Revision history for WWW::Mechanize::Plugin::Ajax

0.03    9 September, 2008
        • The errors produced when the URL passed to open is from the
          wrong site/port/etc. are now DOMException objects.
        • The open method now clears the responseText and the
          request headers.
        • The send method now raises a readystatechange event on send-
          ing (without changing the readyState)  and for the ‘loading’
          state (3).
        • The setRequestHeader method now dies when called at a time
          other than between open and send.
        • setRequestHeader now throws a syntax error when the argu-
          ments do not conform to HTTP syntax.
        • The send method no longer runs scripts on HTML pages that
          it fetches.
        • setRequestHeader now ignores certain HTTP headers for the
          sake of security and HTTP compliancy.
        • The send method now dies when the readyState is not OPENED
          or when it is called recursively.
        • Assigning null to onreadystatechange no longer causes warn-
          ings and errors during event dispatch.
        • The argument to the send method is now ignored for GET and
          HEAD requests.

0.02    19 August, 2008
        • Relative URIs are now supported.
        • URIs are now checked to see whether they originate from the
          same server  (and port and  scheme)  as  the  current  page.
        • Fake cookies (created by setRequestHeader) are no longer
          clobbered when there are real cookies.
        • The event methods addEventListener, removeEventListener and
          dispatchEvent have been added.
        • There are now constants for the readyState
          (XMLHttpRequest.UNSENT etc.).
        • Non-standard HTTP method names are no longer folded to
        • The ‘open’ method now dies if the method name is not a
          valid HTTP token or if it is CONNECT,  TRACE or  TRACK
        • The fragment part (#...) of a URI is now stripped.
        • The ‘open’ method now dies if the URL’s scheme is not
        • Username and password are now gleaned from the URL if pres-
          ent and if the corresponding  args  to  open  are  omitted.
        • The username and password info no  longer  leaks  from  one
          object to the next. (The send method used to set the creden-
          tials for all XHR objects that didn’t have any.)

0.01    29 July, 2008
        First release