Pangloss Change Log

All changes by Steve Purkis <spurkis@cpan.org> unless otherwise stated.

    +	updated to work with Pipeline 3.09, fixes bug:
    +	now encodes uri strings as necessary, fixes bug:
    +	moved 'use 5.008;' from Build.PL to Pangloss.pm [reported by
	anonymous, RT #4045]
    +	minor fixes to YAML IO layer

    +	fixed multiple-selected items bug (both uri encoded & post) on users,
	concepts, languages and categories pages
    +	generalizd uri match in header.html
    +	"Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8" HTTP header now set
    +	fixed empty document filter & related bugs
    +	de-linted html, verified xhtml

    +	more pod updates
    +	moved Pangloss/Installation.pod --> Pangloss/Install.pm because it
	replaced the Pangloss front-page on search.span.org!
    -	removed Pangloss::accessors
    +	collection list pages (ie: edit/concepts.html) now use sorted lists
	[suggested by Dan McQuillan]
    +	fixed bug: reappearing URL in the search box [reported by Dan McQuillan]
    +	hard-coded $Pangloss::VERSION while we try & resolve a CPAN indexing

    +	simplified Html headers [suggested by Dan McQuillan]
    +	more pod updates
    +	now relies on accessors pragma from CPAN
    +	updated Petal-Utils required version (for 'if' modifier)
    +	fixed bug in Apache::Handler that prevented responses from being sent
    +	$app->foo_editor->list() now sets 'foo_collection' in the $view
    +	searcher now uses/sets collections from $view
    +	modifications to collections: added iterator() & sorted_list(),
	exists() and get() both take objects as well as keys now, and changed
	get_values_key() now uses isa()
    +	refactored search api to make language & concept objects available to
	the front end (not just keys)
    +	fixed HTML bugs: category displayed on search page again, currently
	selected values are preserved in select lists, other minor fixes.
    -	turned off pixie object cache in editors due to mutex problems.
    +	updated sample-httpd.conf to include VirtualHost example

    !	pixie stores are *not* be backwards compatible with v0.1 stores!
    +	finished HTML/URL Search Filter
    +	using lang_key instead of iso_code in User::Privileges
    +	added 'use accessors (...)' pragma, replaced all hard-coded accessors
    +	refactored standalone & apache webapps, now based on common code
	(test.pl renamed pg_test_server)
    +	added content-type=utf-8 headers to all html pages
    +	using Pod::Usage for pg_admin & pg_test_server
    +	added 'create store <dsn>' to pg_admin
    +	updated installation docs

See CVS logs for a detailed view of what's happened between v0.01 and 0.2.
The following is a high-level summary based on those posted to the list:

    +	spike implementation of the URL search
    +	a whole load of stress-testing & profiling; should handle expected
	load of 25 concurrent users, not pushed any higher at the moment.
	(see t/benchmark.pl and t/stress-test.pl)
    -	removed the 'dates' box from the front-end (no time to implement)
    +	tested with Petal-1.06
    +	spun off Petal-Utils side project

    +	search interface is nearly complete.
    +	introduced checkboxes to make selecting search criteria more obvious.
    +	the Pager now works
    +	wrote a bare-bones off-line admin interface that can create users,
	list collections, and upload terms.  Pangloss shell can be found in
    +	included a sample set of terms from Dan McQuillan into the test suite.
    +	lots of little bugfixes.
    +	started doing load tests.

    +	fairly painless integration w/Apache, Pangloss now loads under
	Apache/mod_perl 1.3.28.
    +	Added a sample Apache config file: 'conf/sample-httpd.conf'
    +	updated filters make for more intuitive search navigation.
    +	switched over to Module::Build from MakeMaker as a build tool.
    +	rewrote Todo list - it was getting a bit silly.

    +	introduced a Pager for the search results
    +	filters apply as an intersection instead of a union (after a chat
	with Jean-Michel Hiver)

    +	more improvements to the search page.
    +	selected 'filters' are now highlighted in the left-hand nav.
    +	search results are organized by category/language/name.
    +	fixed a bug where proofreaders couldn't update the status
	of a translation.

    +	basic search functionality now working.

    +	creator & date required for all objects.
    +	authentication segments now in place (means translators can add
	translations, and proofreaders can modify statuses)
    +	started work on search code in the backend.

    +	search page now dynamic, though search functionality still not
    +	finished outstanding error handling stuff.
    +	implementing the long-outstanding modify term status.
    +	hacked the tab selection (search|concepts|...|users)
    +	other bug-fixes

    +	installation eased by release of OpenFrame-WebApp, Pipeline-Config
	and acceptance of most patches
    +	patched version of Petal-0.92 now required to complicate the issue
    +	thought a lot about how data passes from the application layer to 
	the presentation layer, come up with a decent solution & started to
	roll it out.

    +	other editors begin to fall into place, still not at 100%
    	(can't update term statuses yet, error reporting is minimal,
	 no way to see the removed users list, etc...),

    +	Language & User editors working
    +	refactored 'proof of concept' server, moving chunks of code out
	into tested segments.
    +	YAML pipeline config file

    +	spike solution test.pl (edit users only)
    +	refactor search template [John Lea]
    +	split search.html into a header & footer, now used in mock-ups
    !	relying on patches submitted to various CPAN authors

    +	basic Pangloss objects: User, Language, Concept, Category, Term
    +	User editor (yet to tie in templates)
    +	search HTML template [John Lea, Steve Purkis, based on work by
	Jean-Michel Hiver].

    +	created template project files & directory structure
    +	project created 2003/04/02.