Revision history for X11-WindowHierarchy

0.004     2012-08-04 22:34:45 Europe/London
	Replaced \v in window title cleanup regex to use an explicit
	list of characters since perl<5.10.0 doesn't understand it.

0.003     2012-08-01 20:42:42 Europe/London
	Include geometry in datastructure we return, and provide an
	example showing get-largest-window operation.

	Also add to prereqs, core since 5.10.1 but seems
	polite to mention it since the rest of this module should be

0.002     2012-07-23 04:52:49 Europe/London
	Seems that I should be reading the manual on these dzil plugins, pod was broken
	in that first release due to the @EXPORT definitions. Cleaned up a few other
	documentation issues from initial release, code is unchanged.

0.001     2012-07-23 04:36:26 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release