Revision history for Perl extension XML::RSS::Parser.

4.0  Nov 18 2005
    - Made into its own package again. Bad idea now fixed.
    - Requires XML::Elemental 2.0 for SAX-based parsing.
    - Switched internal storage of element and attribute names to 
      Clarkian notation.
    - Too many bug fixes and minor enhancements to list.
    - Added atom, itunes, openSerch, feedburner and creativeCommons 
      namespaces to default set.
    - Moved XPath namespace and prefixes storage from Element to the 
      Parser module.
    - Added register_ns_prefix, prefix and namespace methods to parser
      for OO access to the internal hashes.
    - Introduced use of Class::ErroHandler for more quieter error 
    - We have tests.
    - Introduction of Util module. Moved as_xml and encode_xml methods 
      from Element to Util.

3.0  Sep 29 2004
    - Folded into RAI.

2.15 May 03 2004
    - Fix error where zero items causes crash. (Greg Saylor)
    - Added xhtml/div to pass-thrus.

2.14 Apr 06 2004
    - Fix bug were XPath routines were not retrieving attributes 

2.13 Apr 05 2004
    - Fix bug with some xpath related routines were // notation was
      generating warnings and errors.
    - Added the xml prefix and URI to the XPath namespace registry.
    - Documentation fixes.

2.12 Mar 11 2004
    - Attributes were not inheriting the namespace of its associated 
      element during parsing as it should have according to the 
      XML-Namespaces specification. Fixed.
    - Relatedly, XPath attribute name mapping also was not handling 
      namespaces properly. Fixed.
    - Documentation clean-up.
    - Added query method alias to XPath match method. query is the 
      preferred method to use going forward.

2.11 Mar 01 2004
	- Fixed missing dependency in Makefile.PL

2.1  Mar 01 2004
	- Added XPath capabilities to XML::RSS::Parser::Element.

2.01 Jan 20 2004
	- Fixed installation problem with the policy of the newest 
	  ExtUtils::MakeMaker. (Mike Castle)
	- Fixed POD error. (Mike Castle)

2.0 Jan 16 2004
	- Being terribly unsatisfied with where 1.0 was, performed a major
	  overhaul of all the code and API while adding new features.
	- XML::RSS::Parser::Element has been significantly changed. Modeled
	  on XML::SimpleObject.
	- XML::RSS::Parser::Feed is inherited from 
	- XML::RSS::Parser::Block is gone.
	- Now handles all RSS tags including skiphours, skipdays and
	- Preserves xhtml/body and foaf/person blocks as a single element
	- Many other flaws too numerous to list addressed.

1.02 Jan 03 2004
	- Fixed bug in element method of Block object where map keys 
          were created when an undefined element was called.
	- Better handling of ignored elements to avoid "noise" from 
	  being included in the result. Added xhtml:body and 
	  foaf:Person to the list for now.

1.01 Jan 01 2004
	- Fixed botched install.
	- Documentation fixes.

1.0 Dec 30 2003
	- OO Rewrite.

0.21 Jun 03 2003
	- Fixed botched CPAN upload.

0.2  Jun 02 2003
	- Initial release into CPAN.
	- Fixed several "incorrect presumptions."
	- Added documentation.
	- Added accessor methods.
0.1  Jan 13 2003
	- Original version. Unreleased.