Revision history for Perl extension Geo::PostalCode.

0.06  09/24/2003
	Scott Gifford contribed the following changes
  * query_postal_codes contained some errors:

    + It assumed that the space between single degrees of latitude and
      longitude are the same.  This only holds true at the equator;
      otherwise the distance between two degrees longitude is:


      This formula is probably well-known, but I got it from:

      This corrected a bug where the cells searched would often miss
      areas that were a ways away from the site.

    + There were bugs when the search radius crossed the poles, the
      prime meridian, or the -180/180 longitude line.  All of these
      are now fixed in various ways (see the code).
    + postal_code attribute was sometimes not returned correctly for
      some results.

  * query_postal_codes now searches for ZIP codes whose distances are
    inside or exactly at the search radius, instead of strictly
    inside (<= instead of <).

  * The search algorithm has gotten complex, so I re-implemented
    nearby_postal_codes in terms of query_postal_codes.  Benchmarking
    shows that this doesn't introduce much of a performance hit, and
    it makes the code much more maintainable.

  * A bug in test_near when the $cell and $center were on opposite
    sides of the -180/180 longitude line caused a cell to be missed.

  * Modified to take an optional parameter with a filename to
    build from.

  * Corrected 01_basic.t with new results based on modified code.

  * Added regression test 02_polevault for near poles, prime meridian,
    and 180/-180 latitude line, including test data

0.05  08/19/2002
	- Fix for on FreeBSD and Mac OS X (Andrew Brosnan)
	- more POD fixes

0.04  07/18/2002
	- POD fixes (Paul Kooros)
	- Error handling for (Paul Kooros)

0.03  05/17/2002
	- Work around for Perl/Berkeley DB bug in
	  (Kyle Dawkins)
	- Improved accurancy of PI

0.02  12/23/2001
	- Documentation fixes

0.01  10/27/2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19