[0.01] Released on 050816.

	Initial version.

[0.02] Released on 050913.

	Major overhaul based on feedback from Perl community.

	Factored coding standards into separate modules (known as
	Policies).  The idea here is to allow other developers to easily
	contribute additional coding standards.

	Reworked Perl::Critic into a simple engine for loading and running
	Policy modules.

	Gave perlreview a command-line interface and configuration file
	for selecting which Policy modules to use.

[0.03] Released on 050913.

	Fixed POD.  Removed test case for missing policy module.

[0.04] Released on 050914

	Version 0.03 was a bust because I uploaded the wrong tarball to PAUSE.

[0.05] Released on 050917

	End of 'Perl::Review' releases.  I have changed the name to
	'Perl::Critic' to avoid possible confusion with "The Perl Review"
	magazine.  Plese search for 'Perl::Critic' on CPAN to find
	future releases.