- removed CLONE_SKIP which was added in 1.03 because this breaks
          windows forking. Handled threads/windows forking better by making
          sure that CTX from Net::SSLeay gets not freed multiple times from 
          different threads after cloning/forking
	- treat timeouts of 0 for accept_SSL and connect_SSL like no timeout,
          like IO::Socket does.
	- fixed errors in accept_SSL which would work when called from start_SSL
          but not from accept
	- start_SSL, accept_SSL and connect_SSL have argument for Timeout
          so that the SSL handshake will not block forever. Only used if the
          socket is blocking. If not set the Timeout value from the underlying
          IO::Socket is used
        - new method stop_SSL as opposite of start_SSL based on a idea
          of Bron Gondwana <brong[AT]fastmail[DOT]fm>
          To support this method the SSL_shutdown handling had to be
          fixed, e.g. in close a proper unidirectional shutdown
          should be done while in stop_SSL a bidirectional shutdown
        - try to make it clearer that thread support is buggy
	- make sure that Scalar::Util has support for dualvar
          (Makefile.PL,SSL.pm) because the perl-only version has
          has no dualvar
        - fix t/nonblock.t on systems which have by default a larger
          socket buffer. Set SO_SNDBUF explicitly with setsockopt
          to force smaller writes on the socket
        - instead of setting undef args to '' in configure_SSL drop
          them. This makes Net::SMTP::SSL working again because it
          does not give LocalPort of '' to IO::Socket::INET any more
        - make session cache working even if the IO::Socket::SSL object
          was not created with IO::Socket::SSL->new but with
          IO::Socket::SSL->start_SSL on an established socket
        - added way to create SSL object with predefined session
	  cache, thus making it possible to share the cache between
	  objects even if the rest of the context is not shared
          key SSL_session_cache
          Note that the arguments of IO::Socket::SSL::SessionCache::new
          changed (but you should never have used this class directly
          because it's internal to IO::Socket::SSL)
        - add CLONE_SKIP as proposed by 
          Jarrod Johnson jbjohnso at us dot ibm dot com
	- added some info to BUGS and to BUGS section of pod
	- added TELL and BINMODE to IO::Socket::SSL::SSL_HANDLE, even
          if they do nothing useful.
	- all tests allocate now the ports dynamically, so there should
          be no longer a conflict with open ports on the system where
          the tests run
	- work around Bug in Net::HTTPS where it defines sub blocking
          as {}, e.g. force scalar context when calling sub blocking
          (in IO::Socket::SSL::write)
          see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=383106
	- fix depreciated and practically undocumented function 
          get_peer_certificate so that LWP Net::HTTPS works again
        - set arg 'Blocking' while calling SUPER::configure only
          if it was set by the caller to work around Problem in LWP
	- If SSL_cipher_list is not given it uses the openssl
	  default instead of setting it to 'ALL:!LOW:!EXP' like
	  before. The old value included ADH and this might be
	  a bad idea, see BUGS why.
	- declare socket as opened before calling fatal_ssl_error
	  because the SSL_error_trap set up from HTTP::Daemon
	  needs this
	- accept_SSL sets errors on $socket (the accepted socket)
	  not $self (the listening socket if called from accept)
	  so it can be queried from SSL_error_trap
	- note in BUGS section that IO::Socket::SSL is not thread-safe
        - fix readline (e.g. getline,getlines,<>) so that it behaves
          regarding $/ like written in the $/ dokumentation.
        - removed links and comments to inofficial release of
          Net::SSLeay, because there is a newer version already
        - add support for Diffie Hellman Key Exchange.
          See parameter SSL_dh_file and SSL_dh.
        - hide DEBUG statements and remove test to load Debug.pm
          because packets like Spamassisin cannot cope with it
          (at least the OpenBSD port)
        - added SSL_cert and SSL_key parameter which do not take
          a file name like SSL_cert_file and SSL_key_file but
          an internal X509* resp. EVP_PKEY* value. Useful for
          dynamically created certificates and keys.
        - added test for sysread/syswrite behavior (which was changed
          in v0.991)
        - _set_rw_error does $!||=EAGAIN only if error is one of 
          SSL_WANT_READ|SSL_WANT_WRITE (patch from Mike Smith 
          <mike at mailchannels dot com>)
        - Fix Makefile.PL to allow detectection of failures in PREREQ_PM
          (http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=20563, patch 
          by alexchorny at gmail dot com)
        - sysread and syswrite ar no longer the same as read and write,
          but can return already if only parts of the data are read
          or written (which is the usual semantic for sysread and syswrite)
          This should fix problems with HTTP::Daemon::SSL
        - just upgrade Version number because I've screwed up upload
	  of v0.98 to cpan
	- Maintainer changed to <Steffen_Ullrich at genua dot de>
	- Better support for nonblocking sockets:
	  . exports $SSL_ERROR which contains the latest error from
	    the openssl library. Exports constants SSL_WANT_READ and
	    SSL_WANT_WRITE es special errors which will be set if
	    openssl wants to write or read during nonblocking connects,
	    accepts, reads or writes.
	  . accept,accept_SSL,connect and connect_SSL don't block
	    anymore if the socket is nonblocking.
	    Instead $! will be set from the underlying IO::Socket::INET
	    connect or accept if it failed there (usually EAGAIN or 
	    EINPROGRESS) or if the underlying openssl needs to read or
	    write $! will be set to EAGAIN and $SSL_ERROR will be set
	  . syswrite returns undef and sets $!,$SSL_ERROR if it fails 
	    to write instead of returning 0.
	- Bugfixes (http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=Bugid)
	  . Bug 18439: fileno 0 should be valid
	  . Bug 15001: sysread interpretes buffer "0" as ""
	- peer_certifcate returns X509 struct string if no field
	  for extraction was specified 
	- get_peer_certificate returns the certificate instead of the
	  IO::Socket::SSL object
	- Writes now correctly return errors.  (Problem noted by
	  Dominique Quatravaux <dom at idealx.com>).
	- CA paths now work without passing an empty SSL_ca_file
	  argument.  (Problem found by Phil Pennock, <phil.pennock
	  at globnix.org>).
	- IO::Socket::SSL now automatically passes Proto => tcp (if
	  not already specified) to IO::Socket::INET to work around
	  /etc/services files with udp entries listed first.  (Fix
	  suggested by Phil Pennock).
	- $socket->accept() now returns the peer address in array
	  context for better conformance with IO::Socket::INET.
	  However, if you were doing "map { $_->accept } (@sockets)",
	  or similar tricks, you will need to use "scalar" to get the
	  old behavior back.  (Problem noted by Nils Sowen, <n.sowen
	  at kon.de>).
	- IO::Socket::SSL should now properly block on reads larger
	  than the buffer size of Net::SSLeay.  (Problem found by Eric
	  Jergensen, <eric at dvns.com>).
	- IO::Socket::SSL should now send CA Certs (if necessary)
	  along with certificates.  (Problem found by <roy at
	- Timeouts should now work, but be aware that if multiple
	  reads/writes are necessary to complete a connection, then
	  each one may have a separate timeout.  (Request from
	  Dominique Quatravaux <dom at idealx.com>).
	- In certain cases, start_SSL() would misplace a socket's
	  fileno, causing problems with starting SSL.  This should now
	  be fixed.  (Problem found by <russ at zerotech.net>).
	- IO::Socket::SSL now requires a minimum of Net::SSLeay 1.21.

--- Old Versions --------------------------------------------------

v0.96  2004.4.30
	- Makefile's error messages now correct if output is
	  redirected (patch from Ilya Zakharevich <ilya at
	- Non-blocking connects/accepts now work (Problem found by
	  Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com>).
	- new_from_fd() now works.
	- getline() and <> in scalar context now return undef
	  instead of '' if the read failed.  (Problem found by
	  Christian Gilmore <cag at us.ibm.com>).
	- Broken pipe signals are now ignored during socket close
	  to prevent a SSL shutdown message from killing the parent
	  program.  (Problem found by Christian Gilmore).
	- Tests should proceed much more quickly, and a semi-race was
	  fixed, meaning that on slow machines the tests should be
	  more reliable.
	- Check for Scalar::Util and Weakref now uses default
	  $SIG{__DIE__} instead of a potentially user-altered one
	  (suggestion from Olaf Schneider <Olaf.Schneider at
	  iwr.fzk.de>).  This only applies to Perl 5.6.0 & above.
	- Session caching support (patch from Marko Asplund
	  <marko.asplund at kronodoc.fi>).
	- set_default_context() added to alter the behavior of
	  modules that use IO::Socket::SSL from the main program.
	- get_ssl_object() renamed to _get_ssl_object() to reflect
	  the fact that it's only supposed to be used internally
	  (not that you should have cared, of course).
	- Added patch for Net::SSLeay to take advantage of
	  client-side session caching.

v0.95  2003.8.25
	- Changed PeerAddr in example/ssl_client.pl back to localhost.
	- Update of examples to automatically switch to the proper
	  directory if they cannot find the necessary SSL certificates.
	- Minor documentation update with more INET6 info.
	- Corrected some error messages for IO::Socket::INET6.
	- Better opened() behavior when sockets close unexpectedly.
	- Added note about random number generators for Solaris users
	  (Problem found by Christian Gilmore <cag at us.ibm.com>).
	- Added support for WeakRef and Scalar::Util to allow
	  IO::Socket::SSL objects to auto-destroy themselves when 
	  they go out of scope.
	- Added croak()ing for unimplemented send() and recv() methods
	  so they are not accidentally used to transmit unencrypted
	  data.  The Perl builtin functions cannot be reliably trapped
	  and are still dangerous, a fact that the POD now reflects
	  (Problem noted by Michal Ludvig <michal at logix.cx>).

v0.94  2003.6.26
	- Changed accept() to use inherited accept() instead of
	  IO::Socket::accept, so that IPv6 inheritance is possible.
	- Added options to import() so that a user could specify
	  IPv6 or IPv4 mode of operation.
	- Documentation fixes, esp. e-mail address.

v0.93  2003.6.24
	- Fixed error-checking slip in connect_SSL() (Problem found by
	  Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com>).
	- All functions now return the empty list () on errors.
	- Added note about the above change to appease Graham Barr
	  <gbarr at pobox.com>.
	- Fixed Net::SSLeay giving warnings when arguments are undef;
	  in all cases, undef arguments may be set to '' without any
	  change in behavior except for removing the warnings.
	  (Problem found by Dominique Quatravaux <dom at idealx.com>)
	- If accept() or connect() fails in SSL negotiation, the user
	  now has the option to print something to the failed socket
	  before it is closed.  (error_trap option in new())
	- Added support for CRLs (SSL_check_crl option in new()) for
	  versions of OpenSSL >= 0.9.7b (Original patch from
	  Brian Lindauer <jbl at sysd.com>)
	- Finally added decent support for certificate callbacks.
	  (SSL_verify_callback option in new(), suggestion from
	  Dariush Pietrzak <eyck at ghost.anime.pl>).
	- accept()/connect()/socket_to_SSL() now fail immediately if
	  the socket in question does not have a fileno.
	- Added the kill_socket() method to guarantee that a socket dies.
	- Fixed extra warning when printing errors in debug mode.
	- Deprecated socket_to_SSL() in favor of the class method
	  start_SSL() (Class method suggestion from Graham Barr
	  <gbarr at pobox.com>).
	- Added the class method start_SSL() to allow for cases when
	  the desired class of the socket is not IO::Socket::SSL
	  (Request from Dariush Pietrzak <eyck at ghost.anime.pl>)
	- Changed socket_to_SSL to rebless socket to original class
	  if SSL negotiation failed (Request from Graham Barr
	  <gbarr at pobox.com>)
	- Removed the daemon.pl example, as it did not work with the
	  standard distribution of HTTP::Daemon (use HTTP::Daemon::SSL

v0.92   2002.10.22
	- Changed the fileno() function to support returning the fileno
	  of server sockets.  (Problem found by Roland Giersig
	  <RGiersig at cpan.org>).
	- Fixed SSL_version incorrectly defaulting to SSLv2 (patch from
	  Roland Alder <roland.alder at celeris.ch>).

v0.91   2002.08.31
	- Added support for SSL_peek and SSL_pending (peek() and
	  pending()).  Updated documentation, tests, etc. to reflect

v0.901  2002.08.19
	- Fixed the warning that happens when sockets are not explicitly
	  closed() before the program terminates.

v0.90   2002.08.13
	- This version is a complete rewrite of IO::Socket::SSL.  It now
	  has about half the lines of code, twice the amount of documentation,
	  and a slightly more polished interface.
	- IO::Socket::SSL now works properly with mod_perl and taint mode.
	- Major documentation update.
	- Update of the BUGS file to reflect changes made in the rewrite.
	- Update of the test suite for Perl v5.8.0 (or, more precisely,
	  for Scalar::Util).
	- Update of the test suite for Perl v5.00503 (or, more precisely,
	  for the lack of several nice features added in v5.6.0) (Marko
	  Asplund <aspa at kronodoc.fi>).
	- New test suite that does not need the Internet to function.
	- Update of all the files in example/ to use more current features
	  of IO::Socket::SSL.
	- Removal of SSL_SSL and X509_Certificate classes.
	- There have been a few name changes (like socketToSSL ->
	  socket_to_SSL) for better consistency.
	- The functionality of get_peer_certificate() and friends is deprecated.
	- The functionality of want_write() and want_read() is deprecated.
	- The functionality of context_init() is deprecated for normal use.
	- Support for all SSL context options in the new() call.
	- SSL contexts are no longer global.  The SSL_reuse_ctx option
	  is provided for those who want to re-use a context.
	- The default verify mode is now VERIFY_NONE.
	- IO::Socket::SSL::DEBUG is now linked to Net::SSLeay::trace to
	  provide different levels of debugging information.
	- There is a uniform interface for error reporting, so on error
	  all functions will return undef and the error will be available
	  by calling errstr().
	- The dump_peer_certificate() and peer_certificate() functions
	  have been added.
	- sysread() will now behave correctly if the offset argument is
	  greater than the length of the read buffer.  It also will truncate
	  the read buffer properly, according to the Perl documentation for
	- getline(), getlines(), and getc() have been added.
	- syswrite() now uses references to avoid copying large	amounts of data.
	- readline() uses ssl_read_all in array context for improved speed.
	- close() now uses SSL_shutdown() to properly close an SSL connection,
	  unless you tell it not to.
	- If you have Net::SSLeay version 1.18 or greater, X509 certificates
	  will be properly freed.
	- All other known bugs have been fixed.

v0.81a (Not publically released)
	- Added support for SSL_passwd_cb.
	- Added accept() server socket support to socketToSSL().

v0.81   2002.04.10
	- calling context_init twice destroyed global context. fix from
	  Jason Heiss <jheiss at ofb.net>.
	- file handle tying interface implementation moved to a separate
	  class to prevent problems resulting from self-tying filehandles.
	  Harmon S. Nine <hnine at netarx.com>.
	- docs/debugging.txt file added
	- require Net::SSLeay v1.08
	- preliminary support for non-blocking read/write
	- socketToSSL() now respects context's SSL verify setting
	  reported by Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com>.

v0.80	2001.08.19
	- fixed startTLS support (socketToSSL) (Graham Barr <gbarr at pobox.com>)
	- make accept() set fileno attribute on newly created IO::Socket::SSL
	  object (Martin Oldfield <m at mail.tc>).
	- certificate updates.
	- use SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file in SSL_Context::new.

v0.79	2001.06.04
	- angle bracket readline operator support
	  (David Darville <david at dark.x.dtu.dk>).
	- eliminate warnings in choosing SSL protocol version.
	- implement our own opened method and make length parameter optional
	  in syswrite (Robert Bihlmeyer <robbe at orcus.priv.at>).

v0.78	2001.04.24
	- test script targets changed, certificate setup fixed
	- support for TLS in SSL_version. SSL_version parameter values
	  changed from integer to string. NB: this is an incompatible change.
	  all SSL_version parameter values have to be changed. valid values
	  include: 'sslv2', 'sslv3', 'sslv23'. Stephen C. Koehler
	  <koehler at securecomputing.com>.
	- enable selecting SSL version for connections. patch from
	  Takanori Ugai <ugai at jp.fujitsu.com>.
	- allow setting SSL_ca_file to ''. this is needed for being
	  able to use SSL_ca_path (Robert Bihlmeyer <robbe at orcus.priv.at>).
	- include the Apache CA bundle file in the distribution (my-ca.pem).
	- BUGS file added.

v0.77	2001.01.15
	- don't setup SSL CA verification unless cert verification is
	  actually used for the connections.
	- default SSL protocol version selection in SSL.pm.

v0.76	2000.11.17
	- patch from Kwok Chern Yue <chernyue at post1.com> for
	  making IO::Socket::SSL work with HTTP::Daemon.

v0.75	2000.07.26
	- IO::Socket::SSL should now work with perl v5.6.0
	- demo/*.pl and t/*.t now turn module debugging on if
	  DEBUG command line argument is given
	- default certificates changed

v0.74	2000.07.05
	- Changes file added
	- bugfix in IO::Socket::SSL::sysread() (zliu2 at acsu.buffalo.edu)
	- libwww-perl and IO::Socket::SSL UML models added in docs
	- URL changes in test scripts
	- preliminary support for startTLS in IO::Socket::SSL::socketToSSL()
	- miscellanous patches for Net::SSLeay added in diffs