Revision history for Net-Async-Redis

1.001     2017-12-11 05:38:20+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

    - Added Test::HexString and Test::Deep to test deps list

    New features:

    - Support for MULTI transactions via ->multi method


    - `examples/` - Simple list-based job queue
    - `examples/` - Transaction using MULTI

1.000     2017-12-09 16:51:40+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    First stable release. Note that there are some API changes, but
    previous code should work mostly unmodified.

    New features:

    - Dropped Protocol::Redis in favour of local implementation
    - Separated out commands into an autogenerated class to make
    it easier to keep up to date with protocol changes
    - Better support for subscriptions (see `examples/pub|`)
    - Dropped JSON::MaybeXS and Mixin::Event::Dispatch deps, events
    are now handled through Ryu

    Known issues:

    - All data is assumed to be binary, callers need their own
    Encode::encode()/::decode() calls - future versions are likely
    to include an `->encoding` setting and/or `_utf8` versions of
    string methods.

0.003     2015-11-15 03:16:27+00:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	* Added List::Util 1.29, for pairmap

0.002     2015-11-13 16:35:59+00:00 Europe/London
	Bugs fixed:

	* [RT107134]( Include JSON::MaybeXS dependency

0.001     2015-09-14 02:30:30+01:00 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release