Changelog for Bio::MAGETAB

1.26    Bio::MAGETAB-1.26.tar.gz        Re-release incorporating Module::Install 1.06 to fix a
                                          known bug when installing using perl 5.16. No other
                                          code changes.

1.25    Bio::MAGETAB-1.25.tar.gz        Fixing SDRF parser to correctly recognise Array Design
                                          columns associated with Assay Name.

1.24    Bio::MAGETAB-1.24.tar.gz        Making the parsed MAGE-TAB document version attribute
                                          accessible from in the Reader classes.

1.23    Bio::MAGETAB-1.23.tar.gz        Several important bug fixes provided by Anna Farne.

1.22    Bio::MAGETAB-1.22.tar.gz        Another attempt to solve the error reporting problem,
                                          newly reintroduced by the loss of previously-documented
                                          functions from Parse::RecDescent (see below). Improved
                                          error message formatting.

1.21    Bio::MAGETAB-1.21.tar.gz        Fixed redirection of Parse::RecDescent error reporting to
                                          use the now-documented mechanisms for doing so.

1.20    Bio::MAGETAB-1.20.tar.gz        Added the option to link from ParameterValue to
                                          ControlledTerm as per June 2009 v1.1 MAGE-TAB
                                        Default search path for SDRF/ADF/DataMatrix switched
                                          from current working directory to IDF directory.
                                        Tests added for Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader class.
                                        Possible fix for URI test errors when running on MSWin32.

1.13    Bio::MAGETAB-1.13.tar.gz        Fixed minor FileHandle type coercion bug which led to an
                                          unsightly verbose warning in Moose::Meta::Attribute.

1.12    Bio::MAGETAB-1.12.tar.gz        Migrated from the deprecated Moose::Policy module to using

1.11    Bio::MAGETAB-1.11.tar.gz        Minor fixes to IDF and SDRF export to comply with a stricter
                                          interpretation of the MAGE-TAB specification.

1.10    Bio::MAGETAB-1.10.tar.gz        Added export_version attribute to the Writer classes to
                                          support export of either MAGE-TAB v1.0 or MAGE-TAB v1.1.
                                        Corrected the behaviour of the ADF Writer class when
                                          exporting [mapping] sections.

1.00    Bio::MAGETAB-1.00.tar.gz        Bug fix for export of IDF containing no multi-value
                                          fields. Minor POD fixes.

0.99    Bio::MAGETAB-0.99.tar.gz        Added support for IDF "MAGE-TAB Version" tag. Now
                                          compliant with the second draft of the MAGE-TAB
                                          v1.1 specification document.

0.98	Bio::MAGETAB-0.98.tar.gz        Minor fixes to enable Bio::MAGETAB::Types to work
                                          with the most recent Moose and MooseX::Types modules.

0.97    Bio::MAGETAB-0.97.tar.gz        Merged magetab and magetab-util packages together for
                                          convenience (see below for old Bio::MAGETAB::Util
                                        Minor bug fixes.
                                        New class to automate fixes to ArrayExpress MAGE-TAB

0.96    Bio::MAGETAB-0.96.tar.gz        Made LabeledExtract->label attribute optional. This
                                          better agrees with the MAGE-TAB specification, even
                                          if it doesn't make much sense in reality. This
                                          change makes SDRF parsing slightly simpler.

0.95    Bio::MAGETAB-0.95.tar.gz        Added BaseClass to the MagicDraw UML model document.
                                        Renamed Feature blockColumn and column attributes
                                          to blockCol and col respectively; this avoids
                                          naming conflicts in some ORM implementations.
                                        Renamed all "type" attributes, similarly to
                                          avoid conflicts.
                                        Converted Source providers and ProtocolApplication
                                          performers to fully-fledged Contact objects.
                                        Relaxed requirement for measurement on ParameterValue.
                                        Added POD coverage tests.

0.91    Bio::MAGETAB-0.91.tar.gz        Added class documentation (POD).

0.9	Bio::MAGETAB-0.9.tar.gz	        Initial public release; API almost finalised.

Changelog for Bio::MAGETAB::Util, prior to merging with Bio::MAGETAB

0.4     Bio-MAGETAB-Util-0.4.tar.gz           Added ADF, IDF and SDRF export
                                                Improved GraphViz visualisation API.
                                                Minor parser bug fixes.

0.31    Bio-MAGETAB-Util-0.31.tar.gz          Various bug fixes based on tests
                                                  with real-world IDFs and SDRFs.
                                                Improved object identity heuristics.
                                                Full MySQL database schema and
                                                  unloader script.

0.3	Bio-MAGETAB-Util-0.3.tar.gz	        Initial public release