[1.03] Released on 2015-02-03

     all_critic_ok() will now run tests in parallel over multiple cores. So if
     you have 8 cores, your Perl::Critic tests could run 8x faster. However,
     the actual performance depends on the size and shape of your code base and
     your Perl::Critic configuration. Thank you Mario Roy for writing the
     wonderful MCE module that makes this all possible!

     If you're using the critic_ok() function directly (perhaps because you
     want more control over which files are tested) then you won't see any
     performance boost. I recommend gathering your list of files first, and
     then passing the list to all_critic_ok().

     The deprecated function all_code_files() has now been removed from
     Test::Perl::Critic. Use Perl::Critic::Utils::all_perl_files() instead.

[1.02] Released on 2009-10-22

     Documentation changes.  META.yml "enhancements".  Moved author tests out
     of the way of normal testing.

     Now requires Perl-Critic version 1.105 or newer.  Fixed source code to be
     compliant with this version. Reported by Xavier Caron.

[1.01] Released on 2007-01-24

     PRODUCTION RELEASE: You may now consider the public API of
     Test::Perl::Critic as stable.

     Edited documentation.  Includes better example for using
     Test::Perl::Critic in CPAN distributions.

     Added a t/perlcritic.t test to further demonstrate the typical usage for
     CPAN distributions.

     No code changes.

[0.08] Released on 2006-11-05

     All parameters to Test::Perl::Critic can now be controlled through the
     .perlcriticrc file.  See the Perl::Critic POD for more info.

     Now compatible with the perlcritic.t test script that is generate by
     Module::Starter::PBP.  In my humble opinion, the test script is flawed,
     but at least it will work now.

[0.07] Released on 2006-08-20

     All exceptions during testing are now fatal.

     Now supports -verbose option, just like `perlcritic` does.

     Added support for PPI::Cache, which can speedup repeated tests. See
     Test::Perl::Critic documentation for more details.

     Now requires Perl-Critic version 0.19 or higher.

[0.06] Released on 2006-05-14

     No functionality changes or bug fixes, just refactorings.

     The all_code_files() function is now deprecated.  See all_perl_files() in
     Perl::Critic::Utils instead

     Now requires Perl::Critic version 0.15_03 or higher.

[0.05] Released on 2006-03-26

     Modified import() interface to pass all arguments to Perl::Critic. This
     give you a direct hook to configure Perl::Critic and should still be
     backward compatible.

[0.04] Released on 2006-01-15

     Updated to be compatible with Perl-Critic 0.14, but is not backward
     compatible with older versions of Perl-Critic.  If you want to use the
     -severity option with Perl-Critic, you need to use Perl-Critic version
     0.14 or later.

[0.03] Released on 2005-10-31

     Now catching exceptions from Perl::Critic so the tests fail gracefully if
     PPI has errors.

     Added -format option, which is similar to the -verbose option that
     perlcritic has.  I'm not sure why I didn't make it exactly the same.

     Added a few more test cases.  In general, this module doesn't have very
     good test coverage because I haven't really figured out how to test a

[0.02] Released on 2005-09-30

     Some minor tweaks; Edited POD.

     Removed Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage from the prerequisites list.
     Those tests only run if the modules are installed.

     Test::Perl::Critic is going to require Perl::Critic version 0.08 or
     later, or it won't pass its own criticism tests.

[0.01] Not released

     "Plan to throw one away" -Frederick Brooks