[0.13] Released on 051031

     Production release of 0.12_03.  No code major changes.

[0.12_03] Not released

     Renamed -Policy option to -include.  Added -exclude to give the
     opposite effect.

     Refactored constructor of Perl::Critic.  Now, most of the work
     is delegated to Perl::Critic::Config.  I'm not sure I like how
     this turned out, but we'll see how it goes.

     Renamed some Policy modules to be a bit more comprehensible.  Note
     that you may need to change your .perlcriticrc file accordingly. 
     I also suggest removing your current Perl::Critic installation 
     before installing this one.

     Name Changes:
     * ProhibitUnpackagedCode => RequireExplicitPackage
     * RequireQuotedWords     => ProhibitQuotedWordLists

     Improved error message when Perl::Critic dies because PPI can't
     parsee the input code.

     Changed output of -help to be more terse.

     Edited POD.

[0.12_02] Not released

     Added -Policy option to perlcritic.  The idea is to provide a 
     compact interface for selecting Policy modules at the command-line.
     This feature is experimental and subject to change.

     Added a warning message if -verbose value looks strange.  In most 
     applications, the -verbose option does not require a value, so people
     might be puzzled when they write 'perlcritic -verbose my_file.pm' and
     nothing seems to happen.

     Command-line options to perlcritic are now case-sensitive.  This
     makes it easier to abbreviate options that start with the same letters
     (e.g. 'Version' and 'verbose')

     Fixed the new Policy modules that were misnamed and misplaced in the 
     previous distribution.

[0.12_01] Not released

     Rewrote some of the ControlStructures and BuiltinFunction 
     policies to be simpler (and probably a little faster).

     Edited POD.  Fixed some typos.  Added PREREQUISITES section
     to Perl::Critic documentation.

     Fixed the -verbose FORMAT option so that you can put metachars
     in the FORMAT specification.  If using perlcritic, be careful to
     protect them from getting munged by the shell first.

     Replaced ProhibitRequireStatements with RequireBarewordIncludes
     module. Courtesy of Chris Dolan <cdolan@cpan.org>

     Added configuration to ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals so that
     certain flavors of quotes can be exempt.  This is for folks who
     have configured their editor to use special syntax highlighting
     for certain kinds of strings (SQL, for example).

     perlcritic now accepts multiple file arguments, so now you can 
     critique your entire distribution in one shot.  As a result, the 
     output-formats have changed slightly.

     New Policy modules:
     * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr
     * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitSleepViaSelect
     * ClassHierarchies::ProhibitOneArgBless
     * CodeLayout::RequireTrailingCommas
     * CodeLayout::RequireQuotedWordLists
     * InputOutput::ProhibitTwoArgOpen
     * InputOutput::ProhibitOneArgSelect
     * InputOutput::ProhibitBarewordFileHandles
     * Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords
     * Modules::RequireVersionVar
     * RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormatting
     * RegularExpressions::RequireLineBoundaryMatching

     Bug fixes:
     14923: 'require' is now permitted. See RequireBarewordIncludes.
     15022: Fixed false-positives when keywords are used as hash keys.
     15023: Fixed spurious Violations by removing magic shebang.
     15031: Fixed spelling mistakes (and probably added some new ones).
     15233: Postfix 'if' is now allowed with 'die', 'croak', etc.

[0.12] Released 051010

     Redesigned the 'verbose' feature.  Now the output format 
     can be user-defined using a sprintf-like specification.
     perlciritc also has a predefined output format that is 
     compatible with grep mode in editors like vim and emacs.

     'return' is now exempt from ProhibitParensWithBuiltins.  I may
     extend this exemption to all unary functions.

     Edited POD. Added a super brief description of each policy 
     in the main Perl::Critic documentation.  Added details about
     editor integration.

     Additional Prerequisites:
     * String::Format

[0.11] Not released

     The internal dynamics and API of Perl::Critic have changed
     considerably.  The result is a 300% increase in performance.
     See the POD in Perl::Critic::Policy for details.

     New Features:
     * Added -verbose option to put more stuff in the output.  In the
       extreme, you can get the POD from Policy attached to each
       and every violation.

     Additional Prerequisites:
     * IO::String
     * Pod::PlainText

[0.10] Released 051005

     Fixed stupid bug in newest Policy modules.  They were returning
     PPI objects instead of Perl::Critic::Violation objects.  Doh!

     Fixed test scripts to prevent failures if the user already has a
     .perlcriticrc file.

     'ProhibitHardTabs' now allows leading tabs by default.

     Put the Changes file in reverse-chronological order, so the most
     recent stuff is easy to find at the top of the file

[0.09] Released 051004

     Fixed several bugs:
     * 14810: Now you are allowed to create your own 'import' function,
              since this is frequently done with fancy modules.
     * 14817: Parens, brackets, and braces are now excluded from
              'ProhibitNoisyQuotes' since they look better in quotes anyway.
     * 14787: $1..$9 and '_' are exempt from ProhibitPunctuationVars
     * 14899: Object methods with the same name as a built-in can
              be called with parens (ProhibitParensWithBuiltins).
     * 14901: Normalized the exit status of perlcritic to 0, 1, or 2.
              See documentation for explanation.
     * 14855: Partially fixed home directory discovery.  Still not
              completely portable, but at least doesn't create warnings.

     New features:
     * 14734: Limit for number separators is now configurable

     New Policy modules:
     * CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs
     * ControlStructures::ProhibitUnlessBlocks
     * ControlStructures::ProhibitUntilBlocks
     * ControlStructures::ProhibitCStyleForLoops

     Changed the syntax for the magic comments.  Adam had the
     idea of using a pragma-like notation.  I liked it.

[0.08_2] Released 050927

     Fixed problems with Perl::Critic::Config that caused File::Spec
     to emit 'uninitialized value' warnings during the build.

     Added 1 Policy module contributed by Graham TerMarsch

     Switched from File::Spec::Functions to plain File::Spec because
     I think its usage is more common.

     Removed 'FindBin' from the test files so I can be sure that the
     right libraries are getting loaded.  This means I'll have to
     use the -l option with C<prove>.

     Edited more POD.

[0.08_01] Not released

     Fixed "ProhibitParensWithBuiltins" to allow parens to be used with
     object method calls that have the same name as a builtin functions.

     Introduced magical comments that allow developers to configure 
     Perl::Critic on-the-fly from within their code.

     Added META.yml files and POD tests to the build.  I did this
     mostly just to boost the Kwalitee score on CPANTS.

     Switched from "Config::Std" to "Config::Tiny" because it doesn't
     require those fancy Damian modules that don't seem to work on
     some older versions of Perl.

[0.07] Released on 050921

     Fixed bugs in the ProhibitCascadingIfElse policy.  

     Added ProhibitExplicitReturnUndef policy

     Made ProhibitUnpackagedCode configurable so you can exempt scripts,
     which typically don't have an explicit 'package' statement.

     ProhibitPackageVars policy now exempts vars in ALL_CAPS.  This
     is to permit common package variables like @EXPORT and $VERSION.

     Renamed "ProhibitStringyGrep and "ProhibitStringyMap" because 
     the so-called string form doesn't really exist.  Now called
     "RequireBlockGrep" and "RequireBlockMap" 

     Corrected documentation on defining Policy names within the 
     configuration file.  This still isn't very clear and needs
     to be rewritten.

     Perl::Critic now requires PPI version 1.003, which has a few bug 
     fixes of its own.

     Rewrite some code just to make Perl::Critic more self-compliant.

     Added test cases to verify the configuration functionality.  These
     are not completely thorough and need more work.

[0.06] Released on 050917

     Now called 'Perl::Critic'.  

     Added 4 new policy modules.  
     Fixed bugs in build process.  

     Added support for Module::Build.

[0.05] Released on 050917

     End of 'Perl::Review' releases.  I have changed the name to
     'Perl::Critic' to avoid possible confusion with "The Perl Review"

[0.04] Released on 050914

     Version 0.03 was a bust because I uploaded the wrong tarball to PAUSE.

[0.03] Released on 050913.

     Fixed some POD links.  

     Removed test cases for missing policy module.

[0.02] Released on 050913.

     Major overhaul based on feedback from Perl community.

     Factored coding standards into separate modules (known as
     Policies).  The idea here is to allow other developers to easily
     contribute additional coding standards.

     Reworked Perl::Review into a simple engine for loading and running
     Policy modules.

     Gave perlreview a command-line interface and configuration file
     for selecting which Policy modules to use.

[0.01] Released on 050816.

     Initial version.