Revision history for Perl extension RPi::ADC::ADS

0.06    2017-01-10
        - all configuration register options are now available (less bits 4 and
        - complete overhaul on setting the config register
        - we now unset and set the config register using bitwise operators
          instead of math hackery
        - nearly everything has tests
        - added extensive documentation for the software, along with all the
          specifications of the configuration register settings

0.05    2017-01-09
        - major POD cleanup
        - layout fixes in XS file
        - removed parameters from pod method headings
        - SYNOPSIS fixes
        - typo fixes

0.04    2017-01-09
        - POD fix
        - cleaned up parameter listing in pod (removed =head3 tags)
        - added clarifications in POD
        - added optional parameters and defaults in SYNOPSIS
        - added parameter checking in all methods
        - added tests for all functionality
        - reworked the write_buf parameter to accept the two elements in proper
          order, and modified calls that send them in
        - added POD for missing methods and the C functions
        - added Travis-CI and integration

0.03    2017-01-08
        - remove comments from C code
        - layout/cleanup of XS code
        - lowercase vars in XS
        - changed to OO format
        - C fetch() now accessible to library only
        - added config register details in POD
        - renamed distribution from RPi::ADS1x15
        - added raw(), percent() and volts()
        - we now properly bit-shift when we're on 16-bit resolution ADC models

0.02    2017-01-07
        - POD additions/cleanup

0.01    2017-01-07
        - initial version