Revision history for Perl extension Moose

0.26 Thurs. Sept. 27, 2007
    == New Features ==
    * Parameterized Types
      We now support parameterized collection types, such as: 
          ArrayRef[Int]    # array or integers
          HashRef[Object]  # a hash with object values
      They can also be nested:
          ArrayRef[HashRef[RegExpr]] # an array of hashes with regexpr values
      And work with the type unions as well:
          ArrayRef[Int | Str]  # array of integers of strings
    * Better Framework Extendability is now "extendable" such that it is now much 
      easier to extend the framework and add your own keywords 
      and customizations. See the "EXTENDING AND EMBEDDING MOOSE"
      section of the docs.
    * Moose Snacks!
      In an effort to begin documenting some of the various 
      details of Moose as well as some common idioms, we have 
      created Moose::Cookbook::Snacks as a place to find 
      small (easily digestable) nuggets of Moose code.
    ~ Several doc updates/cleanup thanks to castaway ~
    - converted build system to use Module::Install instead of 
      Module::Build (thanks to jrockway)

    * Moose
      - added all the meta classes to the immutable list and 
        set it to inline the accessors
      - fix import to allow Sub::Exporter like { into => } 
	    and { into_level => } (perigrin)
      - exposed and documented init_meta() to allow better 
	    embedding and extending of Moose (perigrin)
	* t/
	  - complete re-organization of the test suite
	  - added some new tests as well 
	  - finally re-enabled the Moose::POOP test since
	    the new version of DBM::Deep now works again
	    (thanks rob)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - fixed very odd and very nasty recursion bug with 
        inner/augment (mst)
        - added tests for this (eilara)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - fixed issue with overload::Overloaded getting called 
        on non-blessed items. (RT #29269)
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - fixed issue with generated accessor code making 
        assumptions about hash based classes (thanks to dexter)
    * Moose::Coookbook::Snacks
      - these are bits of documentation, not quite as big as 
        Recipes but which have no clear place in the module docs. 
        So they are Snacks! (horray for castaway++)

    * Moose::Cookbook::Recipe4
      - updated it to use the new ArrayRef[MyType] construct
        - updated the accompanying test as well

    +++ Major Refactor of the Type Constraint system +++
    +++       with new features added as well        +++

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraint
      - no longer uses package variable to keep track of 
        the type constraints, now uses the an instance of
        Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Registry to do it
      - added more sophisticated type notation parsing
        (thanks to mugwump)
        - added tests for this

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - some minor adjustments to make subclassing easier
      - added the package_defined_in attribute so that we 
        can track where the type constraints are created
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union
      - this is now been refactored to be a subclass of 
    * Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion::Union
      - this has been added to service the newly refactored
        Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union and is itself 
        a subclass of Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Parameterized
      - added this module (taken from MooseX::AttributeHelpers)
        to help construct nested collection types
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Registry
      - added this class to keep track of type constraints

0.25 Mon. Aug. 13, 2007
    * Moose
      - Documentation update to reference Moose::Util::TypeConstraints 
        under 'isa' in 'has' for how to define a new type 
        (thanks to shlomif).

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - required attributes now will no longer accept undef 
        from the constructor, even if there is a default and lazy
        - added tests for this
      - default subroutines must return a value which passes the 
        type constraint
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor        
      - type-constraint tests now handle overloaded objects correctly
        in the error message
        - added tests for this (thanks to EvanCarroll) 

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union
      - added (has_)hand_optimized_constraint to this class so that 
        it behaves as the regular Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint does.

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - large refactoring of this code
      - added several more tests 
        - tests for subtle conflict resolition issues 
          added, but not currently running
          (thanks to kolibre)

    * Moose::Cookbook::Recipe7 
      - added new recipe for augment/inner functionality 
        (still in progress)
        - added test for this

    * Moose::Spec::Role
      - a formal definition of roles (still in progress)

    * Moose::Util
      - utilities for easier working with Moose classes
        - added tests for these

    * Test::Moose
      - This contains Moose specific test functions
        - added tests for these

0.24 Tues. July 3, 2007
    ~ Some doc updates/cleanup ~

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - added support for roles to be given as parameters 
        to the 'handles' option.
        - added tests and docs for this
      - the has '+foo' attribute form now accepts changes to 
        the lazy option, and the addition of a handles option
        (but not changing the handles option)
        - added tests and docs for this

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - required methods are now fetched using find_method_by_name
        so that required methods can come from superclasses
        - adjusted tests for this

0.23 Mon. June 18, 2007
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - fix inlined constructor for hierarchy with multiple BUILD methods (mst)
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Modify make_immutable to work with the new Class::MOP immutable
        mechanism + POD + very basic test (groditi)
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Fix handles to use goto() so that caller() comes out properly on 
        the other side (perigrin)

0.22 Thurs. May 31, 2007
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - fix for prototype undeclared issue when Moose::Util::TypeConstraints 
        loaded before consumers (e.g. Moose::Meta::Attribute) by predeclaring
        prototypes for functions
      - added the ClassName type constraint, this checks for strings 
        which will respond true to ->isa(UNIVERSAL). 
        - added tests and docs for this
      - subtyping just in name now works correctly by making the 
        default for where be { 1 }
        - added test for this 

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - coerce and lazy now work together correctly, thanks to 
        merlyn for finding this bug
        - tests added for this
      - fix reader presedence bug in Moose::Meta::Attribute + tests

    * Moose::Object
      - Foo->new(undef) now gets ignored, it is assumed you meant to pass
        a HASH-ref and missed. This produces better error messages then 
        having it die cause undef is not a HASH.
        - added tests for this

0.21 Thursday, May 2nd, 2007
    * Moose
      - added SUPER_SLOT and INNER_SLOT class hashes to support unimport
      - modified unimport to remove super and inner along with the rest
        - altered unimport tests to handle this

    * Moose::Role
      - altered super export to populate SUPER_SLOT

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - altered augment and override modifier application to use *_SLOT
        - modified tests for these to unimport one test class each to test

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - fixed issue where custom attribute metaclasses
        where not handled correctly in roles
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - fixed issue where extending metaclasses with 
        roles would blow up. Thanks to Aankhen`` for
        finding this insidious error, and it's solution.
    ~~ lots of spelling and grammer fixes in the docs, 
       many many thanks to rlb3 and Aankhen for these :)

0.20 Friday, April 6th, 2007
    >> I messed up the SKIP logic in one test
       so this release is just to fix that.

    * Moose
      - 'has' now also accepts an ARRAY ref
        to create multiple attrs (see docs)
        (thanks to konobi for this)
         - added tests and docs 

0.19 Thurs. April 5th, 2007
    ~~ More documentation updates ~~

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - 'type' now supports messages as well
        thanks to phaylon for finding this
        - added tests for this
      - added &list_all_type_constraints and 
        functions to facilitate introspection.
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - fixed regexp 'handles' declarations 
        to build the list of delegated methods
        correctly (and not override important 
        things like &new) thanks to ashleyb 
        for finding this
        - added tests and docs for this
      - added the 'documentation' attributes
        so that you can actually document your 
        attributes and inspect them through the 
        - added tests and docs for this

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - when loading custom attribute metaclasses
        it will first look in for the class in the 
        Moose::Meta::Attribute::Custom::$name, and 
        then default to just loading $name.
        - added tests and docs for this

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - type constraints now stringify to their names.
        - added test for this

    * misc.
      - added tests to assure we work with Module::Refresh 
      - added stricter test skip logic in the Moose POOP 
        test, ask Rob Kinyon why.
        - *cough* DBM::Deep 1.0 backwards compatability sucks *cough* ;)

0.18 Sat. March 10, 2007
    ~~ Many, many documentation updates ~~

    * misc.
      - We now use Class::MOP::load_class to 
        load all classes.    
      - added tests to show types and subtypes 
        working with Declare::Constraints::Simple
        and Test::Deep as constraint engines.

    !! You must have Class::MOP 0.37_001  !!
    !! for this developer release to work !!

    This release was primarily adding the immutable
    feature to Moose. An immutable class is one which 
    you promise not to alter. When you set the class 
    as immutable it will perform various bits of 
    memoization and inline certain part of the code
    (constructors, destructors and accessors). This 
    minimizes (and in some cases totally eliminates)
    one of Moose's biggest performance hits. This 
    feature is not on by default, and is 100% optional.
    It has several configurable bits as well, so you 
    can pick and choose to your specific needs.
    The changes involved in this were fairly wide and 
    highly specific, but 100% backwards compatible, so 
    I am not going to enumerate them here. If you are 
    truely interested in what was changed, please do 
    a diff :)

0.17 Tues. Nov. 14, 2006
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - bugfix for read-only accessors which 
        are have a type constraint and lazy.
        Thanks to chansen for finding it.

0.16 Tues. Nov. 14, 2006
    ++ NOTE ++
    There are some speed improvements in this release, 
    but they are only the begining, so stay tuned.
    * Moose::Object
      - BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL no longer get 
        called unless they actually need to be.
        This gave us a signifigant speed boost
        for the cases when there is no BUILD or 
        DEMOLISH method present.
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - added an 'optimize_as' option to the 
        type constraint, which allows for a
        hand optimized version of the type 
        constraint to be used when possible.
      - Any internally created type constraints
        now provide an optimized version as well.

0.15 Sun. Nov. 5, 2006
    ++ NOTE ++
    This version of Moose *must* have Class::MOP 0.36 in order 
    to work correctly. A number of small internal tweaks have 
    been made in order to be compatible with that release.

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - added &unimport so that you can clean out 
        your class namespace of these exported 
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - fixed minor issue which occasionally 
        comes up during global destruction 
        (thanks omega)
      - moved Moose::Meta::Method::Overriden into 
        its own file.
    * Moose::Meta::Role      
      - moved Moose::Meta::Role::Method into 
        its own file.
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - changed how we do type checks so that 
        we reduce the overall cost, but still 
        retain correctness.
       *** API CHANGE ***
      - moved accessor generation methods to 
        Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor to 
        conform to the API changes from 
        Class::MOP 0.36
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - changed how constraints are compiled
        so that we do less recursion and more
        iteration. This makes the type check 
        faster :)
      - moved Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union
        into its own file
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - created this from methods formerly found in 
    * Moose::Meta::Role::Method
      - moved this from Moose::Meta::Role
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Overriden
      - moved this from Moose::Meta::Class
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union
      - moved this from Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint

0.14 Mon. Oct. 9, 2006

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - fixed lazy attributes which were not getting 
        checked with the type constraint (thanks ashley)
        - added tests for this
      - removed the over-enthusiastic DWIMery of the 
        automatic ArrayRef and HashRef defaults, it 
        broke predicates in an ugly way.
        - removed tests for this

0.13 Sat. Sept. 30, 2006
    ++ NOTE ++
    This version of Moose *must* have Class::MOP 0.35 in order 
    to work correctly. A number of small internal tweaks have 
    been made in order to be compatible with that release.

    * Moose
      - Removed the use of UNIVERSAL::require to be a better
        symbol table citizen and remove a dependency 
        (thanks Adam Kennedy)

      **~~ removed experimental & undocumented feature ~~**
      - commented out the 'method' and 'self' keywords, see the 
        comments for more info.

    * Moose::Cookbook
      - added a FAQ and WTF files to document frequently 
        asked questions and common problems
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - added GlobRef and FileHandle type constraint
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - if your attribute 'isa' ArrayRef of HashRef, and you have
        not explicitly set a default, then make the default DWIM.
        This will also work for subtypes of ArrayRef and HashRef 
        as well.
      - you can now auto-deref subtypes of ArrayRef or HashRef too.
        - new test added for this (thanks to ashley)
    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - added basic support for runtime role composition
        but this is still *highly experimental*, so feedback 
        is much appreciated :)
        - added tests for this

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - the type constraint now handles the coercion process
        through delegation, this is to support the coercion 
        of unions
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union
      - it is now possible for coercions to be performed 
        on a type union
        - added tests for this (thanks to konobi)

    * Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion
      - properly capturing error when type constraint 
        is not found

    * Build.PL
      - Scalar::Util 1.18 is bad on Win32, so temporarily
        only require version 1.17 for Win32 and cygwin.
        (thanks Adam Kennedy)        

0.12 Sat. Sept. 1, 2006
    * Moose::Cookbook
      - Recipe5 (subtypes & coercion) has been written
    * Moose
      - fixed "bad meta" error message to be more descriptive      
      - fixed &unimport to not remove the &inner and &super  
        keywords because we need to localize them.
      - fixed number of spelling/grammer issues, thanks Theory :)
      **~~ experimental & undocumented feature ~~**
      - added the method and self keywords, they are basically 
        just sugar, and they may not stay around.
    * Moose::Object
      - added &dump method to easily Data::Dumper 
        an object
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - added the &is_a_type_of method to check both the current
        and the subtype of a method (similar to &isa with classes)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - this is now a subclass of Class::MOP::Module, and no longer
        creates the _role_meta ugliness of before. 
        - fixed tests to reflect this change
0.11 Wed. July 12, 2006
    * Moose
      - added an &unimport method to remove all the keywords
        that Moose will import, simply add 'no Moose' to the 
        bottom of your class file. 
    * t/
      - fixed some test failures caused by a forgotten test 

0.10 Thurs. July 6, 2006
    * Moose
      - improved error message when loading modules so
        it is less confusing when you load a role.
      - added &calculate_all_roles method to 
        Moose::Meta::Class and Moose::Meta::Role
    This module has been tested against Class::MOP 0.30
    but it does not yet utilize the optimizations 
    it makes available. Stay tuned for that ;)
0.09_03 Fri. June 23, 2006
    * Moose
      - 'use strict' and 'use warnings' are no longer
         needed in Moose classes, Moose itself will 
         turn them on for you.
         - added tests for this
      - moved code from exported subs to private methods
        in Moose::Meta::Class
    * Moose::Role
      - as with Moose, strict and warnings are 
        automatically turned on for you.
         - added tests for this        
    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - now handles an edge case for override errors
        - added tests for this
      - added some more edge case tests

0.09_02 Tues. May 16, 2006
    * Moose
      - added prototypes to the exported subs
      - updated docs
    * Moose::Role
      - added prototypes to the exported subs      
      - updated docs
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - cleaned up prototypes for the subs      
      - updated docs      

0.09_01 Fri. May 12, 2006
      - This release works in combination with 
        Class::MOP 0.29_01, it is a developer 
        release because it uses the a new 
        instance sub-protocol and a fairly
        complete Role implementation. It has 
        not yet been optimized, so it slower
        the the previous CPAN version. This 
        release also lacks good updated docs, 
        the official release will have updated docs.

    * Moose 
      - refactored the keyword exports
        - 'with' now checks Role validaity and 
          accepts more than one Role at a time
        - 'extends' makes metaclass adjustments as 
           needed to ensure metaclass compatability
    * Moose::Role
      - refactored the keyword exports
        - 'with' now checks Role validaity and 
          accepts more than one Role at a time
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - added the 'enum' keyword for simple 
        string enumerations which can be used as 
        type constraints
        - see example of usage in t/202_example.t
    * Moose::Object
      - more careful checking of params to new()
    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - much work done on the role composition
        - many new tests for conflict detection 
          and composition edge cases
        - not enough documentation, I suggest 
          looking at the tests    
    * Moose::Meta::Instance
      - added new Instance metaclass to support 
        the new Class::MOP instance protocol
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - some small changes to support the new 
        instance protocol
      - some small additions to support Roles
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - some improvements to the accessor generation code
        by nothingmuch
      - some small changes to support the new 
        instance protocol
      - (still somewhat) experimental delegation support 
        with the 'handles' option
        - added several tests for this
        - no docs for this yet

0.05 Thurs. April 27, 2006
    * Moose
      - keywords are now exported with Sub::Exporter
        thanks to chansen for this commit
      - has keyword now takes a 'metaclass' option 
        to support custom attribute meta-classes 
        on a per-attribute basis
        - added tests for this  
      - the 'has' keyword not accepts inherited slot
        specifications (has '+foo'). This is still an 
        experimental feature and probably not finished
        see t/038_attribute_inherited_slot_specs.t for 
        more details, or ask about it on #moose
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Role
      - keywords are now exported with Sub::Exporter

    * Moose::Utils::TypeConstraints
      - reorganized the type constraint hierarchy, thanks
        to nothingmuch and chansen for his help and advice 
        on this
        - added some tests for this
      - keywords are now exported with Sub::Exporter
        thanks to chansen for this commit

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - due to changes in Class::MOP, we had to change
        construct_instance (for the better)
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - due to changes in Class::MOP, we had to add the 
        initialize_instance_slot method (it's a good thing)
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - added type constraint unions 
        - added tests for this
      - added the is_subtype_of predicate method
        - added tests for this

0.04 Sun. April 16th, 2006
    * Moose::Role
      - Roles can now consume other roles
        - added tests for this
      - Roles can specify required methods now with 
        the requires() keyword
        - added tests for this

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - ripped out much of it's guts ,.. much cleaner now
      - added required methods and correct handling of 
        them in apply() for both classes and roles
        - added tests for this
      - no longer adds a does() method to consuming classes 
        it relys on the one in Moose::Object
      - added roles attribute and some methods to support 
        roles consuming roles

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - added support for triggers on attributes
        - added tests for this
      - added support for does option on an attribute 
        - added tests for this
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - added support for attribute triggers in the 
        object construction
        - added tests for this
    * Moose
      - Moose no longer creates a subtype for your class 
        if a subtype of the same name already exists, this 
        should DWIM in 99.9999% of all cases
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - fixed bug where incorrect subtype conflicts were 
        being reported
        - added test for this
    * Moose::Object
      - this class can now be extended with 'use base' if
        you need it, it properly loads the metaclass class now
        - added test for this

0.03_02 Wed. April 12, 2006
    * Moose
      - you must now explictly use Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
        it no longer gets exported for you automatically
    * Moose::Object
      - new() now accepts hash-refs as well as key/value lists
      - added does() method to check for Roles
        - added tests for this

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - added roles attribute along with the add_role() and 
        does_role() methods
        - added tests for this 

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - now adds a does() method to consuming classes 
        which tests the class's hierarchy for roles
        - added tests for this

0.03_01 Mon. April 10, 2006
    * Moose::Cookbook
      - added new Role recipe (no content yet, only code)
    * Moose
      - added 'with' keyword for Role support
        - added test and docs for this
      - fixed subtype quoting bug
        - added test for this 

    * Moose::Role
      - Roles for Moose
        - added test and docs

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - added the message keyword to add custom
        error messages to type constraints        
    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - the meta role to support Moose::Role
        - added tests and docs
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - moved a number of things from 
        to here, they should have been here 
        in the first place

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - moved the attribute option macros here
        instead of putting them in

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - added the message attributes and the 
        validate method
        - added tests and docs for this

0.03 Thurs. March 30, 2006
    * Moose::Cookbook
      - added the Moose::Cookbook with 5 recipes, 
        describing all the stuff Moose can do.

    * Moose
      - fixed an issue with &extends super class loading
        it now captures errors and deals with inline 
        packages correctly (bug found by mst, solution 
        stolen from alias)
      - added super/override & inner/augment features
        - added tests and docs for these
    * Moose::Object
      - BUILDALL now takes a reference of the %params 
        that are passed to &new, and passes that to 
        each BUILD as well.
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - Type constraints now survive runtime reloading
        - added test for this

	* Moose::Meta::Class
	  - fixed the way attribute defaults are handled 
	    during instance construction (bug found by chansen)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - read-only attributes now actually enforce their
        read-only-ness (this corrected in Class::MOP as 

0.02 Tues. March 21, 2006
    * Moose
      - many more tests, fixing some bugs and  
        edge cases
      - &extends now loads the base module with
        - added UNIVERSAL::require to the 
          dependencies list
      ** API CHANGES **
      - each new Moose class will also create 
        and register a subtype of Object which 
        correspond to the new Moose class.      
      - the 'isa' option in &has now only 
        accepts strings, and will DWIM in 
        almost all cases
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - added type coercion features
        - added tests for this
        - added support for this in attributes 
          and instance construction
      ** API CHANGES **
      - type construction no longer creates a 
        function, it registers the type instead.
        - added several functions to get the 
          registered types 

    * Moose::Object
      - BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL were broken 
        because of a mis-named hash key, Whoops :)
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - adding support for coercion in the
        autogenerated accessors
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - adding support for coercion in the
        instance construction  

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
    * Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion
	  - type constraints and coercions are now 
	    full fledges meta-objects

0.01 Wed. March 15, 2006
    - Moooooooooooooooooose!!!