Revision history for Artifactory-Client

Version 0.0.17
- Updating POD and merging README into

Version 0.0.16
- Adding JSON as prereq for build_requires

Version 0.0.15
- Added unit tests

Version 0.0.14
- Added recursive flag on set_item_properties if user doesn't want the default recursive behavior

Version 0.0.13
- Updating POD to be more descriptive on property requirements

Version 0.0.12
- Required properties to be key => [value] pairs to conform with Artifactory handling of properties

Version 0.0.11
- Handling matrix parameters vs non-matrix parameters to deal with inconsistent REST API

Version 0.0.10
- Updating copyright information

Version 0.0.9
- Making sure module works with CPAN-style set up

Version 0.0.8
- Commas in multi-valued properties are no longer uri_escaped

Version 0.0.7
- Changed directory layout

Version 0.0.6
- Support for multi-valued properties.  Note that, multi-value is only possible for set item properties and not
during deploy artifact

Version 0.0.5
- Renamed 'resource' to 'path' per Artifactory API documentation

Version 0.0.4
- Took out the handling of property values being too big / URL too long.  The caller is responsible for constructing
requests in ways Artifactory accepts them

Version 0.0.3
- Applying Moose best practices

Version 0.0.2
- Added set_item_properties method to update properties instead of dropping existing ones

Version 0.0.1
- Initial release