Revision history for Perl extension CPAN::SQLite.

0.202 Jun 25, 2011
  - Fixed test configuration which caused problems on Cygwin
  - Added message for misconfigured smokers when PERL5LIB is too long
  - Added CPAN root directory creation in case it's missing

0.201 Jun 16, 2011
  - Fixed problem with 3-argument open with '>&' on 5.6.2
  - Updated repository link

0.200 Jun 11, 2011
  - SQLite REGEXP is used instead of custom function to prevent "Use of
    uninitialized value $x in pattern match" warning in modern Perl versions
    (reported by Mike Doherty)
  - "warn"s are replaced with $CPAN::FrontEnd calls
    (reported by Randy J. Ray)

0.199 Dec 29, 2009
  - require CPAN::DistnameInfo 0.09, which normalizes dist() for
    (reported by Pete Armstrong)

0.198 Sep 19, 2009
  - CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Index had an extra right parenthesis
    (reported by Alexey Borzenkov)
  - CPAN::SQLite::META braces bug in oneliner; see
  - add Compress:Zib dependency; see
  - better error reporting in cases where index files aren't fetched; see

0.197 Feb 16, 2009
  - add LWP::Simple to prerequisites of Build.PL, to help CPAN testers:

0.196 June 6, 2008
  - turn off creation of log files during indexing procedures
    via setting $ENV{CPAN_SQLITE_NO_LOG_FILES}, as suggested
    by DAGOLDEN:
0.195 Feb 16, 2008
  - fix further bugs where sometimes a regex search for
    distributions and/or modules, followed by a distribution
    search for a specific distribution, didn't properly
    populate the CONTAINSMODS field
  - add CPAN::Shell->reload('index') in the t/05meta.t test
    to ensure the database is created, and test that it has
    non-zero size
  - fix bug where sometimes a regex module search, followed
    by a distribution search for a specific distribution,
    didn't properly set the abstract and version fields
  - fix bug in t/05meta_*.t tests so as to correctly compare modules
    in a distribution.
  - honour $Config::CPAN->{index_expire} to decide when to update
    the database
  - improved error checking for the exisitence of the database,
    including also a check on the size, if it exists, when 
    deciding whether to update or create the database.

0.19 Feb 3, 2008
  - fix bug whereby a query for a module, followed by a query for
    the distribution containing that module, would only list the
    module first queried for CONTAINSMODS
  - fix (hopefully) failing tests on Darwin:
    resulting from CPAN::MyConfig not getting picked up
    from PERL5LIB (thanks to Michael Schwern and David Wheeler)
  - have information messages printed out only if CPAN_SQLITE_DEBUG
    is set, as requested at
    (thanks to ZOFFIX)

0.18 Aug 15, 2007
  - as some older versions of DBD::SQLite don't support
    "drop table if exists $table", use an alternate construction
  - add vcmp function in to test equality of versions
  - when testing with, remove the database file
    before testing

0.15 July 26, 2007
  - add a message of when the database was last updated:
  - don't ignore a previously set PERL5LIB in the tests:

0.1  Feb 17, 2007
  - first non-developer release; no code changes from 0.1_04

0.1_04 Jan 11, 2007
  - improve diagnostics of some of the tests using Test::More
  - check that we loaded the correct CPAN::Config in 05meta.t
    (test suggested by Andreas Koenig)
  - add auto_commit variable to the test's CPAN::Config, so
    as to work with 1.88_69

0.1_03 Dec 31, 2006
  - in the t/05meta.t test, remove an underscore from the version
    strings, as older versions of CPAN::Version seem to have
    problems comparing versions with underscores.
  - don't try to update database if a $db_name-journal file
    exists, indicating another process is updating the database
  - in a regex search for Bundles within CPAN::SQLite::META,
    don't prepend 'Bundle' if special regex characters are
    present, to help in tab completion of Bundles within
  - get tab completion within working

0.1_02 Dec 21, 2006
  - change name of database to cpandb.sql, and make it fixed,
    as there was little need to have it configureable.
  - support 
       cpan> d ANDK/CPAN-xxx.tar.gz
    for distributions.
  - fixes to handle Bundle ids
  - undef $sth after an $sth->finish, to help with concurrent access
  - when using Test::More, use is(), rather than ok()

0.1_01 Dec 12, 2006
  - initial version, derived from a minimal version of