Revision history for MooseX-Storage

0.04 Tues. July 3, 2007
    * MooseX::Storage::Util
        - made this more robust when it tries
          to use YAML and JSON loaders and fails
          to find one
            - fixed tests to reflect this

0.03 Wed. June 27, 2007
    * MooseX::Storage::Util
        - this is a collection of useful tools 
          for working with MooseX::Storage data
            - added docs and test

    * t/
        - added test for a custom type handler
        - fixed checksum test to skip if Digest::SHA1 
          (our default) is not available

0.02 Fri. June 8, 2007
    * MooseX::Storage::Base::WithChecksum
      - added a simple base role which makes a checksum of 
        the data structure before packing, and checks the
        checksum before unpacking.
        - added tests for this

    * MooseX::Storage::Engine
      - better error reporting when cycles are found
      - class names are now stored as the full identifier
        (<class>-<version>-<authority>) and are checked
        when they are expanded.
        - added docs and tests for this

    * MooseX::Storage::Engine::IO::(AtomicFile, File)
      - added checks to make sure the file gets opened correctly
        and dies if it does not.

0.01  Mon. April 30, 2007
    This was Chris's idea originally (blame him), and 
    we expanded on it to create what you see here :)