Created:      2012-10-04
Home page:    <>
Bug tracker:  <>
Maintainer:   Toby Inkster <>

0.010  2012-12-21  # 100% Devel::Cover coverage!

 - (Addition) Many new test cases.
 - (Bugfix) Passing objects overloading hash dereference to the constructor
   was supposed to be supported; now it actually works.
 - (Bugfix) Processing flags in EXTEND method could cause infinite loop.
 - (Bugfix) Usage with Data::Printer was causing an exception related to

0.009  2012-12-18

 - (Bugfix) Fix an internal issue in MooX::Struct::Processor, whereby it
   would ignore attributes inherited from the default base class when
   building the FIELDS method.
 - (Packaging) Moar test cases.
 - Attributes inherited from roles are no longer included in FIELDS.
 - Moo-style constructor is no longer strict. (This may change back!)

0.008  2012-12-17

 - (Addition) Provide '-class' feature (currently tested for but not
 - (Documentation) Add pod to test suite.

0.007  2012-10-28

 - (Addition) Allow namespace::clean behaviour to be avoided via a
   '-retain' flag.

0.006  2012-10-09

 - (Addition) Allow structs to consume roles using '-with' option.
 - (Addition) Bundle MooX::Struct::Util.
 - (Addition) New experimental method 'EXTEND'.
 - (Bugfix) Fix minor pod syntax error.
 - (Removal) Dropped 'object_id' alias for 'OBJECT_ID'.
 - Constructor is now strict; it will croak if passed hash keys it doesn't

0.005  2012-10-08

 - (Addition) New method 'CLONE'.
 - (Addition) New method 'FIELDS'.
 - (Addition) New method 'TO_HASH'.
 - (Addition) New method 'TO_STRING'.
 - (Addition) New method 'TYPE'.
 - (Addition) Overload a lot of operations on structs.
 - (Addition) Provide Point[$x,$y] style constructor.
 - (Addition) Special Data::Printer support.
 - The 'object_id' method is now called 'OBJECT_ID'.

0.004  2012-10-07

 - (Bugfix) Workaround strange closure bug in Perl < 5.14.

0.003  2012-10-05

 - (Addition) New bang postfix sigil, indicating a required attribute.
 - (Bugfix) Broken and undocumented sigils feature is now working,
   documented and tested.
 - The '-isa' feature for setting superclasses is now called '-extends'.

0.002  2012-10-05

 - (Packaging) List dependencies.

0.001  2012-10-04  # Initial release