1.00 1999.06.15 - Initial release

 1.01 1999.06.18 - Performance tweaks. Addition of 'make test' support

 1.02 1999.06.21 - Fixed '-legal' (broken by performance tweaks in 1.01),
                   removed use of 'use attrs' for portability, extended
                   'make test' tests.

 1.03 2000.12.06 - Added exportable class functions 'simple_parms'
                   and 'parse_parms' and allowed 'stacking' references
                   for parms to the object to improve calling usage.

 1.04 2005.09.18 - Added META.yml, Build.PL, Artistic_License.txt
                   GPL_License.txt, LICENSE to distribution. Renamed
                   CHANGES to Changes. Extended build tests to 100%
                   coverage. Minor refactoring of module for speed.
                   Seperated documentation into .pod file.
                   Added POD/POD Coverage tests.

 1.05 2006.03.04 - Corrected mis-usage of Carp in error paths that
                   was causing less than useful error messages.

                   Added LICENSE and DISCLAIMER sections to

 1.06 2020.10.11 - Relicensed under the MIT License. Cleanup of test reporting.
                   Updating of build configurations. Addition of GitHub repo
                   information to meta data. Updating of maintainer information.
                   Small changes to examples in POD documentation.