Revision history for Perl extension Graph::Regexp

2008-04-13 v0.05 Tels 100 tests
  * add support for the changed output from v5.10
    + spaces after node names (OPEN(8) vs. OPEN (8))
  * add support for CURLYM[1] nodes (like in /(foo){1,2}/
  * fix undef warning in line 254 for /foo{1,2}/
  * nodes with 0 matches possible (*, {0,1} etc) never fail
  * add support for the following nodes:
    + \b \B (BOUND, NBOUND)
    + \d \D (DIGIT, NDIGIT)
    + \w \W (ALNUM, NALNUM)
  * handle exact nodes that contain ">" (like in />/)
  * labels of special nodes like "BOL" drop the name and only
    contain the text that appears in the regexp (f.i. ^ or $)
    and the internal name is now mentioned in the title
  * escape $ and @ in exact nodes like /\$\@/ => "\$\@"
  * nodes that always match have their outgoing edge in class
    'always' (instead of 'match') and these edges are black
  * make examples/regraph support output of multiple regexps by only
    parsing the last one. This happes f.i. with -Mcharnames=:full
  * NOTHING nodes with no predecessors are filtered out, happens
    with /((foo|bar)){1,2}/ and others

2008-04-12 v0.04 Tels 52 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.62 (for various bugfixes)
  * add support for the following nodes:
    + ^ (BOL)
    + $ (EOL)
    + \z (EOS)
    + \Z (SEOL)
    + \A (SBOL)
  * update bundled Module::Install and remove Build.PL

2006-10-27 v0.03 Tels 25 tests
  * really works now for common regexps
  * get rid of Regexp::Parser
  * require Graph::Easy v0.49 (for various bugfixes)

2006-08-06 v0.02 Tels 10 tests
  * some fixes to the logic by using Regexp::Parser
  * fix the POD to get rid of Copy&Paste nonsense
  * prepare for release

2006-07-24 v0.01 Tels 10 tests (unreleased)
  * require Graph::Easy v0.46
  * require Perl 5.8.1 for Unicode support
  * first version to actually do something nearly usefull