Revision history for Tapper-MCP

5.0.2     2016-03-03
        - intermediate release with misc experimental fixes

5.0.1     2016-02-16
        - better version dependent experimental warnings

5.0.0     2016-02-15
        - internal refactoring
        - use MooseX::Daemonize for daemon
        - plugin system for organizing MCP functionality
        - now as plugins: console handling, reset handling
        - host pool handling: many "anonymous" hosts that have a
          common name where only the count matters but not the
          particular single name. Think of cloud instances.
        - merged TestrunDB/ReportsDB
        - polishing edge cases around:
          * MCP chil exit handling
          * state handling when installation is skipped
          * output directory cleanup
          * interdependent scenarios
          * explicit db disconnects in MCP children

4.1.2     2012-11-23
        - new precondition hint 'local' to run a PRC locally
          around any program which is then your hook to any testing
          (kind of a lightweight machine automation)

4.1.1     2012-11-20
        - dzil pluginbundle TAPPER

4.1.0     2012-10-19
        * Speedup rework (factor 5)
        - [FEAT] Scheduler with non-DBIC objects
        - [FEAT] scheduler in separate process
        - [TEST] for memory growth
        - make package immutable

        * PostgreSQL support
        - [FIX] slow first() usage
        - rename USER into OWNER

        * Cobbler integration (first part)
        - [FEAT] new precondition_type "cobbler"

        * Features
        - [FEAT] host blacklists per queue ("denied host")
        - [FEAT] poor mans nesting for SimNow
        - [FEAT] new precondition "testrun_stop"

        * Misc
        - [FIX] condition to grep for forbidden hosts
        - [FIX] job has only one queue
        - [FIX] report correct testrun id to notification framework
        - [FIX] add hostname feature if not in DB
        - [FIX] wrong 'passwd' parameter name
        - [FIX] deprecated "use UNIVERSAL"
        - [RFK] adapt API to WFQ API

4.0.5     2012-06-26
        - rework tmp/log/pid file handling in daemon and reset plugin

4.0.4     2012-06-12
        - help with Crypt::DH deps via AAAA::Crypt::DH

4.0.3     2012-06-11
        - hide test modules from PAUSE

4.0.2     2012-06-05
        - timeout handling bit more lax to adapt PRC timing changes
        - log files during test

4.0.1     2012-05-16
        - *lots* of enhancements in whole automation layer
        - MCP is now a stop/resume-able state engine,
          based on event queues,
          making the whole automation persistent,
          inclusive still correctly recalculating timeouts
        - introduce SSH-connect to test without complete machine setup
        - introduce 'notification framework' to conditionally
          trigger notifications on incoming results
        - SIGUSR1 based live debugging, testrun-id part of process name
        - introduced keep-alive detection
        - reworked API for reset plugins
        - OSRC-RESET plugin with watchdog-style success checking
        - configurable and host-dependent grub-config
        - improved integration with kickstart/autoyast/debinst installers
        - allow lazy precondition producers also in "virt" preconditions
        - big Dist::Zilla roundhouse kick

2011-03-30 Steffen Schwigon <>

	* v3.0.5

	* rewritable shebang line
	* yet another timeout increase
	* [FIX] access to PRC number in message
	* [FIX] handle warn-install message
	* [FIX] provide testrun to TAP role
	* [FIX] show error message when console can't be opened
	* [FIX] provide MCP port

2011-03-10 Steffen Schwigon <>

	* v3.0.4

	* distro maintenance

2011-03-08 Steffen Schwigon <>

	* v3.000002

	* fix scheduler report sending with T::MCP::Net::TAP

	* Make timouts more robust in tests

	* try to force YAML versions

2011-03-02 Steffen Schwigon <>

	* v3.0.1

	* cpan release