* Dancer::Test takes a hash instead of an array for better backward
      compatibility with Dancer 1.
    * Session revamp: better decoupling between Session and SessionFactory,
      support for session destruction and session values deletion. Everythin
      regarding session settings is now configurable.
      (David Golden).
    * Add route_exists and route_doesnt_exist in Dancer::Test (Mokko)

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * The engine configuration is now passed down to
      Dancer::Template::Implementation::ForkedTiny (Damien Krotkine).
    * Dancer App lookup now try to detect the dir "bin" and "lib" or ".dancer" 
      file. (Celogeek)
    * Issues #125 and #126
      Support for configuration bits for session objects, possible to change the
      cookie name instead of the hard-coded value 'dancer.session'.
      (Reported by David Golden, fixed by Alexis Sukrieh).

    * Add more POD in Dancer::Test (Mokko)


    * Fix tests for previous release, tests cannot assume we're under Dancer 2
      when the version is 1.9999
      (Alexis Sukrieh)


    * First DEVELEOPER release of Dancer 2
      complete rewrite of Dancer with a Moo backend.  
      (Alexis Sukrieh, David Precious, Damien Krotkine, SawyerX, Yanick Champoux
      and others, plus Matt S. Trout as a reviewer).