Tk-804.028 release (2007-12-18)

  Fixed some test problems.

Tk-804.027_502 release (2007-12-04)

New features
  Merged with CPAN version of Tk::Tree

  Tk::Animation now reads delay and disposal information from GIF file
  (experimental, may change, needs an installed Image::Info)

  Make sure canvas methods are really accessible in OnDestroy. This
  fixes problems in the CPAN module Tk::LCD.

  Some path-related problems fixed with Tk::DirTree.

  Solved some Tk::ColorEditor issues (missing rgb.txt, multiple
  chooseColor invocations)

  Fixed some build problems under Windows.

  Fixed possible memory corruption

  Dash patches by Wolfgang Laun

  hpux ia64 should now compile.

  Tk::FBox: workaround for segfaults under threaded perl.

  Fixed possible performance problem when using Tk::Balloon and
  AutoLoader 5.63 is installed.

  Documented missing page_widget method in Tk::NoteBook.

  Disabled more failing wm tests (notably on kwin).

Tk-804.027_501 release (2007-09-22)

Compiles and passes tests on
  FreeBSD 6.2 (amd64) + perl5.8.8
  FreeBSD 6.2 (amd64) + perl5.10.0 patch 31894
  FreeBSD 6.1 (i386) + perl5.8.8
  Linux (Debian) + perl5.8.8

At some earlier point, there were success reports for the following

* Solaris 8 (Sparc), gcc-4.0.3, perl-5.8.8 with
  freetype-2.2.1, expat-2.0.0, libXft-2.1.11, fontconfig-2.4.1,
  libXrender-0.9.2, renderproto-0.9.2, zlib-1.2.3, libjpeg-6b,

* RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0 update 8 (i686), gcc-4.0.3, perl-5.8.8 with
  freetype-2.2.1, expat-2.0.0, libXft-2.1.11, fontconfig-2.4.1,
  libXrender-0.9.2, renderproto-0.9.2, zlib-1.2.3, libjpeg-6b,

* Windows, VC++ 6.0, perl-5.9.5

New features
  Implemented -overrelief,-repeatinterval,-repeatdelay for Tk::Button.

  Additional item in the "widget" demonstration showing all Tk widgets.

  Added BalloonInfo to NoteBook.

  ptked: Encoding menu now with radiobuttons, also added some popular
  encodings to menu.

  Fix for not working 'hide entry' in HList.

  HList: fixed errors with disabled entries and a entry named 0.

  Various warning fixes.

  Enable compiling of PNG-related files with Sun compiler.

  Fixed setPalette and RecolorTree.

  Make sure waitVariable exits if a waiting dialog is destroyed.

  Again compiles under bleadperl.

  Various fixes for 64bit platforms (e.g. property method, libpng

  Fixed situation when resizing a mainwindow containing a PNG image
  crashed Tk Tcl/Tk bug 979239 fixed by George Peter Staplin, brought
  to Perl/Tk by Franck Aniere.

  Adapt path for getOpen/SaveFile's -initialfile and -initialdir to
  the OS (patch provided by Roland Minner).

  Fixed not working -dynamicgeometry in Tk::NoteBook.

  Fixed zlib compilation problem under Windows (unistd.h does not
  exist there). Reported by esskar.

  Fixed configure problems on mixed 32/64 bit architectures, patch by
  Steve Lidie.

  Documented the Widget() method

  Widget.pod: resorted methods alphabetically

  Documented Tk::DialogBox::Exit

  New test script for Button widget, yet uncomplete (t/button-tcl.t)

  New HList tests for show/hide

  font.t is more robust if unexpected fonts are used.

The complete log of changes can be get using

    svn log

Tk-804.027_500 release (2007-02-11)

Compiles and passes tests on

  FreeBSD 6.1 + perl5.8.8 + fontconfig 2.3.2
  FreeBSD 6.1 + bleadperl + fontconfig 2.3.2
  Linux (Debian) + perl5.8.8
  Windows 2000 + Strawberry Perl 5.8.8 alpha 2
  Mac OS X 10.4
  Solaris 10 + perl5.8.4

At some earlier point, there were successful builds with

  cygwin 1.5.x + perl5.8.7 + fontconfig (X11 build only)
  Solaris 8
  Linux (RedHat 8.0) + perl5.8.0

New features
  The undocumented method font('subfonts') returns now more

  Library upgrades:
    libpng from 1.2.5 to 1.2.12
    zlib from 1.1.4 to 1.2.3

  It's possible to use binary (and not anymore base64 encoded) -data
  for GIF files.

  New -cancel_button option for Tk::DialogBox

  gedi accepts now X11 command line options. is specified as a PREREQ_PM.

  Fixed slow listbox itemconfigure.

  Fixed array return of Tk::Text::get method.

  Fixed Tk::BrowseEntry problem with -label* options, see

  Introduced LangAsyncCheck, which fixes

  Fixed (missing
  default button indicator on win32 for Tk::DialogBox widgets)

  Fixed (wm close
  window button does not call the default button)

  Fixed non-working Balloon attachments to individual menu items,
  As a side effect, there is now a new method Tk::Menu::MasterMenu for
  getting the master menu of a cloned menu.

  Adjuster now works in DialogBoxes, see

  Fixed memory leak in after* callbacks, see

  Fixed Tk:: FBox to treat special files like sockets, pipes as files,
  not as directories.

  Fixed -at/-before/-after problem with Tk::HList.

  Workaround for 'selection conversion left too many bytes
  unconverted' aborts.

  New Pod for Tk::MsgBox.

  Created a CAVEATS section in Tk::Image for the FAQ about memory
  leaks and images.

  Added missing L<...> links.

  Some minor Pod fixes.

  Make sure that tests won't be run if no X11 is running to prevent
  unnecessary cpantesters reports.

  New test for Text widget (t/text.t)

  New test for scripts (t/exefiles.t)

  New test for Tk::Adjuster (t/adjuster.t)

  More Tk::FBox tests (e.g. chooseDirectory ...)

  Tests are now more robust if another application has the global grab
  (see catch_grabs in

Tk-804.027-p4.patch.gz (2006-11-26)

Compiles and passes tests on

  FreeBSD 6.1 + perl5.8.8 + fontconfig 2.3.2
  FreeBSD 6.1 + bleadperl + fontconfig 2.3.2
  Linux Debian + perl5.8.8 + fontconfig 2.4.1
  Solaris 8 + gcc-4.0.3 + perl-5.8.8 + fontconfig-2.4.1 (with two test
    errors in font.t)

I also had success with compiling under recent cygwin using the x11
libraries a few days earlier.

  XFT works now with recent fontconfig, no core dumps anymore.

  Fix for segfault in t/regexp.t with perl 5.9.x. See also
  for a similar issue.

  Workaround for core dumps when using -font=>undef.

  Fixed wrong usage of $#{@...} which does not work anymore in

  Fixed Tk::Text movements wordstart and wordend in unicode content.

  Better handling of undef in BrowseEntry widgets. Bug reported by
  Puetz Kevin A.

  A couple of compilation warning fixes.

  Continued text.t conversion.

  More tests in font.t.

  Fixed failing tests if no windows manager (under X11) is running.

  Fixed some false test failures in listbox.t (font detection was

  Disabled fork.t and fileevent.t on cygwin (same like MSWin32).

Tk-804.027-p3.patch.gz (2006-11-20)

Compiles and passes tests on

  FreeBSD 6.1 + perl5.8.8 + xorg 6.9.x + various window managers (fvwm2, twm, metacity ...)
  Linux RedHat 8.0 + perl5.8.0 (one test failure in leak.t)
  Linux RedHat 8.0 + perl5.8.7
  MSWin32 + Strawberry Perl (5.8.8)

There are some test failures with bleedperl, most of them
Tie::Watch-related, which will be fixed in a next version of the

Incompatible changes
  Return values of some Tk::Wm methods (e.g. aspect, wmGrid,
  iconposition, resizable ...) were changed from returning tclish
  lists (e.g. "1 2 3 4") to perlish lists (1,2,3,4). I believe the
  return values of these methods are rarely used.

  Tk::Wm::wmTracing needs argument for setting on/off, without
  argument just return the current value.

New features
  The newest tkUnixWm.c from Tcl/Tk is now in the Perl/Tk code. This
  adds (experimental?) support for wm attributes -topmost, -zoomed,
  -fullscreen and other _NET_WM features (iconphoto) under Unix/X11.

  Tk::Wm::stackorder was missing in Perl/Tk.

  widget demonstration has a Ctrl-Q key binding.

  ptksh: x is an alias for d (like in the perl debugger).
  ptksh: use bold font for prompt.

  Tk::Text: pasting selection with middle mouse sets cursor position now.
  This is consistent with behaviour in other toolkits.

  Tk::Widget: translated UnderlineAmpersand etc. functions.

  Tk::MsgBox: again in Tk, completely new translation from the Tcl/Tk
  original. Looks nicer and behaves better than messageBox through

  Fixed crashes of Perl/Tk applications when Gtk/Gnome applications
  were started. See

  ptksh is not slow anymore when popping up history.
  ptksh: use fixed font for text area.

  Tk::FBox may handle paths with high-bit set.

  Image and bitmap filenames with high-bit set work now. See

  Minor Tk::TextList fixes, but still most tests fail.

  Fixed some menu problems, see,

  Title of tearoff menus now set correctly.

  ptked may be started without initial filename.

  gedi works again.
  Fixed some core dumps.

  Tk::Listbox insert/delete does not leak memory anymore (well, not
  that much). See

  Building on RedHat systems works now, see

  Tk::NoteBook fix for pages method, see

  Tk::Canvas fix for -state => hidden issue, see

  Tk::Widget::Walk is now documented.

  Corrected installation path for Tk::Menu::Item.

  Fixed invalid Pod syntax.

  Converted some tests from Test to Test::More

  Enable unicode tests where possible.

  Make all tests working with XFT=1.

  New tests, converted from the Tcl counterparts: canvas.t, wm-tcl.t,
  text.t (latter not completed yet)

  00wmcheck.t: show user's window manager before starting tests.

  (Almost) no test should request user positioning windows (for old
  window managers like twm).

  Some wm-dependent tests were marked as TODO tests.


Within each 'release' time advances down the file, but most recent
release is at the top.

Change.log is generated from perforce database, it is therefore
complete, but short on detail.

Changes in Tk804.023
	First public release of version based on Unicode aware core tk.

Historical changes in Tk800 branch to be reinstated here later.