0.02 2020.09.14
    - Set default character size to 12.
    - Allow to zoom in and zoom out using the menu and using keyboard shortcuts.
    - Add missing dependency: Tk::HyperText.
    - Add new dependency: Browser::Open.
    - Bind Ctlr-q to exit the application.
    - Add several new range options.
    - Add Autotidy menu option.
    - Add option to save the PerlTidy config file.
    - Add CONTRIBUTING.md, primarily to make MetaCPAN happy.

0.01 2020.09.12
    - Initial release

    - Load and display Perl file
    - Run Perl Tidy with default options.
    - Replace the displayed Perl file with the tidyed version.
    - Command line option to load a Perl file.
    - HTML-based About box
    - Menu items.