Created:      2013-06-30
Home page:    <>
Bug tracker:  <>
Maintainer:   Toby Inkster (TOBYINK) <>

0.014	2013-08-21

 - (Addition) MooseX::FunctionParametersInfo
 - (Change) Class::Tiny::Antlers now supports has \@attrs like Moose.
 - (Documentation) Document Class::Tiny::Antlers.

0.013	2013-08-20

 - (Bugfix) Fix test that uses Role::Tiny and Class::Tiny without declaring
   them (Test::Requires).

0.012	2013-08-20

 - (Addition) PerlX::Assert
 - (Change) Rename Moops::DefineKeyword -> PerlX::Define.
 - (Documentation) Various documentation improvements.

0.011	2013-08-20

 - (Addition) Class::Tiny::Antlers
 - (Addition) Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::dirty
 - (Addition) Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::mutable
 - (Addition) Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::ro
 - (Addition) Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::rw
 - (Addition) Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::rwp
 - (Addition) Support classes built `using Class::Tiny`.
 - (Change) Moose classes will now `use Moose::XSAccessor` if possible.
 - (Change) Use MooseX::MungeHas to 0.002 smooth over more differences
   between Moo, Mouse and Moose.
 - (Documentation) Document Attribute::Handlers-style attributes as an
   extensibility mechanism.

0.010	2013-08-19

 - (Addition) Parse Attribute::Handlers-style attributes attached to
   package declarations; treat these as traits for the code generator.
 - (Change) Much refactoring.
 - (Change) Rename Moops::CodeGenerator -> Moops::Keyword.

0.009	2013-08-19

 - (Bugfix) Fix at-runtime hook (used for method modifiers).
 - (Packaging) The test suite is now in a reasonable state.

0.008	2013-08-18

 - (Bugfix) Fix custom imports feature.
 - (Bugfix) Found a remaining hard-coded list of keywords that was breaking
   extensibility mechanism.
 - (Bugfix) Stop using (though it's still required via Moo);
   this allows `true` and `false` to be correcting swept by
 - (Documentation) Bundle an example showing how to extend Moops.
 - (Packaging) Add Mouse and Moose as 'runtime suggests' dependencies.
 - (Packaging) Add Perl 5.14 as an explicit dependency.
 - (Packaging) More test suite improvements; still more to do.

0.007	2013-08-18

 - (Bugfix) Fix parsing for the `namespace` keyword that was broken in
 - (Change) Help Class::Load (and thus Moose) notice that empty roles are
   loaded by setting $VERSION to an empty string when no version is
 - (Packaging) Dependency - runtime suggestion for MooX::HandlesVia.
 - (Packaging) More test suite improvements; still more to do.

0.006	2013-08-16

 - (Change) Call __PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable on Moose/Mouse classes.
 - (Change) Rename MooX::Aspartame -> Moops.
 - (Documentation) Much improved documentation.
 - (Packaging) Some test suite improvements; more to come.

0.005	2013-08-14

 - (Change) Improvements handling comments when parsing.
 - (Change) Massive amounts of refactoring to simplify maintenance and make
   subclassing easier.
 - (Regression) Broke `namespace` keyword.

0.004	2013-08-14

 - (Addition) Implement `before`, `after` and `around` method modifiers.
 - (Addition) Implement `define` keyword to declare constants.
 - (Change) The `method` keyword is only available in classes and roles;
   not plain namespaces.
 - (Removal) Drop the `classmethod` keyword; it's better to use `method`
   and give the invocant an explicit variable name.
 - (Removal) Drop the `exporter` keyword; it is better to explicitly create
   a class extending Exporter::TypeTiny or Exporter.

0.003	2013-08-13

 - (Addition) New keyword `namespace`.
 - (Change) Don't export Try::Tiny to the outer scope, as it's not lexical.
 - (Change) Misc internal refactoring.
 - (Change) Re-implement relative package names, in a new, saner way.
 - (Packaging) use Dist::Inkt.
 - (Update) use Function::Parameters 1.0201, because it has configurable
   type constraint reification.

0.002	2013-07-17

 - (Addition) use MooX::late 0.014.
 - (Change) Misc internal refactoring.
 - (Update) use Moo 1.003000.

0.001	2013-07-01	Initial release