Revision history for Hadoop-Streaming

0.110030  2011-01-03 12:23:21 America/Los_Angeles
    switch build from AutoPrereq to AutoPrereqs, as per RJBS the former is EOL.
    Correct Synopsis section in Hadoop::Streaming parent doc, thanks to error report from Frank S Fejes III

0.103190  2010-11-15 02:38:55 PST8PDT
    user patch to allow tabs in reducer input data - Steve Caldwell @ Campus Explorer

0.102520  2010-09-09 10:13:02 PST8PDT
    Fixed module documentation in Hadoop::Streaming, corrected function signatures to include $self as first arg. 

0.102490  2010-09-06 09:34:59 PST8PDT
    Added module documentation to

0.101881  2010-07-07 15:53:10 PST8PDT
    Add PkgVersion back to dist.ini, so VERSION is properly defined for the modules.  This was included in a previous Dist::Zilla bundle.

0.101880  2010-07-07 08:55:46 PST8PDT
    Add base module for documentation purposes
    Switch to using Config module to get perl location for tests.

0.101860  2010-07-05 13:42:34 EST5EDT
    improve tests to catch error conditions for reporting when
      external commands fail.
    add support for hadoop messages: counter and status.
    change Dist::Zilla dist.ini files
    Add abstract headers.

0.100270  2010-01-26 22:49:42 PST8PDT
    Changed map signature.  Now called as $self->map( $line ) 
    instead of $self->map( $key, $value ) with key always undef.
    Add to replace external dependency on sort.
    Move tests to use /usr/bin/env perl instead of /usr/bin/perl.

0.100060  2010-01-05 23:30:09 PST8PDT

    Fixed failing tests on Solaris and FreeBSD, caused by differences
    in sort locale.
    Updated dist.ini

0.100050  2010-01-05 04:22:37 PST8PDT
    First CPAN release.

    Cloned from naoya at github ( )
    Moved from Hadoop:: to Hadoop::Streaming::
    Started using Dist::Zilla
    Added documentation --> pod coverage went from 0% to 100%
    Added tests to exercise the example code.
      tests now require Test::Command
    Added second example
    Made both examples work correctly when run locally