0.087     2014-02-10 21:38:05 America/Los_Angeles

    - This plugin as been entirely re-written to use the pinto command
    rather than interfacing with the Pinto API directly.  Since the API
    is still in flux, this should make the plugin more resilient to
    changes.  But the behavior of the plugin itself is unchanged.
    However, it now requires Pinto 0.098 or later.

    - The "pinto_exe" configuration option can be used to set the
    path to the pinto executable.  If not set, it searches your PATH.

    - Nearly all configuration parameters are now optional.  Defaults
    are based on environment variables or the repository configuration.
    See the POD for details.

0.086_01  2014-02-02 13:42:38 America/Los_Angeles

    - Changes consolidated above under version 0.087

0.086     2014-01-21 14:01:06 America/Los_Angeles


    - The "no_recurse" configuration option has been changed to
    "recurse" which can be either true or false.  If not set, the
    default recursive behavior is determined by the repository
    configuration.  If you were using the the "no_recurse" option
    before, you'll need to replace it with "recurse = 0" in your
    dist.ini file.


   - The plugin was ignoring your authentication credentials when
   using a remote repository [GitHub #7].  Thanks @hstaugaard.

0.085     2014-01-13 14:48:42 America/Los_Angeles


    - Also requires Pinto 0.091 or later at runtime.  I should have
    done this in the last release.

0.084     2014-01-13 14:39:08 America/Los_Angeles


    - Remote repository URLs may now use HTTPS.  Requires Pinto 0.091
    or later.

0.083     2013-05-02 15:21:03 America/Los_Angeles

    Updated to be compatible with Pinto 0.082 or newer.  Now that
    Pinto ships with Pinto::Remote, you no longer have to choose
    which to install.

    However, I've tried to rig it up so that you can install this
    module in PERL5LIB along with all your other Dzil plugins, whilst
    using the libraries from a stand-alone Pinto that is installed
    in PINTO_HOME.

    I'm not sure if this will work out.  Please let me know about
    your experiences.

0.046     2012-08-13 17:21:31 America/Los_Angeles

    Now requires Pinto-0.46 or Pinto::Remote-0.046.  These are
    not listed as dependencies, so you can decide which one
    you need to install.

    You can now specify which stack to put the release on.

    Added functional tests, but they only run if you have
    the proper Pinto backends installed.

    The "auth" configuration parameter has been renamed
    to "authenticate" to avoid confusion with the "author"

0.033     2012-03-17 01:29:36 America/Los_Angeles

    Added support for the "norecurse" option.  This behaves
    the same way as --norecurse on pinto-admin and pinto-remote.
    You'll need version 0.033 or better of Pinto or Pinto::Server
    to use this.  Thanks Karen Etheridge for inspiring this!

0.030     2012-01-26 22:51:38 America/Los_Angeles

    The "repos" attribute is now called "root", which is
    consistent with the rest of the Pinto tools.  You'll
    need to change your dist.ini files accordingly.

    You can now release to multiple repositories by specifying
    multiple values for the "root" attribute. [ Thanks reneeb! ]

    You'll be prompted to enter your author ID if we can't
    figure out your username.

    Now requires either Pinto-0.030 or Pinto::Remote-0.030 or
    higher (depending on whether you release to local or
    remote repositories).  Just as before, neither of these
    are explicit dependencies, so you have to choose the
    right one and install it manually.

0.028     2011-12-12 00:55:13 America/Los_Angeles

    No new functionality, but now matches the API of the current
    versions of Pinto and Pinto::Remote.  So you must have either
    Pinto >= 0.028 or Pinto::Rmote >= 0.028.

    The version number for D::Z::P::Pinto::Add has been increased
    to correspond to the minimum Pinto version that is required.

0.006     2011-09-03 23:32:20 America/Los_Angeles

    We now ping the Pinto repository before trying to release.  If it
    isn't available, you'll be prompted whether to continue the rest
    of the release.

0.005     2011-09-02 14:38:20 America/Los_Angeles

    Ok, that last release flopped because my DZ config was borked.

0.004     2011-09-02 14:38:20 America/Los_Angeles

    Renamed from Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ReleaseToPinto to
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Pinto::Add.  This gives me room to grow with
    more plugins in the D::Z::Plugin::Pinto namespace.

    Also fixed call to undefined method.

0.003     2011-09-01 15:22:20 America/Los_Angeles

    No interface change.  Just an extra log message when releasing.

0.002     2011-09-01 15:13:43 America/Los_Angeles

    Initial release.