Changes in DBI 1.13,	11th July 1999

  Fixed Win32 PerlEx IIS concurrency bugs thanks to ActiveState.
  Fixed problems with DBD::ExampleP long_list test mode.
    to list of known and exportable SQL types.
  Improved data fetch performance of DBD::ADO.
  Added GetTypeInfo to DBD::ADO thanks to Thomas Lowery.
  Actually documented connect_cached thanks to Michael Schwern.
  Fixed user/key/cipher bug in ProxyServer thanks to Joshua Pincus.

Changes in DBI 1.12,	29th June 1999

  Fixed significant DBD::ADO bug (fetch skipped first row).
  Fixed ProxyServer bug handling non-select statements.
  Fixed VMS problem with t/examp.t thanks to Craig Berry.
  Trace only shows calls to trace_msg and _set_fbav at high levels.
  Modified t/examp.t to workaround Cygwin buffering bug.

Changes in DBI 1.11,	17th June 1999

  Fixed bind_columns argument checking to allow a single arg.
  Fixed problems with internal default_user method.
  Fixed broken DBD::ADO.
  Made default $DBI::rows more robust for some obscure cases.

Changes in DBI 1.10,	14th June 1999

  Fixed error when using Apache.
  Fixed dbd_st_finish enhancement in Driver.xst (internals).
  Enable drivers to define default username and password
    and temporarily disabled warning added in 1.09.
  Thread safety optimised for single thread case.

Changes in DBI 1.09,	9th June 1999

  Added optional minimum trace level parameter to trace_msg().
  Added warning in Makefile.PL that DBI will require 5.004 soon.
  Added $dbh->selectcol_arrayref($statement) method.
  Fixed fetchall_arrayref hash-slice mode undef NAME problem.
  Fixed problem with tainted parameter checking and t/examp.t.
  Fixed problem with thread safety code, including 64 bit machines.
  Thread safety now enabled by default for threaded perls.
  Enhanced code for MULTIPLICITY/PERL_OBJECT from ActiveState.
  Enhanced prepare_cached() method.
  Minor changes to trace levels (less internal info at level 2).
  Trace log now shows "!! ERROR..." before the "<- method" line.
  DBI->connect() now warn's if user / password is undefined and
    DBI_USER / DBI_PASS environment variables are not defined.
  The t/proxy.t test now ignores any /etc/dbiproxy.conf file.
  Added portability fixes for MacOS from Chris Nandor.
  Updated mailing list address from to

Changes in DBI 1.08,	12th May 1999

  Much improved DBD::ADO driver thanks to Phlip Plumlee and others.
  Connect now allows you to specify attribute settings within the DSN
    E.g., "dbi:Driver(RaiseError=>1,Taint=>1,AutoCommit=>0):dbname"
  The $h->{Taint} attribute now also enables taint checking of
    arguments to almost all DBI methods.
  Improved trace output in various ways.
  Fixed bug where $sth->{NAME_xx} was undef in some situations.
  Fixed code for MULTIPLICITY/PERL_OBJECT thanks to Alex Smishlajev.
  Fixed and documented DBI->connect_cached.
  Workaround for Cygwin32 build problem with help from Jong-Pork Park.
  bind_columns no longer needs undef or hash ref as first parameter.

Changes in DBI 1.07,	6th May 1999

  Trace output now shows contents of array refs returned by DBI.
  Changed names of some result columns from type_info, type_info_all,
    tables and table_info to match ODBC 3.5 / ISO/IEC standards.
  Many fixes for DBD::Proxy and ProxyServer.
  Fixed error reporting in install_driver.
  Major enhancement to DBI::W32ODBC from Patrick Hollins.
  Added $h->{Taint} to taint fetched data if tainting (perl -T).
  Added code for MULTIPLICITY/PERL_OBJECT contributed by ActiveState.
  Added $sth->more_results (undocumented for now).

Changes in DBI 1.06,	6th January 1999

  Fixed Win32 Makefile.PL problem in 1.04 and 1.05.
  Significant DBD::Proxy enhancements and fixes
    including support for bind_param_inout (Jochen and I)
  Added experimental DBI->connect_cached method.
  Added $sth->{NAME_uc} and $sth->{NAME_lc} attributes.
  Enhanced fetchrow_hashref to take an attribute name arg.

Changes in DBI 1.05,	4th January 1999

  Improved DBD::ADO connect (thanks to Phlip Plumlee).
  Improved thread safety (thanks to Jochen Wiedmann).
  [Quick release prompted by truncation of copies on CPAN]

Changes in DBI 1.04,	3rd January 1999

  Fixed error in Driver.xst. DBI build now tests Driver.xst.
  Removed unused variable compiler warnings in Driver.xst.
  DBI::DBD module now tested during DBI build.
  Further clarification in the DBI::DBD driver writers manual.
  Added optional name parameter to $sth->fetchrow_hashref.

Changes in DBI 1.03,	1st January 1999

  Now builds with Perl>=5.005_54 (PERL_POLLUTE in DBIXS.h)
  DBI trace trims path from "at line nnn".
  Trace level 1 now shows statement passed to prepare.
  Assorted improvements to the DBI manual.
  Assorted improvements to the DBI::DBD driver writers manual.
  Fixed $dbh->quote prototype to include optional $data_type.
  Fixed $dbh->prepare_cached problems.
  $dbh->selectrow_array behaves better in scalar context.
  Added a (very) experimental DBD::ADO driver for Win32 ADO.
  Added experimental thread support (perl Makefile.PL -thread).
  Updated the DBI::FAQ - thanks to Alligator Descartes.
  The following changes were implemented and/or packaged
    by Jochen Wiedmann - thanks Jochen:
  Added a Bundle for CPAN installation of DBI, the DBI proxy
    server and prerequisites (lib/Bundle/
  DBI->available_drivers uses File::Spec, if available.
    This makes it work on MacOS. (
  Modified type_info to work with read-only values returned
    by type_info_all. (
  Added handling of magic values in $sth->execute,
    $sth->bind_param and other methods (Driver.xst)
  Added Perl's CORE directory to the linkers path on Win32,
    required by recent versions of ActiveState Perl.
  Fixed DBD::Sponge to work with empty result sets.
  Complete rewrite of DBI::ProxyServer and DBD::Proxy.

Changes in DBI 1.02,	2nd September 1998

  Fixed DBI::Shell including @ARGV and /current.
  Added basic DBI::Shell test.
  Renamed DBI::Shell /display to /format.

Changes in DBI 1.01,	2nd September 1998

  Many enhancements to Shell (with many contributions from
  Jochen Wiedmann, Tom Lowery and Adam Marks).
  Assorted fixes to DBD::Proxy and DBI::ProxyServer.
  Tidied up trace messages - trace(2) much cleaner now.
  Added $dbh->{RowCacheSize} and $sth->{RowsInCache}.
  Added experimental DBI::Format (mainly for DBI::Shell).
  Fixed fetchall_arrayref($slice_hash).
  DBI->connect now honours PrintError=1 if connect fails.
  Assorted clarifications to the docs.

Changes in DBI 1.00,	14th August 1998

  The DBI is no longer 'alpha' software!
  Added $dbh->tables and $dbh->table_info.
  Documented \%attr arg to data_sources method.
  Added $sth->{TYPE}, $sth->{PRECISION} and $sth->{SCALE}.
  Added $sth->{Statement}.
  DBI::Shell now uses neat_list to print results
  It also escapes "'" chars and converts newlines to spaces.

Changes in DBI 0.95,	10th August 1998


  Fixed 0.94 slip so it will build on pre-5.005 again.
  Added DBI_AUTOPROXY environment variable.
  Array ref returned from fetch/fetchrow_arrayref now readonly.
  Improved connect error reporting by DBD::Proxy.
  All trace/debug messages from DBI now go to trace file.

Changes in DBI 0.94,	9th August 1998


  Added DBD::Shell and dbish interactive DBI shell. Try it!
  Any database attribs can be set via DBI->connect(,,, \%attr).
  Added _get_fbav and _set_fbav methods for Perl driver developers
    (see ExampleP driver for perl usage). Drivers which don't use
    one of these methods (either via XS or Perl) are not compliant.
  DBI trace now shows adds " at line nnn"!
  PrintError and RaiseError now prepend driver and method name.
  The available_drivers method no longer returns NullP or Sponge.
  Added $dbh->{Name}.
  Added $dbh->quote($value, $data_type).
  Added more hints to install_driver failure message.
  Added DBD::Proxy and DBI::ProxyServer (from Jochen Wiedmann).
  Added $DBI::neat_maxlen to control truncation of trace output.
  Added $dbh->selectall_arrayref and $dbh->selectrow_array methods.
  Added $dbh->tables.
  Added $dbh->type_info and $dbh->type_info_all.
  Added $h->trace_msg($msg) to write to trace log.
  Added @bool = DBI::looks_like_number(@ary).
  Many assorted improvements to the DBI docs.

Changes in DBI 0.93,	13th February 1998

  Fixed DBI::DBD::dbd_postamble bug causing 'Driver.xsi not found' errors.
  Changes to handling of 'magic' values in neatsvpv (used by trace).
  execute (in Driver.xst) stops binding after first bind error.
  This release requires drivers to be rebuilt.

Changes in DBI 0.92,	3rd February 1998

  Fixed per-handle memory leak (with many thanks to Irving Reid).
  Added $dbh->prepare_cached() caching variant of $dbh->prepare.
  Added some attributes:
    $h->{Active}       is the handle 'Active' (vague concept) (boolean)
    $h->{Kids}         e.g. number of sth's associated with a dbh
    $h->{ActiveKids}   number of the above which are 'Active'
    $dbh->{CachedKids} ref to prepare_cached sth cache
  Added support for general-purpose 'private_' attributes.
  Added experimental support for subclassing the DBI: see t/subclass.t
  Added SQL_ALL_TYPES to exported :sql_types.
  Added dbd_dbi_dir() and dbd_dbi_arch_dir() to DBI::DBD module so that
  DBD Makefile.PLs can work with the DBI installed in non-standard locations.
  Fixed 'Undefined value' warning and &sv_no output from neatsvpv/trace.
  Fixed small 'once per interpreter' leak.
  Assorted minor documentation fixes.

Changes in DBI 0.91,	10th December 1997

  NOTE: This fix may break some existing scripts:
  DBI->connect("dbi:...",$user,$pass) was not setting AutoCommit and PrintError!
  DBI->connect(..., { ... }) no longer sets AutoCommit or PrintError twice.
  DBI->connect(..., { RaiseError=>1 }) now croaks if connect fails.
  Fixed $fh parameter of $sth->dump_results;
  Added default statement DESTROY method which carps.
  Added default driver DESTROY method to silence AUTOLOAD/__DIE__/CGI::Carp
  Added more SQL_* types to %EXPORT_TAGS and @EXPORT_OK.
  Assorted documentation updates (mainly clarifications).
  Added workaround for perl's 'sticky lvalue' bug.
  Added better warning for bind_col(umns) where fields==0.
  Fixed to build okay with 5.004_54 with or without USE_THREADS.
  Note that the DBI has not been tested for thread safety yet.

Changes in DBI 0.90,	6th September 1997

  Can once again be built with Perl 5.003.
  The DBI class can be subclassed more easily now.
  InactiveDestroy fixed for drivers using the *.xst template.
  Slightly faster handle creation.
  Changed prototype for dbd_*_*_attrib() to add extra param.
  Note: 0.90, 0.89 and possibly some other recent versions have
  a small memory leak. This will be fixed in the next release.

Changes in DBI 0.89,	25th July 1997

  Minor fix to neatsvpv (mainly used for debug trace) to workaround
  bug in perl where SvPV removes IOK flag from an SV.
  Minor updates to the docs.

Changes in DBI 0.88,	22nd July 1997

  Fixed build for perl5.003 and Win32 with Borland.
  Fixed documentation formatting.
  Fixed DBI_DSN ignored for old-style connect (with explicit driver).
  Fixed AutoCommit in DBD::ExampleP
  Fixed $h->trace.
  The DBI can now export SQL type values: use DBI ':sql_types';
  Modified Driver.xst and renamed DBDI.h to dbd_xsh.h

Changes in DBI 0.87,	18th July 1997

  Fixed minor type clashes.
  Added more docs about placeholders and bind values.

Changes in DBI 0.86,	16th July 1997

  Fixed failed connect causing 'unblessed ref' and other errors.
  Drivers must handle AutoCommit FETCH and STORE else DBI croaks.
  Added $h->{LongReadLen} and $h->{LongTruncOk} attributes for BLOBS.
  Added DBI_USER and DBI_PASS env vars. See connect docs for usage.
  Added DBI->trace() to set global trace level (like per-handle $h->trace).
  PERL_DBI_DEBUG env var renamed DBI_DEBUG (old name still works for now).
  Updated docs, including commit, rollback, AutoCommit and Transactions sections.
  Added bind_param method and execute(@bind_values) to docs.
  Fixed fetchall_arrayref.

  Since the DBIS structure has change the internal version numbers have also
  changed (DBIXS_VERSION == 9 and DBISTATE_VERSION == 9) so drivers will have
  to be recompiled. The test is also now more sensitive and the version
  mismatch error message now more clear about what to do. Old drivers are
  likely to core dump (this time) until recompiled for this DBI. In future
  DBI/DBD version mismatch will always produce a clear error message.

  Note that this DBI release contains and documents many new features
  that won't appear in drivers for some time. Driver writers might like
  to read perldoc DBI::DBD and comment on or apply the information given.

Changes in DBI 0.85,	25th June 1997

  NOTE: New-style connect now defaults to AutoCommit mode unless
  { AutoCommit => 0 } specified in connect attributes. See the docs.
  AutoCommit attribute now defined and tracked by DBI core.
  Drivers should use/honour this and not implement their own.
  Added pod doc changes from Andreas and Jonathan.
  New DBI_DSN env var default for connect method. See docs.
  Documented the func method.
  Fixed "Usage: DBD::_::common::DESTROY" error.
  Fixed bug which set some attributes true when there value was fetched.
  Added new internal DBIc_set() macro for drivers to use.

Changes in DBI 0.84,	20th June 1997

  Added $h->{PrintError} attribute which, if set true, causes all errors to
  trigger a warn().
  New-style DBI->connect call now automatically sets PrintError=1 unless
  { PrintError => 0 } specified in the connect attributes. See the docs.
  The old-style connect with a separate driver parameter is deprecated.
  Fixed fetchrow_hashref.
  Renamed $h->debug to $h->trace() and added a trace filename arg.
  Assorted other minor tidy-ups.

Changes in DBI 0.83,	11th June 1997

  Added driver specification syntax to DBI->connect data_source
  parameter: DBI->connect('dbi:driver:...', $user, $passwd);
  The DBI->data_sources method should return data_source
  names with the appropriate 'dbi:driver:' prefix.
  DBI->connect will warn if \%attr is true but not a hash ref.
  Added the new fetchrow methods:
    @row_ary  = $sth->fetchrow_array;
    $ary_ref  = $sth->fetchrow_arrayref;
    $hash_ref = $sth->fetchrow_hashref;
  The old fetch and fetchrow methods still work.
  Driver implementors should implement the new names for
  fetchrow_array and fetchrow_arrayref ASAP (use the xs ALIAS:
  directive to define aliases for fetch and fetchrow).
  Fixed occasional problems with t/examp.t test.
  Added automatic errstr reporting to the debug trace output.
  Added the DBI FAQ from Alligator Descartes in module form for
  easy reading via "perldoc DBI::FAQ". Needs reformatting.
  Unknown driver specific attribute names no longer croak.
  Fixed problem with internal neatsvpv macro.

Changes in DBI 0.82,	23rd May 1997

  Added $h->{RaiseError} attribute which, if set true, causes all errors to
  trigger a die(). This makes it much easier to implement robust applications
  in terms of higher level eval { ... } blocks and rollbacks.
  Added DBI->data_sources($driver) method for implementation by drivers.
  The quote method now returns the string NULL (without quotes) for undef.
  Added VMS support thanks to Dan Sugalski.
  Added a 'quick start guide' to the README.
  Added neatsvpv function pointer to DBIS structure to make it available for
  use by drivers. A macro defines neatsvpv(sv,len) as (DBIS->neatsvpv(sv,len)).
  Old XS macro SV_YES_NO changes to standard boolSV.
  Since the DBIS structure has change the internal version numbers have also
  changed (DBIXS_VERSION == 8 and DBISTATE_VERSION == 8) so drivers will have
  to be recompiled.

Changes in DBI 0.81,	7th May 1997

  Minor fix to let DBI build using less modern perls.
  Fixed a suprious typo warning.

Changes in DBI 0.80,	6th May 1997

  Builds with no changes on NT using perl5.003_99 (with thanks to Jeffrey Urlwin).
  Automatically supports Apache::DBI (with thanks to Edmund Mergl).
    DBI scripts no longer need to be modified to make use of Apache::DBI.
  Added a ping method and an experimental connect_test_perf method.
  Added a fetchhash and fetch_all methods.
  The func method no longer pre-clears err and errstr. 
  Added ChopBlanks attribute (currently defaults to off, that may change).
    Support for the attribute needs to be implemented by individual drivers.
  Reworked tests into standard t/*.t form.
  Added more pod text.  Fixed assorted bugs.

Changes in DBI 0.79,	7th Apr 1997

  Minor release. Tidied up pod text and added some more descriptions
  (especially disconnect). Minor changes to DBI.xs to remove compiler

Changes in DBI 0.78,	28th Mar 1997

  Greatly extended the pod documentation in, including the under
  used bind_columns method. Use 'perldoc DBI' to read after installing.
  Fixed $h->err. Fetching an attribute value no longer resets err.
  Added $h->{InactiveDestroy}, see documentation for details.
  Improved debugging of cached ('quick') attribute fetches.
  errstr will return err code value if there is no string value.
  Added DBI/W32ODBC to the distribution. This is a pure-perl experimental
  DBI emulation layer for Win32::ODBC. Note that it's unsupported, your
  mileage will vary, and bug reports without fixes will probably be ignored.

Changes in DBI 0.77,	21st Feb 1997

  Removed erroneous $h->errstate and $h->errmsg methods from
  Added $h->err, $h->errstr and $h->state default methods in DBI.xs.
  Updated informal DBI API notes in Updated README slightly.
  DBIXS.h now correctly installed into INST_ARCHAUTODIR.
  (DBD authors will need to edit their Makefile.PL's to use

Changes in DBI 0.76,	3rd Feb 1997

  Fixed a compiler type warnings (pedantic IRIX again).

Changes in DBI 0.75,	27th Jan 1997

  Fix problem introduced by a change in Perl5.003_XX.
  Updated README and docs.

Changes in DBI 0.74,	14th Jan 1997

  Dispatch now sets dbi_debug to the level of the current handle
  (this makes tracing/debugging individual handles much easier).
  The '>> DISPATCH' log line now only logged at debug >= 3 (was 2).
  The $csr->NUM_OF_FIELDS attribute can be set if not >0 already.
  You can log to a file using the env var PERL_DBI_DEBUG=/tmp/dbi.log.
  Added a type cast needed by IRIX.
  No longer sets perl_destruct_level unless debug set >= 4.
  Make compatible with PerlIO and sfio.

Changes in DBI 0.73,	10th Oct 1996

  Fixed some compiler type warnings (IRIX).
  Fixed DBI->internal->{DebugLog} = $filename.
  Made debug log file unbuffered.
  Added experimental bind_param_inout method to interface.
  Usage: $dbh->bind_param_inout($param, \$value, $maxlen [, \%attribs ])
  (only currently used by DBD::Oracle at this time.)

Changes in DBI 0.72,	23 Sep 1996

  Using an undefined value as a handle now gives a better
  error message (mainly useful for emulators like Oraperl).
  $dbh->do($sql, @params) now works for binding placeholders.

Changes in DBI 0.71,	10 July 1996

  Removed spurious abort() from invalid handle check.
  Added quote method to DBI interface and added test.

Changes in DBI 0.70,	16 June 1996

  Added extra invalid handle check (dbih_getcom)
  Fixed broken $dbh->quote method.
  Added check for old GCC in Makefile.PL

Changes in DBI 0.69

  Fixed small memory leak.
  Clarified the behaviour of DBI->connect.
  $dbh->do now returns '0E0' instead of 'OK'.
  Fixed "Can't read $DBI::errstr, lost last handle" problem.

Changes in DBI 0.68,	2 Mar 1996

  Changes to suit perl5.002 and site_lib directories.
  Detects old versions ahead of new in @INC.

Changes in DBI 0.67,	15 Feb 1996

  Trivial change to test suite to fix a problem shown up by the
  Perl5.002gamma release Test::Harness.

Changes in DBI 0.66,	29 Jan 1996

  Minor changes to bring the DBI into line with 5.002 mechanisms,
  specifically the xs/pm VERSION checking mechanism.
  No functionality changes. One no-last-handle bug fix (rare problem).
  Requires 5.002 (beta2 or later).

Changes in DBI 0.65,	23 Oct 1995

  Added $DBI::state to hold SQL CLI / ODBC SQLSTATE value.
  SQLSTATE "00000" (success) is returned as "" (false), all else is true.
  If a driver does not explicitly initialise it (via $h->{State} or
  DBIc_STATE(imp_xxh) then $DBI::state will automatically return "" if
  $DBI::err is false otherwise "S1000" (general error).
  As always, this is a new feature and liable to change.

  The is *no longer* a default error handler!
  You can add your own using push(@{$h->{Handlers}}, sub { ... })
  but be aware that this interface may change (or go away).

  The DBI now automatically clears $DBI::err, errstr and state before
  calling most DBI methods. Previously error conditions would persist.
  Added DBIh_CLEAR_ERROR(imp_xxh) macro.

  DBI now EXPORT_OK's some utility functions, neat($value),
  neat_list(@values) and dump_results($sth).

  Slightly enhanced t/min.t minimal test script in an effort to help
  narrow down the few stray core dumps that some porters still report.

  Renamed readblob to blob_read (old name still works but warns).
  Added default blob_copy_to_file method.

  Added $sth = $dbh->tables method. This returns an $sth for a query
  which has these columns: TABLE_CATALOGUE, TABLE_OWNER, TABLE_NAME,
  TABLE_TYPE, REMARKS in that order. The TABLE_CATALOGUE column
  should be ignored for now.

Changes in DBI 0.64,	23 Oct 1995

  Fixed 'disconnect invalidates 1 associated cursor(s)' problem.
  Drivers using DBIc_ACTIVE_on/off() macros should not need any changes
  other than to test for DBIc_ACTIVE_KIDS() instead of DBIc_KIDS().
  Fixed possible core dump in dbih_clearcom during global destruction.

Changes in DBI 0.63,	1 Sep 1995

  Minor update. Fixed uninitialised memory bug in method
  attribute handling and streamlined processing and debugging.
  Revised usage definitions for bind_* methods and readblob.

Changes in DBI 0.62,	26 Aug 1995

  Added method redirection method $h->func(..., $method_name).
  This is now the official way to call private driver methods
  that are not part of the DBI standard.  E.g.:
      @ary = $sth->func('ora_types');
  It can also be used to call existing methods. Has very low cost.

  $sth->bind_col columns now start from 1 (not 0) to match SQL.
  $sth->bind_columns now takes a leading attribute parameter (or undef),
  e.g., $sth->bind_columns($attribs, \$col1 [, \$col2 , ...]);

  Added handy DBD_ATTRIBS_CHECK macro to vet attribs in XS.
  DBD_ATTRIB_GET_IV macros for handling attributes.


  Dispatch no longer bothers to call _untie().
  Faster startup via install_method/_add_dispatch changes.

Changes in DBI 0.61,	22 Aug 1995

  Added $sth->bind_col($column, \$var [, \%attribs ]);

  This method enables perl variable to be directly and automatically
  updated when a row is fetched. It requires no driver support
  (if the driver has been written to use DBIS->get_fbav).
  Currently \%attribs is unused.

  Added $sth->bind_columns(\$var [, \$var , ...]);

  This method is a short-cut for bind_col which binds all the
  columns of a query in one go (with no attributes). It also
  requires no driver support.

  Added $sth->bind_param($parameter, $var [, \%attribs ]);

  This method enables attributes to be specified when values are
  bound to placeholders. It also enables binding to occur away
  from the execute method to improve execute efficiency.
  The DBI does not provide a default implementation of this.
  See the DBD::Oracle module for a detailed example.

  The DBI now provides default implementations of both fetch and
  fetchrow.  Each is written in terms of the other. A driver is
  expected to implement at least one of them.

  More macro and assorted structure changes in DBDXS.h. Sorry!
  The old dbihcom definitions have gone. All fields have macros.
  The imp_xxh_t type is now used within the DBI as well as drivers.
  Drivers must set DBIc_NUM_FIELDS(imp_sth) and DBIc_NUM_PARAMS(imp_sth). includes a trivial test of bind_param and bind_columns.

Changes in DBI 0.60,	17 Aug 1995

  This release has significant code changes but much less
  dramatic than the previous release. The new implementors data
  handling mechanism has matured significantly (don't be put off
  by all the struct typedefs in DBIXS.h, there's just to make it
  easier for drivers while keeping things type-safe).

  The DBI now includes two new methods:

  do		$dbh->do($statement)

  This method prepares, executes and finishes a statement. It is
  designed to be used for executing one-off non-select statements
  where there is no benefit in reusing a prepared statement handle.

  fetch		$array_ref = $sth->fetch;

  This method is the new 'lowest-level' row fetching method. The
  previous @row = $sth->fetchrow method now defaults to calling
  the fetch method and expanding the returned array reference.

  The DBI now provides fallback attribute FETCH and STORE functions
  which drivers should call if they don't recognise an attribute.

  Study DBIXS.h from the DBI and Oracle.xs etc from DBD::Oracle.
  There will be further changes in the interface but nothing
  as dramatic as these last two releases! (I hope :-)

Changes in DBI 0.59	15 Aug 1995


  Major reworking of internal data management!
  Performance improvements and memory leaks fixed.
  Added a new NullP (empty) driver and a -m flag
  to to help check for memory leaks.
  Study DBD::Oracle version 0.21 for more details.
  (Comparing parts of v0.21 with v0.20 may be useful.)

Changes in DBI 0.58	21 June 1995

  Added DBI->internal->{DebugLog} = $filename;
  Reworked internal logging.
  Added $VERSION.
  Made disconnect_all a compulsary method for drivers.