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# $Id: Changes 203 2008-07-02 16:09:18Z adkapx $
Revision history for Perl extension Devel::NYTProf.

1.50  ? ? ? 0:00:00 2008
	- Major revision to include Tim Bunce's call scope statistics features,
			code/doc refactoring, optimizations and bug fixes.
	- Fixes major issues with profiling code that forks.

1.13	Wed Mar 26 9:35:00 2008
	- Fixed RedHat EL bug - %f isn't the C format for floating-point for RHEL
			Changed Reader.pm to warn-and-continue instead of dieing when a source 
			file cannot be found. (the file will be skipped). Feature by request.
			Makefile.PL changes by tim.bunce - fix warning on LICENSE key when 
			installed by older versions of MakeMaker. Added vim modeline.

1.12	Tue Mar 25 11:05:00 2008
	- Fixed YET ANOTHER test failure caused by trivial differences between v5.6
			and v5.8.x.	Added test15 that only executes on <5.8 and test06 now only
			runs on >5.8.0

1.11	Mon Mar 24 11:26:00 2008
	- Rewrote test06 and test 13 only. No functionality changes. There is a Perl
			debugger bug. In perl >5.6 closing "}" in empty loops get execution
			counts for some reason.	This caused 5.6 to fail 'make test' 
			needlessly.	(5.6 actually handles it better and 5.8 & 5.10). So I 
			changed the code to avoid empty loop tests, which are no more useful 
			than loops with code in them.	
			*test06 now tests only loops - foreach, while and do-while loops. 
			*test13 now tests only forms of eval, and eval failures - loops removed

1.10	Web Mar 19 21:02:00 2008
	- Another CPAN versioning fix. Hopefully the last!!!
	- Added Makefile.pl check to report unsupported OS on Win32

0.09	Wed Mar 19 13:05:00 2008
	- Fixed broken CPAN version numbering
	- Implemented malloc() fix by Tim Bunce (tim.bunce@gmail.[nospam]com
	- Wrote a better eval test, now covers all uses ("", perlcode, {...})
	- Fixed AutoSplit file source problem
	- Wrote AutoSplit/AutoLoader tests (test14)
	- Bugs fixed (hopefully)	33889, 34234, 33991, 33878

0.08	Mon Mar 10 17:35:00 2008
	- Added #define to fix missing linkage for OutCopFile (Perl <5.8.0 fix)
	- Added test12, basic do script test
	- Moved min version to 5.6.0 again (another attempt)

0.05	Fri Mar 7 10:29:00 2008
	- Changed XS code to compile clean with -ansi and -pedantic
	- Removed `cont' on file argument to process due to XS error in Perl 5.6
	- Added code to Makefile.PL so that header sources are run through the C 
			pre-processor (if availible) as a potential fix for some BSD systems.

0.03	Thu Mar 6 09:12:00 2008
	- Fixed a VERY tricky bug some people had encountered. Scalar references to 
			code that is evaled at runtime will cause divide-by-zero error IF the
			reference was declared in a BEGIN {...} and used outside of a BEGIN. 
			(The debugger/profiler can't see what happens in a BEGIN)
	- Added test case for above issue as test11
	- Fixed (i hope) the OSX segfault when using a re-malloc'd pointer that was 
			once freed.
	- Changed XS to compile cleanly with -Wall.
	- Adopted versioning scheme: modules/files start at 1.0 and the distro will
			continue from 0.0, thus making mixed versions less confusing.
	- Enabled the debugging switch so that NYTProf can be used in the form
			perl -MDevel::NYTProf code.pl (BUT this is ALPHA quality -- may bork)
	- Minor cleanup to Makefile.PL

0.02	Wed Mar 5 14:20:00 2008
	- fixed a bunch of minor problems with the distribution that caused cpan
			warnings and also cause the exe scripts to not be installed
	- now a working cpan distro

0.01	Tue Feb 12 10:34:03 2008
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
			-A -n Devel::NYTProf