Revision history for Dist-Mgr

1.04    2021-01-13
    - Change -x to -w in distmgr POD
    - Moved distmgr POD from binary to separate POD file
    - Add distmgr command process flow documentation to the README (closes #37)
    - Added config file integration (config(), config_file(), distmgr config)
      (closes #40)
    - Regex cleanup in test files that check the current working directory
      (some CPAN testers dump the dist into a numbered directory)
    - Added copyright bump functionality (copyright_bump(), copyright_info())
      (closes #32)
    - We now save an existing config file before testing, and restore it after
    - Check if git status differs before waiting for CI tests to complete
    - Test fixes regarding MANIFEST files

1.03    2021-01-12
    - POD fixes and updates
    - In distmgr, add user interaction prior to cpan_upload() so the user can
      confirm for certain that the dist tarball should be uploaded
    - Renamed git_status() to git_status_differs() to be less confusing
    - We now skip over Git operations and CI testing if 'release' is called and
      nothing has changed (closes #38)
    - Added more output surrounding CPAN uploads
    - version_info() now sets a default directory if $fs_entry not sent in
    - distmgr release now has --wait and --nowait for CI test run completion
    - distmgr binary now has thorough and complete unit tests
    - distmgr release wasn't sending proper params to cpan_upload()

1.02    2021-01-06
    - This release was skipped for internal testing purposes

1.01    2021-01-06
    - This release fully performed with this Dist::Mgr software!! (Crosses
    - Added bin/distmgr script
    - ci_badges() was forcing $fs_entry param, but it should be optional; fixed
    - git_commit() now accepts $msg instead of $version as first param
    - All Git commands now print the exit code in the error message
    - Add build, dist and install commands to binary
    - Replace t/manifest.t with updated code to work properly with custom entries
    - Rework all tests that match dates... the changeover from 2020 to 2021
      exposed comparison issues
    - Prevent the addition of multiple repository and bugtracker sections from
      being added to Makefile.PL (fixes #23; fixes #24)
    - Prevent the addition of multiple CI badge links (fixes #22)
    - Each command in distmgr binary have separate help sections (closes #30)
    - all make* functions have verbose option to print all output (closes #35)
    - In git_release(), we now call git_status() to see whether we should
      perform other git actions
    - Update MANIFEST.SKIP after installing Github Actions CI config file
      (fixes #34)
    - distmgr now does a 'git add' and make_manifest() after installing Github
      Actions CI file (fixes #33)
    - Performed full release and cycle of Word::Rhymes 1.03!
    - Re-run CI tests

1.00    2020-12-30
    - Fix issue where ABSTRACT was being pulled from one of the test
      modules. We now pull it from the proper POD file (fixes #4)
    - t/20-ci_config_files.t no longer overwrites this distribution's
      production CI config file (fixes #3)
    - Commented out package statement in test module template so it doesn't
      get indexed on the CPAN (fixes #7)
    - Renamed all instances of Acme::STEVEB and Acme-STEVEB with
      Acme-STEVEB and Acme-STEVEB
    - We now send in all of the proper variables to the module template
      (fixes #11)
    - Renamed _makefile_load() and _module_load() to _makefile_tie() and
      _module_tie(), which are by far more appropriate names
    - CI config now installs ExtUtils::MakeMaker to a recent version,
      fixing an issue where prereqs weren't being installed (fixes #9)
    - Remove container from CI config, as containers only work on ubuntu
      (fixes #10)
    - Updated CI template, enabled ubuntu-latest, windows-latest and
      macos-latest, with support (closes #12)
    - 100% test coverage
    - Added move_distribution_files()
    - Finished t/50-full_run.t, goes through every function to create an
      entire distribution with all customizations in place. Can be used as a
      roadmap for a binary script
    - We now croak() if the new version sent into version_bump() is less
      than or equal to the current version (closes #14)
    - Add tests that compare a full run against a saved template
      distribution (closes #17)
    - Renamed distribution to Dist::Mgr and repo to dist-mgr (closes #18)
    - Renamed bump_version() to version_bump()
    - Renamed get_version_info() to version_info()
    - Added changes(), installs our custom Changes file
    - Added changes_date(), replaces the    2020-12-31
      in preparation for release
    - Added changes_bump(), prepares the Changes file for a new development
    - Added POD to FileData, added section for creating new file entries
      (closes #8)
    - FileData functions are no longer exported by default
    - Added make_test()
    - Added git_release(), _git_commit(), _git_push(), _validate_git()
    - Added export tag 'private', exports certain private functions
    - Added tests for git functions
    - Moved all Git functionality to
    - All tests pass; ready for dev release for doc review, and move on to
      writing the release procedures and binaries

0.04    2020-12-23
    - Last test CPAN release
    - Added git_ignore()
    - Added remove_unwanted_files()
    - Added init(), creates the actual distribution directory structure
    - Added support for test coverage testing for ci_github()

0.03    2020-12-22
    - Test release
    - Added ci_github()
    - Added ci_badges()
    - Added manifest_skip()

0.02    2020-12-22
    - Added add_repository() and add_bugtracker()
    - This is another formatting check on MetaCPAN

0.01    2020-12-22
    - Initial release; Much more to add, just checking POD formatting etc.