Version History

        62a7aed Increment Version
        0862601 Require at least 1.807 Crypt::OpenSSL::X509
        e4b3506 remove x bit from Makefile.PL
        40d6c2e Fix pod documentation issue
        cdb334d (tag: 0.13) Update Changes

0.13    Sat, 16 May 2020 13:36:10 GMT
        e2cdf3a Increment Version 0.13
        457a2c7 Add pod info for strict_certs
        1c623db Indent pod to fix formatting
        cf42091 Increment Version, Update changes and add =pod to Verify.xs

0.12-TRIAL      Fri, 15 May 2020 22:01:20 GMT
        9156a97 Merge pull request #7 from timlegge/new-as-object
        92ffc20 Fixes #8 openssh returns different error on freebsd
        1c12f9c Update Changes

0.11-TRIAL Fri May 15 2020 00:10:51 UTC
        176adeb Change to use object for Crypt::OpenSSL::Verify
        6af1067 Update LICENSE info and add Documentation to Verify.xs
        83f714d Add a Contributing Statement
        a6b3828 inc issue with Module::Install
        9071d2e Add Changes
        4149e9d Remove META.yml that was added by mistake
        f64897a Disable author tests by default and t/06-verify-expired-cert.t as it is not ready
        88e952b File::Slurp is a Dependency for tests
        9f11632 Add Github Action
        7920d43 Fixes #5 - Replace Certs and CAs with files that will pass without overides
        aa3d47b Fixes #4 - Test re-declare variables
        510ec69 Add to .gitignore and Update time or v0.10

0.10 Sun May 10 2020 12:45:28 UTC
        e55f868 Fixes #3 - Change log is missing
        7888906 Fixes #2 fix dash in option name causes issues
        44ea736 Fixes #1 Pod format is bad
        00f91c0 Initial version with Crypt::OpenSSL::VerifyX509 compatibility

0.10-TRIAL Sun, 10 May 2020 03:05:33 GMT
    Initial version with Crypt::OpenSSL::VerifyX509 compatibility