Revision history for Perl extension Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate.

0.06 2009.07.23

	- Fixing #45512: broken test by silencing the warnings
	- Switch to use Test::More
	- Switch to Module::Install

0.05 Mon Jun 8 2009

	- Released by Gabor Szabo
	- Adding test and fixing RT bug #36328: no BaseTest and BaseTestchild modules

0.04 04 Feb 2008

0.03 Sun Feb 3 2008

	- Fixed countless errors.
	- Added support for Ansys, Apache Configuration, Email, FreeBASIC, Kate File Template, 
	  de_DE, en_EN, nl, M3U, Wikimedia, Configuration
	- No more 16 Mb output at make test

0.02  Wed Nov 01 2006

	- Fixed bug in Perl with the q' ' construct.
	- Fixed bug in Template where testDetectSpaces would include a newline.
	- Moved all highlighting Methods from Kate to Template, so plugins can now 
	  function standalone.
	- Fixed reset, it did not work properly if Kate was screwed up by bugs, now it does.
	- Updated documentation.
	- Fixed startup penalty for Kate. Kate does not load all plugins at atartup, but 
	  searches for them programmatically.
	- Rewrote testing, Windows OS should now be able to cope with the length of the 
	  test-harness commandline.
	- Optimized testmethods in Template, gained some speed.

0.01  Mon May 29 2006

	- First release