Revision history for Tickit-Widget-Table

0.206     2014-08-31 02:47:40+01:00 Europe/London
	* Pass view transformations in constructor

0.205     2014-08-31 00:33:35+01:00 Europe/London
	* Modify event support
	* failure transformations

0.204     2014-08-17 08:56:51+01:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Dependency fixes:
	* String::Tagged

0.203     2014-08-16 19:47:09+01:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	* Fixed self-ref in the SEE ALSO section
	* Updated screenshot
	* Mention Term::TablePrint, which also seems to have been updated today

0.202     2014-08-16 19:25:44+01:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Bugs fixed:
	* Support activation callbacks which don't return a Future

0.201     2014-08-16 19:19:24+01:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Bugs fixed:
	* Allow upgrading the 'data' parameter to an adapter
	* Adding columns after instantiation now properly sanitises the values
	and distributes the widths
	* Failed items show as table entries rather than raising an exception

0.200     2014-08-16 18:43:32+01:00 Europe/London
	Renamed from Tickit::Widget::Table::Paged to Tickit::Widget::Table.
	The old Tickit::Widget::Table implementation didn't work out
	particularly well, and currently fails tests.

	New features:
	* Adapter support - underlying data is provided by an
	Adapter::Async::OrderedList instance, allowing the table widget to
	receive updates when the underlying data source changes
	* Row visibility - allows filtering rows to show a subset of data,
	see the ->filter method for more details
	* Transformations - used for applying specific formatting or text
	conversion, such as timestamp => date and time representation or
	word highlighting

	Bugs fixed:
	* Avoid warnings when no alignment is specified (default is 'left')
	* Fix numeric alignment (can now use 0.5, 1.0 etc. as originally
	intended, previously it had to be 'centre', 'right' etc.)
	* Scrollbar rendering - sometimes this extended into header due
	to incorrect ratio calculation

	Bugs introduced:
	* Filtering does not yet work reliably. It might not work at all.
	You should probably wait for the next version.
	* Scrolling past the start or the end of the table is possible -
	there's a plan to support "wrapped" tables but that requires splitting
	the scrollbar, maybe fixed iin the next version

0.004     2014-04-22 02:33:42+01:00 Europe/London
	New features:
	* ->data method returns the arrayref holding table data
	* ->selected_rows returns all selected rows (highlighted row only
	if we're not in multiselect mode). (both features thanks to a patch
	from buu)

0.003     2014-04-22 02:02:25+01:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Bugs fixed:
	* Fixed off-by-one on scrollrect (thanks LeoNerd)
	* An exception could be raised when scrolling off the end of a list,
	due to incorrect scrollbar height calculation (thanks buu)

0.002     2013-11-10 01:26:54 Europe/London
	New features:
	* Allow setting on_activate at instantiation or via accessor
	(previously had to set ->{on_activate} manually)
	* Multiselection support (disabled by default)

0.001     2013-09-15 02:55:07 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release