0.81 2006-11-13
        - Bug on <recurse> fixed and new tests. This feature had been lost in
          one of the previous versions.
        - webrobot (command line): --cfg is now optional.
          It uses standard test output if missing

0.80 2006-03-27
        NOTE: (*) may brake old behaviour

        * webrobot, webrobot-load, webrobot-send-mail:
          The command line syntax has changed, all parameters now by GetOpt::Long
            $ webrobot --cfg config --testplan testplan
        - webrobot-load (webrobot is OS independant):
          Die if operation system is MSWin32.
          This is due to magic open for creating child processes.
        - webrobot-load: Better output

        <config> tag:
        * <config> no longer supports a <description> tag inside
        - <config> now supports <property> tags inside (definition of properties)
          Now you can easily set properties without doing a HTTP request.

        <request> tag:
        - <http-header>: set specific HTTP headers per request

        - If assertion fails then print output source of assertion in
          WWW::Webrobot::Print::Test::Test.pm and WWW::Webrobot::Print::Test::Html.pm
        - Assertions: new <header> assertion for HTTP header fields
        - Allow tag content instead of 'value' attribute. E.g.:
          <string>something</string>   instead of
          <string value="something"/>
        - new predicate <file>, like <string> but reads from file
        - Global assertion: These assertions will be executed for any request.
          Two modes: new or add (for multiple global assertions).

        - update example code
        - some warnings repaired (no harm).
        - webrobot-gen-plan: new option --data (default)
          Parameters in GET will be created as <data> section

0.70 2005-03-14
        - <assert>
          Two reasonable defaults are introduced:
          - the <WWW.Webrobot.Assert> tag is optional
          - multiple top level predicates are allowed. The default
            is a top level <and> operation.
          This simplifies assertions.
        - you may clear temporary cookies (aka close and reopen browser)
        - exit when assertions encountered 'max_errors' (defined in the
          config file) errors.
        - WWW::Webrobot::Print::TestSimple: more output

0.62 2004-12-07
        - Sending mail: there is now a separate program 'webrobot-send-mail'.
          It uses the same config file.
          Sending mail by program 'webrobot' is deprecated.
        - New output class WWW::Webrobot::Print::TestSimple
          Contrary to WWW::Webrobot::Print::Test it doesn't output form data.

0.61 2004-12-02
        - Maintainance release to make it work on SunOS-5.7
          The output of HTML::TreeBuilder::as_XML is quite different on Sun,
          and I will be permissive now. Though the tests succeed a warning
              "Parsing of undecoded UTF-8 will give garbage ..."
          remains on some tests that handle asian characters.
          (but this has nothing to do with the TreeBuilder fix).
        - Some additional features (that I forgot) have been documented in v0.60
        - This release was tested on Linux, SunOS-5.7, Win2000, AIX-5.1

0.60 2004-11-29
        NOTE: This version requires Perl 5.8.0 or later due to 'Encode'.
        This was necessary for Unicode and MIME support.
        See INSTALL.PERL-561 how to use it on Perl 5.6.1 (not recommended).

        Unicode and MIME types: this should now work correctly,
        tests are t/encode*.t, currently for iso-latin1 and utf-8.

        - HTTP response data are interpreted according its MIME type.
        - FIXED: testplan input (XML file) is now true utf-8
        - Parser HTML to XML: support for MIME types and utf-8
        - HTTP-POST/GET with parameters:
          The charset of the "content-type" header field of the previous
          request is choosen as base for the %xx encoding. This mimics
          usual web browser behaviour.

        - New properties from HTTP status line
        - Property assigned with random number
        - Display assigned properties in HTML and text output

        - Display runtime-assigned properties
        - display of non-HTTP actions (e.g. SLEEP, COOKIES) improved

        - More (better) output in case of 'Not ok'
        - Nicer output: Multibyte characters display \x{....}

        - Many new installation tests
        - Version info for 'webrobot' and 'webrobot-load', '-v'
        - Sending Mail: Attachments supported: You may redirect output to
          a file and mail this file.
        - FIXED: XML encoding (&entity;) in 'webrobot-gen-plan' produced
          invalid testplans.
        - FIXED: Some minor bugs, mostly display of text.

0.51 2004-09-29
        - Sleep tag in test plans: <sleep value="5"/>
        - Dynamic properties are now also evaluated in assertions.
        - Fix docs
        - Tests improved

0.50 2004-09-14   (*) break old test plans or configuration files
        - Properties and configuration:
          * Syntax for properties is ${property} "instead" of "{property}"
          - Reading (dynamic) properties from file and from output of
            external scripts. There are now static properties (evaluated when
            test plan is read) from configuration file and dynamic properties
            (evaluated when test plan is run) read from a file or script.
          - Defining properties by means of a http response (also dynamic):
            New properties can be defined when a request was done.
            This include the returned header fields, regular expression
            and XPath to the response content.
          - Dynamic properties are now true variables and can be overwritten
          - System property "unique id ${_id} in test plans
            (most usefull for webrobot-load)
          - Allow use of recently defined names within the configuration:
            In the last version these names worked within test plans only.

        - Referrer:
          - <referrer value='on'/> tag to enable referrers in HTTP requests
          - In the config file: "referrer_bug=1"
            to emulate a common browser bug when using referrers

        - Output (WWW::Webrobot::Print::*)
          - Show name/value pairs when using <config>
          - Show value of XPath expression in ::Html
          - ::Html: Better frame handling, some browser had been confused
          - ::Test: Better output

        - Test plan:
          - GET request: <data> section as in POST. The url will be rewritten in
          - New assertion predicate: <string value="..."/>
          * <regex .../> in assertions had double "\" escapes, now normal regex.

        - Others:
          - httpd for tests during installation
          - more tests
          - API: WWW::Webrobot: Reading configuration and test plan from
            variables, (was file read only)

0.13 2004-05-24
        - webrobot-load didn't work, fixed
        - Minor bug fixes mainly concerning output

0.12 2004-03-18
        - Fix docs
        - annotate copyright / COPYRIGHT
        - Changes file corrected (date and version number)
        - Clean up and some refactoring

0.11 2004-03-12
        - Fix for libwww-perl-5.76
          (interface of LWP::UserAgent::redirect_ok has changed)
        - Fix docs
        - Some refactoring

0.10 2004-03-11
        - Initially published revision