003]

* New Features

    - Adds PAR::Intro, a PODified version of the online presentation.

    - Adds App::Packer::Backend::PAR, a bridge between PAR and App::Packer.

    - Scripts and modules are now searched in "/" last, instead of first.

    - Experimental patch for packing shared libraries via "pp -l".

    - HTTP fetching of precompiled packages in addition to FTP.

* Bug Fixes

    - Makefile.PL now downloads precompiled packages only if needed.

    - AutoInstall has been made to work for an easier installation.

    - The redundant "parl.exe.bat" is no longer created on Win32.
    - Pre-0.63 PARs used to leave broken .dll in TEMP; now they're cleaned.

    - "pp c:\something.pl" no longer treats c: as a relative path.

    - "pp -I dir" now searches 'dir' first, instead of last.

    - "pp" was broken on Perl 5.6.0 due to => stringification bugs.

    - Support for Tk::Widget autoloading has been added.

    - "parl" was not stripped if "gcc" was invoked as "cc"; fixed.

    - On a machine with multiple "parl"s, "pp" now uses the correct one.

    - File::Temp was missing as a dependency.

* Known Issues

    - Cygwin support is still broken.

    - PAR does not include utf8_heavy.pl nor unicore/* for scripts that
      has "use utf8;".  This has since been fixed by Module::ScanDeps 0.18.

[Changes for 0.65 - March 9, 2003]

This release comes with several significant improvements:

* Automatic binary installation

    Previously, users without a C compiler cannot build the 'parl'
    executable, and is therefore unable to create self-contained
    binaries using 'pp'.

    Now, if there is a binary package available for that architecture
    under my CPAN directory, the Makefile.PL script will automatically
    fetch it, unpack into blib/, and the installation will continue as
    normal, resulting in a fully-functional 'pp'.

    This feature is part of the soon-to-be-released Module::Install
    framework; it will greatly benefit all CPAN authors with non-pure-perl

* POD stripping

    Packages generated with 'pp' will now strip POD sections from all
    packed dependencies (your own scripts is unaffected); all binary
    executables will save at least 276732 bytes, with additional ~20%
    saving in additional packed dependencies.

    You can turn off this feature with the PAR_VERBATIM environment

* XS Incompatibility solved

    Because 'pp'-generated executables includes some fixed version of
    shared libraries (IO, Zlib, etc), they used to break when the
    target system has different version of shared libraries.

    Now PAR::Heavy intercepts DynaLoader::dl_expandspec to always prefer
    the library inside the PAR file, so this issue is resolved.

* 5.6.1 Reclaimed

    Thanks to Sisyphus and various others, building on Perl 5.6.1
    (with its old ExtUtils::MakeMaker and lack of PTHREAD_ATFORK)
    now works again.

[Changes for 0.64 - March 2, 2003]

* New Features

    - The t/0-signature.t test is re-enabled for people using my
      Module::Signature to verify the module's OpenPGP signature.

    - This release is the first distribution on CPAN to use the
      Module::Install framework, which is a stand-alone, extensible
      drop-in replacement for ExtUtils::MakeMaker that needs no
      extra action/prerequisites for end users.

* Bug Fixes

    - Dynamic loading on Win32 was broken, due to a binmode() bug
      reported by Bill Atkins, D. Menzel and others.

    - Building on Win32 in directory names that contain spaces
      did not work.
[Changes for 0.63 - February 6, 2003]

* Bug Fixes

    - The 'parl' binary (which replaces the old 'par' or 'par.exe')
      didn't work properly when bundling perl modules for self-
      contained executables, rendering 'pp' useless on machines
      without core perl.