Changelog for Bio::MAGETAB

1.31    Bio::MAGETAB-1.31.tar.gz        Replacing the old DateTime::Format::DateManip module
                                          with DateTime::Format::Flexible, which appears to be
                                          maintained more responsively.

1.30    Bio::MAGETAB-1.30.tar.gz        Fix for FactorValue and Characteristics Measurement bug

1.28    Bio::MAGETAB-1.28.tar.gz        Minor bug fixes for assorted test case failures;
                                          no substantive changes in code behaviour.

1.27    Bio::MAGETAB-1.27.tar.gz        Change to the default v1.1 SDRF export such that all
                                          assays are represented by "Assay Name" columns, and
                                          all Assay and Hybridization Name columns will include
                                          Technology Type. The v1.0 export remains unchanged.
                                        Added the EFO term "array assay" to the Technology Type
                                          terms recognised as being attached to hybridisations.

1.26    Bio::MAGETAB-1.26.tar.gz        Re-release incorporating Module::Install 1.06 to fix a
                                          known bug when installing using perl 5.16. No other
                                          code changes.

1.25    Bio::MAGETAB-1.25.tar.gz        Fixing SDRF parser to correctly recognise Array Design
                                          columns associated with Assay Name.

1.24    Bio::MAGETAB-1.24.tar.gz        Making the parsed MAGE-TAB document version attribute
                                          accessible from in the Reader classes.

1.23    Bio::MAGETAB-1.23.tar.gz        Several important bug fixes provided by Anna Farne.

1.22    Bio::MAGETAB-1.22.tar.gz        Another attempt to solve the error reporting problem,
                                          newly reintroduced by the loss of previously-documented
                                          functions from Parse::RecDescent (see below). Improved
                                          error message formatting.

1.21    Bio::MAGETAB-1.21.tar.gz        Fixed redirection of Parse::RecDescent error reporting to
                                          use the now-documented mechanisms for doing so.

1.20    Bio::MAGETAB-1.20.tar.gz        Added the option to link from ParameterValue to
                                          ControlledTerm as per June 2009 v1.1 MAGE-TAB
                                        Default search path for SDRF/ADF/DataMatrix switched
                                          from current working directory to IDF directory.
                                        Tests added for Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader class.
                                        Possible fix for URI test errors when running on MSWin32.

1.13    Bio::MAGETAB-1.13.tar.gz        Fixed minor FileHandle type coercion bug which led to an
                                          unsightly verbose warning in Moose::Meta::Attribute.

1.12    Bio::MAGETAB-1.12.tar.gz        Migrated from the deprecated Moose::Policy module to using

1.11    Bio::MAGETAB-1.11.tar.gz        Minor fixes to IDF and SDRF export to comply with a stricter
                                          interpretation of the MAGE-TAB specification.

1.10    Bio::MAGETAB-1.10.tar.gz        Added export_version attribute to the Writer classes to
                                          support export of either MAGE-TAB v1.0 or MAGE-TAB v1.1.
                                        Corrected the behaviour of the ADF Writer class when
                                          exporting [mapping] sections.

1.00    Bio::MAGETAB-1.00.tar.gz        Bug fix for export of IDF containing no multi-value
                                          fields. Minor POD fixes.

0.99    Bio::MAGETAB-0.99.tar.gz        Added support for IDF "MAGE-TAB Version" tag. Now
                                          compliant with the second draft of the MAGE-TAB
                                          v1.1 specification document.

0.98	Bio::MAGETAB-0.98.tar.gz        Minor fixes to enable Bio::MAGETAB::Types to work
                                          with the most recent Moose and MooseX::Types modules.

0.97    Bio::MAGETAB-0.97.tar.gz        Merged magetab and magetab-util packages together for
                                          convenience (see below for old Bio::MAGETAB::Util
                                        Minor bug fixes.
                                        New class to automate fixes to ArrayExpress MAGE-TAB

0.96    Bio::MAGETAB-0.96.tar.gz        Made LabeledExtract->label attribute optional. This
                                          better agrees with the MAGE-TAB specification, even
                                          if it doesn't make much sense in reality. This
                                          change makes SDRF parsing slightly simpler.

0.95    Bio::MAGETAB-0.95.tar.gz        Added BaseClass to the MagicDraw UML model document.
                                        Renamed Feature blockColumn and column attributes
                                          to blockCol and col respectively; this avoids
                                          naming conflicts in some ORM implementations.
                                        Renamed all "type" attributes, similarly to
                                          avoid conflicts.
                                        Converted Source providers and ProtocolApplication
                                          performers to fully-fledged Contact objects.
                                        Relaxed requirement for measurement on ParameterValue.
                                        Added POD coverage tests.

0.91    Bio::MAGETAB-0.91.tar.gz        Added class documentation (POD).

0.9	Bio::MAGETAB-0.9.tar.gz	        Initial public release; API almost finalised.

Changelog for Bio::MAGETAB::Util, prior to merging with Bio::MAGETAB

0.4     Bio-MAGETAB-Util-0.4.tar.gz           Added ADF, IDF and SDRF export
                                                Improved GraphViz visualisation API.
                                                Minor parser bug fixes.

0.31    Bio-MAGETAB-Util-0.31.tar.gz          Various bug fixes based on tests
                                                  with real-world IDFs and SDRFs.
                                                Improved object identity heuristics.
                                                Full MySQL database schema and
                                                  unloader script.

0.3	Bio-MAGETAB-Util-0.3.tar.gz	        Initial public release