2.8      04.12.2014
           - Bugfix: croak if new/date/set receives bad object (wrong class, etc) instead of core dumping
2.7      20.11.2014
           - Bugfix: relative sec/min/hour addition/subtraction
           - Embedded zones are updated
           - Added clone() method to rel dates and intervals
           - Added CLONE hook, for cloning dates, rel dates and intervals via Panda::Lib::clone()
           - C++ interface refactor
           - docs changes
2.6      21.08.2014
           - Bugfix: Creating a date object from another in some cases created corrupted objects
           - Set const modifiers for const methods in C++ interface
2.5      29.03.2014
           - move to Panda::Install/XS build system, make C/C++ code shared and install headers and payload.
2.4      07.02.2014
           - fix building on some platforms
2.3      06.02.2014
           - Fix bug with ($date - $number). Returned interval, now returns date
           - Better support for perl-32bit-int (now supported dates range is [-2**53, 2**53] instead of [-2**31, 2**31-1])
           - removed 'posix/*' timezones as useless (they are copies of /*)
2.2.0    06.02.2014
           - Support for MS Windows.
           - Support for 32bit systems.
           - Support for 32bit perls.
2.1      02.02.2014
           - change compiler g++ -> c++
2.0      31.01.2014
           - Panda::Date is now built on top of libpanda-time - complete set of POSIX time functions written from scratch.
             It now works correctly with all ranges of dates in all timezones and perfomance has been greatly increased.
           - Panda::Date objects are now capable of working in different timezones with no perfomance penalty.
           - Panda::Date is no longer following POSIX::tzset() timezone. It has it's own tzset() function in Panda::Time.
           - Panda::Date comes with its own timezone DB (not used by default).
           - set_from in all classes has been renamed to 'set'
           - now(), today(), today_epoch(), string_format(), range_check() are now functions only (not a class/object methods).
           - methods 'add', 'subtract', etc renamed to 'add_new', 'subtract_new', etc
           - methods 'add_me', 'subtract_me', etc renamed to 'add', 'subtract', etc
           - month_border_adjust is no longer supported
           - added includes() method to P::D::Int class.
           - Better Storable hooks implementation (less space, saving timezone info).
           - '_year' and '_month' keys in hashes to constructor or clone functions are no longer supported.
1.6      11.03.2013
           - fix docs

1.5      15.02.2013
           - add mysql() output format
           - fix building on threaded perls

1.4      14.02.2013
           - SEC, MIN, .., YEAR are now constant objects (read only) to avoid wrong usage

1.3      14.02.2013
           - add Storable hooks

1.2      12.02.2013
           - fix test for some more platforms

1.1      12.02.2013
           - fix test for some platforms

1.0      10.02.2013
           - first release