Revision history for Perl extension Geo::IP.

1.13  December 24th 2002
	- Added float to typemap, required to compile for Perl < 5.8

1.12  December 11th 2002
	- Added support for postal codes
	- Removed non-portable asprintf code

1.11  November 22nd 2002
	- Forget to include typemap and INSTALL in MANIFEST

1.10  November 22nd 2002
	- Added support for GeoIP City Edition
	- Added more documentation on where to get databases,
	and sourceforge.

0.26  July 25th 2002
	- Made flags optional to new and open
	- Removed from test, domain no longer resolves.

0.20  June 25th 2002
	- Brought up to date with latest changes for GeoIP C 0.2.0

0.11  April 27th 2002
	- install process works for non-standard GeoIP C library installs

0.10  April 21st 2002
	- Fixed DESTROY (Brian Grossman)
	- Set PI to more accurate value (Mike Mitchell)

0.09  April 8th 2002
	- Fixed bug when no database file specified.
	- Fixed bug in t/3_mirror.t test script

0.08  April 7th 2002
	- This perl module is now a XS wrapper around the GeoIP C library
	  for improved performance.  Note that the API has changed.
	- Removed the geoip-lookup script, since GeoIP C contains a
	  geoiplookup executable that provides the same functionality

0.07  April 1st 2002
	- Removed dependency on Berkeley DB - requires new
	Geo-IP data format.

0.06  February 19th 2002

	- Added new method, lookup_country_by_name,
	    performs DNS lookup of IP address for hostnames
	- added O_RDWR option to tie DB_File for
	    compatibility (Allen Smith)
	- makes directory '/usr/local/geoip' (Philip Mak)
	- added binmode for compatibility (Randy Kobes)

	- Mirror when doesn't find country, default to US
	- Special handing for "EU" (European Union)
	    treat as country with coordinates between
	    Germany and Italy.

0.05  February 15th 2002
	- Added new option to Geo::Mirror->new, database_file
	- Fixed test problem with t/3_mirror.t
	- Added error handling to Makefile.PL for database download

0.04  February 15th 2002
	- Added new module, Geo::Mirror
	- Added new default file location for database in /usr/local/geoip/Geo-IP.db
	- Installation easier, Makefile.PL downloads and extracts database file
	- Added geolookup script
	- Removed old Net::Geography wrapper

0.03  July 28th 2001
	- Geo::IP now generates Berkeley DB file from
		data file, to get around differing versions
		of Berkeley DB.
	- now croaks if db file can not be opened (Nick Craig-Wood)

0.02  July 11th 2001
	- renamed to Geo::IP from Net::Geography
	- revised docs
	- data separated from perl distribution, can
		be downloaded from

0.01  June 30th 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19