Created:      2013-03-23
Home page:    <https://metacpan.org/release/Type-Tiny>
Bug tracker:  <http://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Queue=Type-Tiny>
Maintainer:   Toby Inkster <mailto:tobyink@cpan.org>

0.017_01  2013-07-19

 - (Bugfix Documentation) Fix typo in Types::Standard 'regular exception'
   -> 'regular expression'.
   Fixes GH#4
 - (Bugfix Documentation) Improve examples of custom type constraint error
   message in Type::Utils and Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries.
   Fixes RT#86892
 - (Bugfix) Work around lack of B::perlstring() function in Perl 5.6.x.
 - (Documentation) Give an example of the default error messages thrown by
 - (Update) Eval::TypeTiny now supports lexical subs under Perl 5.18.

0.016  2013-07-16

 - (Documentation) Add some pod links.
 - (Documentation) Updated NEWS file.

0.015_05  2013-07-15

 - Experimentally drop required version of Perl from 5.8.1 to 5.6.1. I've
   not been able to extensively test Type-Tiny on Perl 5.6.x, but I believe
   it should mostly work. (The only feature that seems unlikely to work is
   non-ASCII names for type constraints and coercions.)
 - Stop monkey-patching Moose::Meta::TypeContraint; it's not necessary and
   has never been documented.

0.015_04  2013-07-13

 - (Bugfix Documentation) Clarify when inlining via Sub::Quote may be less
   efficient than hand-written inlining.
   Fixes RT#86893
 - (Bugfix Documentation) Mention in Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries that the
   `extends` function is no longer exported by default; update example
   Fixes RT#86813
   Fixes GH#2
   ++"Pierre Masci"
 - (Bugfix) Allow an inline_as block to return a list of strings (which are
   implictly joined with &&); allow the first item on the list to be undef,
   which is treated as the inlined parent type constraint.
   Fixes RT#86891

0.015_03  2013-07-08

 - (Addition) Implement TIESCALAR, TIEARRAY and TIEHASH methods for
   Type::Tiny; this improves Type::Tie integration.
 - Slight speed improvements for `compile_match_on_type`.
 - The `dwim_type` function now prioritizes lookups within the caller
   class' type registry over Types::Standard's built-in types.

0.015_02  2013-07-06

 - Better test cases for `dwim_type`.
 - Improvements to DWIMness of Type::Parser for the benefit of `dwim_type`.

0.015_01  2013-07-05

 - (Addition) Type::Utils now provides a `dwim_type` function; this is
   powered by a hidden Type::Registry::DWIM package.
 - Type::Parser can now pull in types from MooseX::Types libraries

0.014  2013-06-28

 - (Documentation) Updated NEWS file.

0.013_01  2013-06-27

 - (Addition) Type::Parser now provides a `extract_type` function which
   parses a type constraint expression from the head of a string and
   returns a Type::Tiny object, plus the tail of the string. (This is
   designed to make it easier to use Type::Parser to parse things like
   function signatures.)
 - (Removal) Type::Parser functions no longer accept an arrayref of tokens,
   as they expect to pull tokens from a stream as required.
 - (Removal) Type::Parser no longer provides a `tokens` function as it no
   longer pre-emptively tokenizes the whole string it is given.
 - Type::Parser's tokenization is now done on a pull basis, allowing
   one-pass building of the AST.

0.012  2013-06-25

 - (Documentation) Updated NEWS file.

0.011_03  2013-06-25

 - (Bugfix) Type::Tiny now overloads `cmp`. Necessary because Mouse does a
   sort on type constraints in a union, and overload's fallback doesn't
   seem to cover `cmp` on Perl prior to 5.12.

0.011_02  2013-06-25

 - (Bugfix) Types::Standard 0.009_02 stopped including 'library' attribute
   in its types, and thus broke MooX::late. Type::Library modified to make
   'library' attribute more automatic, and less reliant on Type::Utils to
   do the right thing.

0.011_01  2013-06-25

 - (Addition) Types::Standard::to_TypeTiny now accepts any object
   implementing the Type::API::Constraint or
   Type::API::Constraint::Coercion interfaces. As
   Mouse::Meta::TypeConstraint implements this interface, specific support
   for importing Mouse types has been dropped; the generic Type::API import
   'just works' for Mouse types.
 - (Addition) Types::Standard::to_TypeTiny now accepts unblessed coderefs
   and converts them to type constraints. This allows things like `Int &
   sub { $_ < 10 }` to work.
 - (Bugfix) B::SPECIAL-related fix.
   Fixes RT#86383
 - (Bugfix) Unions of Type::Tiny and Mouse::Meta::TypeConstraints now work
   properly. This makes Type::Tiny and MouseX::Types play nice together
   (much like Type::Tiny already plays nice with MooseX::Types).
 - Cleanups within Type::Coercion. Necessary because in some places the
   entire type_coercion_map (including conversion coderefs) was passed
   through Types::Standard::to_TypeTiny, when really only the type
   constraints should have been.

0.010  2013-06-24

 - (Documentation) Updated NEWS file.

0.009_07  2013-06-24

 - (Packaging) Make rt86172.t an 'xt' test case because it's causing random
   CPAN testers failures unrelated to the feature it's supposed to be
 - (Packaging) More test cases for interacting with MooseX::Types type
 - If a Type::Tiny object is instantiated with a Sub::Quote quoted
   constraint coderef, and no inlined coderef, then Type::Tiny will use
   Sub::Quote to make an inlined coderef.
 - Subclasses of Type::Tiny reject 'inlined' coderef, just like they
   already reject 'constraint' coderef.
 - Type::Params no longer uses Type::Utils.
 - Types::Standard::to_TypeTiny now sets 'display_name' instead of 'name'
   on generated type constraints.

0.009_06  2013-06-23

 - (Bugfix) Careful calling the DOES method (it doesn't exist in Perl 5.8).

0.009_05  2013-06-23

 - (Bugfix) Type::Registry does the AUTOLOAD thing, so ought to provide a
   DESTROY method.

0.009_04  2013-06-23

 - (Bugfix) Type::Tiny::Class shouldn't completely trust @ISA when
   establishing parent class heirarchies.
 - (Update) Support Type::API interfaces.
 - Constructors for Type::Tiny subclasses no longer accept the 'constraint'
   parameter; it doesn't make sense.

0.009_03  2013-06-22

 - (Bugfix) Fix Types::Standard compilation errors under Perl 5.8.x.

0.009_02  2013-06-22

 - (Bugfix) Fix for compiled_checks for type constraints inheriting from
   Type::Tiny::Class, etc.
   Fixes GH#1
 - (Regression) Types::Standard types no longer have 'library' attribute
   set; this subtly breaks Moo type inflation, and breaks the MooX::late
   test suite which relies on type inflation working correctly.
 - Types::Standard no longer uses Type::Utils.
 - Various minor optimizations for Eval::TypeTiny, Type::Tiny, etc.

0.009_01  2013-06-21

 - (Addition) Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny.
 - (Bugfix) Fix error messages from type constraints with null constraint

0.008  2013-06-21

 - (Documentation) Updated NEWS file.

0.007_10  2013-06-21

 - (Addition) Type::Parser now exports a _std_eval function useful for
 - (Addition) Type::Parser now supports parentheses in its DSL.
 - (Bugfix) Fixed many small parsing bugs in Type::Parser.
 - (Bugfix) MooseX::Types objects used in Type::Tiny::Union,
   Type::Tiny::Intersection and parameterized Type::Tiny type constraints
   would break in some circumstances, as Types::TypeTiny::to_TypeTiny was
   failing to convert them to native Type::Tiny type constraints.
   Fixes RT#86303
 - (Documentation) Document status of Type::Registry.
 - (Packaging) Better test cases for Type::Registry.
 - (Packaging) Test cases for Type::Parser.
 - Improved error messages from Type::Parser.

0.007_09  2013-06-18

 - (Bugfix) Fix problems inlining Dict deep coercions where the target
   constraint could not be inlined.
   Fixes RT#86233
 - (Bugfix) Fix unintuitive Dict deep coercions.
   Fixes RT#86239

0.007_08  2013-06-17

 - (Bugfix) Fix problem with interaction between constraints, coercions,
   and Moose classes that inherit from Moo classes.
   Fixes RT#86172

0.007_07  2013-06-16

 - (Bugfix) Partly roll back prototype changes. Now we use `;$` for Perl
   since 5.14, but `;@`, for older Perls that don't support `;$` so well.

0.007_06  2013-06-16

 - (Addition) Type::Exception is now capable of supplying stack traces
   (requires Devel::StackTrace).
 - (Documentation) Document the evaluation environment used by
 - (Documentation) Rearranged documentation for Type::Utils, avoiding
   previous split into Moose-like and non-Moose-like functions.
 - Better prototypes (was `;@`, now `;$`) for parameterizable type
   'constants' exported by type libraries.
 - Exceptions thrown for Moo isa/coerce now indicate which attribute was
 - Type::Utils no longer exports 'extends' by default!!

0.007_05  2013-06-12

 - (Addition) Add match_on_type and compile_match_on_type to Type::Utils.
 - (Addition) Test cases for InstanceOf, ConsumerOf, HasMethods and Enum
   types defined by Types::Standard.
 - (Documentation) Mention Scalar::Does and Type::Tie in manual.
 - (Documentation) Vastly improved documentation for Type::Utils.
 - (Documentation) Vastly improved documentation for Types::Standard.
 - Support '0' and '1' as shortcuts for Optional[Any] and Any in
   Type::Params. (Not documented yet.)

0.007_04  2013-06-09

 - (Bugfix) Overloading of `$type eq $type` now works in Perl 5.8.
   Fixes RT#85895
 - (Bugfix) The combination of Dict, Optional and coercions seems to have
   been broken in certain circumstances.
   Fixes RT#86001

0.007_03  2013-06-08

 - (Bugfix) Inlining of certain deep Dict, Tuple and Map coercions was
   broken, but Type::Params attempted to inline them anyway, leading to
   Fixes RT#85911
 - (Documentation) Better document Type::Tiny's 'parents' method which
   differs from the Moose method of the same name.

0.007_02  2013-06-04

 - (Addition) New constraints added to Types::Standard: InstanceOf,
   ConsumerOf, HasMethods and Enum.
 - (Documentation) Improvements to Type::Tiny::Manual.
 - (Documentation) Improvements to Type::Tiny::Manual::Params, including
   rewritten manual processing section, and processing type constraints in
   function signatures via Function::Parameters/Attribute::Constract.
 - (Packaging) Test cases for usage with Function::Parameters.
 - Allow constraint_generators (for parameterizable type constraints) to
   return full Type::Tiny objects instead of plain coderefs.
 - Drop use of Carp in Type::Parser.
 - Type::Tiny::Class types now have an automatically calculated parent type
   constraint based on @ISA.
 - Type::Tiny::Duck types now have a parent type constraint of
 - Type::Tiny::Enum types now have a parent type constraint of
 - Type::Tiny::Intersection types now have an arbitrary parent type
 - Type::Tiny::Role types now have a parent type constraint of
 - Type::Tiny::Union types now have an automatically calculated parent type
   constraint based on the most specific common parent type constraint.

0.007_01  2013-06-01  # Happy birthday to me...

 - (Addition) Type::Parser.
 - (Addition) Types::Standard now has LaxNum/StrictNum type constraints,
   and Num selects between them.
 - (Bugfix) Fix $VERSION defined in Type::Library.
 - (Packaging) Generate README from Type::Tiny::Manual instead of
 - Implemented Types::TypeTiny->meta->get_type.
 - Re-introduce Type::Registry, with improved parsing thanks to

0.006  2013-05-28

 - (Packaging) Exporter::TypeTiny::mkopt_hash now works.

0.005_08  2013-05-28

 - (Packaging) Rearrange test cases; add 00-begin.t.
 - (Update) Use JSON::PP instead of JSON in test cases, because JSON::PP is
   a core module since Perl 5.14.

0.005_07  2013-05-28

 - (Addition) Add pure-Perl Mouse to examples/benchmark-constraints.pl.
 - (Bugfix) Assertions using the assert_return pattern were triggering
   FATAL warnings when inlined with Sub::Quote. Inlined assertions are now
   prefixed with 'no warnings "void";'.

0.005_06  2013-05-26

 - (Bugfix) Fix StrMatch to properly support regexps containing slashes.
 - Fold Types::Standard::DeepCoercion into Types::Standard.

0.005_05  2013-05-24

 - (Addition) Type::Tiny now has an assert_return method, which is used in
   most places in preference to assert_valid.
 - (Removal) Removed Type::Registry from the release; it will return at a
   later date.
 - (Update) Suggest newer version of Validation::Class.
 - Fix warnings under Perl 5.18.

0.005_04  2013-05-17

 - (Addition) Deep explanations for
   Types::Standard::{Map,Maybe,Ref,Dict,Tuple} type constraint assertion
 - (Addition) Type::Exception::Compilation.
 - (Bugfix) Fixed bug in non-inlined code for Types::Standard::MkOpt.
 - All error conditions now throw exception objects instead of string error
 - Allow the slurpy tail of a Types::Standard::Tuple to be a treated as a
   hashref rather than an arrayref.
 - Improved deep explanations for
 - Test::TypeTiny performs more thorough testing if EXTENDED_TESTING
   environment variable is set.
 - Throw exception if people attempt to set parent types for

0.005_03  2013-05-14

 - (Removal) Bytes and Chars type constraints removed from Types::Standard.
 - (Removal) Decode and Encode coercions removed from Types::Standard.
 - Many error conditions now throw exception objects instead of string
   error messages.

0.005_02  2013-05-14

 - (Documentation) Fix a typo in declare_coercion in
 - (Documentation) Link to Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries instead of
   non-existing Type::Tiny::Intro.

0.005_01  2013-05-07

 - (Addition) ArrayLike type added to Types::TypeTiny.
 - (Addition) Type::Registry.
 - (Bugfix) Type::Library should require Perl 5.8.1, not 5.8.3.

0.004  2013-05-06

 - (Bugfix) Eval::Closure now strips line breaks and other unsavoury
   characters from descriptions.
 - Minor updates to to_TypeTiny following Validation::Class 7.900048

0.003_16  2013-05-05

 - (Documentation) Document that Map[`k,`v] has a deep coercion.
 - (Documentation) Improve Type::Coercion documentation.
 - Minor updates to coderef overloading following Moo 1.002000 release.
 - Rename Types::Standard::AutomaticCoercion ->
 - Type::Params produces nicer error messages.

0.003_15  2013-05-03

 - (Addition) Improvements to to_TypeTiny function, including accepting
   Validation::Class::Simple objects.

0.003_14  2013-05-03

0.003_13  2013-05-03

 - (Bugfix) Don't crash in old versions of Moose that have no
   Class::MOP::_definition_context() function.
 - BAIL_OUT in test suite if 00-compile.t or 01-api.t fail.
 - Better documentation and tests of Moose/Mouse-compatible API.
 - Fix typo in Type::Params documentation.

0.003_12  2013-05-01

 - (Bugfix) Sane behaviour for Types::Standard's 'slurpy' function when it
   appears mid-list.
 - Allow people to use Carp::{confess,cluck,carp} with Type::Params
   validators; default is still croak.
 - Improved Type::Params documentation.
 - Type::Params validators now explicitly check the number of arguments
   passed to them.

0.003_11  2013-04-30

 - (Addition) Test cases for Eval::TypeTiny.
 - Automatic coercion for parameterized Dict will no longer drop key/value
   pairs to force a coercion.
 - Automatic coercion for parameterized Tuple will no longer drop values to
   force a coercion.

0.003_10  2013-04-29

 - (Addition) Bundle Type::Params, which had previously appeared on CPAN in
   a separate developer release.
 - (Addition) Much of the stringy eval stuff has been factored out to a new
   module: Eval::TypeTiny.
 - (Addition) Type::Tiny::SUPPORT_SMARTMATCH constant.
 - (Documentation) Improve Exporter::TypeTiny documentation.
 - (Documentation) Improve advice on inlining type constraints and
 - (Packaging) Bump version of Test::More dependency fom 0.88 to 0.96.
 - General code tidy-up.

0.003_09  2013-04-28

 - (Addition) 'Tied' type constraint added to Types::Standard.
 - (Documentation) Document usage with Params::Check and Object::Accessor.
 - If Mouse is already in memory, Type::Tiny will use its super-fast XS
   subs to validate values when possible.

0.003_08  2013-04-26

 - (Addition) Test case using Exporter::TypeTiny with
 - (Documentation) More Exporter::TypeTiny docs, including usage with
 - ASCII-only strings are now accepted by the Chars constraint in
 - Type::Tiny, Type::Coercion and their subclasses no longer call
   Types::TypeTiny->import method.
 - Types::TypeTiny lazily loads Exporter::TypeTiny - i.e. it loads
   Exporter::TypeTiny when Types::TypeTiny->import is first called.

0.003_07  2013-04-26

 - (Bugfix) Fix method conflicts when exporting type constraints to roles.
 - (Documentation) Document usage with Class::InsideOut.
 - (Documentation) Minor improvements to manual.

0.002  2013-04-26

 - (Addition) Chars and Bytes types added to Types::Standard.
 - (Bugfix) Fix method conflicts when exporting type constraints to roles.
 - (Bugfix) Prevent warnings (about 'my $val' masking a previously declared
   variable) when several Str checks are being inlined in close proximity,
   such as Tuple[Str,Str]
 - (Documentation) Link from Test::TypeTiny to Test::Deep::Type.
 - Avoid unnecessarily regenerating parameterized type constraints.
 - Make Type::Tiny's has_coercion method more DWIM.

0.003_06  2013-04-25

 - (Addition) Types::TypeTiny::to_TypeTiny can now coerce from a
 - (Documentation) Add lots of stuff to Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMouse.
 - (Documentation) Document deep coercions (feature added in 0.003_01).
 - Add a bunch of stub methods to Type::Tiny and Type::Coercion in order to
   make it less necessary to inflate to Moose/Mouse meta objects.
 - No longer need to add '-mouse' when importing types into Mouse
   libraries. (Same change as what we did for Moose in 0.000_11.)
 - Various minor changes to Exporter::TypeTiny to make it more
   Sub::Exporter compatible.

0.003_05  2013-04-19

 - (Addition) Allow coercions to accept parameters.
 - (Addition) Chars and Bytes types added to Types::Standard.
 - (Addition) Encode, Decode, Join and Split coercions added to
 - (Addition) Type::Tiny::Class now has a plus_constructors method.
 - (Bugfix) Prevent warnings (about 'my $val' masking a previously declared
   variable) when several Str checks are being inlined in close proximity,
   such as Tuple[Str,Str]
 - (Documentation) Document Exporter::TypeTiny.
 - (Documentation) Type::Tiny::Manual::Coercions.

0.003_04  2013-04-18

 - Factor out the sub exporting code scattered around (in Type::Utils,
   Types::TypeTiny and Type::Library) into a single module,

0.003_03  2013-04-17

 - (Addition) Add OptList data type to Types::Standard, plus MkOpt
 - Make Type::Tiny's has_coercion method more DWIM.
 - When inflating Moo type constraints to Moose, don't unnecessarily call
   'moose_type' method.

0.003_02  2013-04-16

 - (Documentation) Document how to process sub parameters with Type::Tiny,
   and point people towards Type::Params.
 - Avoid unnecessarily regenerating parameterized type constraints.

0.003_01  2013-04-16

 - (Addition) Allow subtypes to inherit coercions from their parent type
   constraint. (They do not by default.)
 - (Addition) Build coercions automatically for certain type parameterized
   constraints. Say there's a Num->Int coercion defined; then we should be
   able to coerce ArrayRef[Num]->ArrayRef[Int].
 - (Addition) Overload "+" operator for Type::Coercion and Type::Tiny
   allows coercions to be added to each other, and added to type
 - (Addition) Type::Library packages can now include "standalone"
   Type::Coercion objects, not attached to a type constraint. These can be
   exported on request.
 - (Documentation) Link from Test::TypeTiny to Test::Deep::Type.
 - Allow a Type::Tiny object to "freeze" its coercions. This prevents a
   Type::Tiny object from becoming out of sync with its equivalent Mouse or
   Moose constraint objects.

0.001  2013-04-15  # First public release

 - (Addition) More test cases for Optional[`a] within Dict[`a].
 - (Bugfix) Some inline code assumed that it would be compiled in a package
   that had 'blessed' imported.
 - (Bugfix) Some inline code wasn't wrapped in parentheses.
 - (Documentation) Minor improvements.
 - Improve test names generated by Test::TypeTiny; allow test scripts to
   provide test names.
 - Parameterized type constraints in Types::Standard now do some sanity
   checking on their arguments.
 - Weaken the reference from a Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint object to its
   Type::Tiny origin.

0.000_12  2013-04-12

 - (Documentation) Fix minor typo.

0.000_11  2013-04-11

 - (Bugfix) Fix prototype for Type::Utils::as.
 - No longer need to pass '-moose' parameter when importing a library into
   a Moose class; only Mouse needs that treatment now.

0.000_10  2013-04-09

 - (Bugfix) Fix incorrect Test::Requires line in 'mouse-coercion.t'.
 - Improvements to has_coercion_for_{type,value} from Type::Coercion.

0.000_09  2013-04-08

 - (Addition) Bundle benchmarking scripts.
 - (Documentation) Fill in the Usage with Moose section of the fine manual.
 - (Packaging) Tidy up the 'examples' directory.
 - (Packaging) When generating Moose/Mouse constraints from Type::Tiny
   objects, prefer to generate anonymous ones.

0.000_08  2013-04-07

 - (Addition) Types::TypeTiny::to_TypeTiny can be used to coerce a Moose
   type constraint object to Type::Tiny.
 - Most parts of the API that accept Type::Tiny objects (e.g.
   Type::Utils::from()) now also accept Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
 - Rewrite most of the functions exported by Type::Library-based type
   libraries to cope better with being used mid-list.

0.000_07  2013-04-06

 - (Addition) Type::Coercion::Union - automatically handles coercion to
   union types.
 - (Bugfix) Fix inlining for Type::Tiny::Intersection.
 - (Bugfix) Fix inlining of certain conditionals into coercion code.
 - (Bugfix) Types within libraries, if accessed directly rather than
   exported, did not accept parameters.
 - (Documentation) Document constructor for Type::Tiny::Class.
 - (Packaging) More test cases.

0.000_06  2013-04-05

 - (Addition) In Moo, type assertions and coercions are now inlined.
 - (Addition) Monkey patch Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint to be able to
   retrieve Type::Tiny constraints from inflated Moose constraints.
 - (Addition) Type::Tiny now has an 'inline_assert' function.
 - (Documentation) Improved documentation of parameterization attributes.
 - (Documentation) Section in manual comparing Type::Tiny with various
   other type library frameworks.
 - (Documentation) Using Type::Tiny with Moo added to manual.
 - (Packaging) More test cases.
 - Footprint reduction: Type::Tiny and Type::Coercion no longer use if.pm.
 - Footprint reduction: Type::Tiny no longer triggers Perl to load its
   Unicode tables (unless you create a type constraint with a non-ASCII
   type name).
 - Footprint reduction: Type::Tiny, Type::Library and Type::Coerce no
   longer automatically load Types::Standard and Type::Utils.

0.000_05  2013-04-04

 - (Addition) Factor out some functions from test suite into a new module:
 - (Bugfix) Fix is_parameterized.
 - (Bugfix) Get Mouse coercions working.
 - (Packaging) Rearrange test suite slightly.
 - Allow null type constraints with no parent type (e.g. 'Any' in
   Types::Standard) to be inlined.
 - Don't die with full stack trace.
 - Rename Type::Standard module to Types::Standard.
 - Sanity checks for type constraint names.
 - Types::TypeTiny bootstrapping library now takes care of vaious internal
   type checking requirements.

0.000_04  2013-04-03

 - (Addition) Finally implement Type::Coercion's has_coercion_for_type
 - (Addition) Type::Tiny equals/is_subtype_of/is_supertype_of/is_a_type_of
   methods for type constraint comparisons.
 - (Addition) Type::Tiny plus_coercions/minus_coercions/no_coercions
   methods for creating subtypes with different sets of coercions.
 - Allow coercion code to be expressed as a string; quite a bit faster.
 - Create and use compiled coercions; somewhat faster.

0.000_03  2013-04-03

 - (Addition) Inlined type constraints for all of Type::Standard.
 - (Addition) Test cases for ScalarRef[`a].
 - (Bugfix) Fix the crashing t/moo-inflation.t test case.
 - (Documentation) Document Type::Coercion's overloading.
 - Create and use compiled type constraint checks; much faster!
 - Make sure Type::Standard's Moose-like built-ins get inflated to real
   Moose built-in types.
 - Use more unique stringification for %Moo::HandleMoose::TYPE_MAP keys.

0.000_02  2013-04-02

 - (Addition) StrMatch added to Type::Standard.
 - (Addition) use Type::Library -base
 - (Addition) use Type::Library -declare
 - (Bugfix) Anchor enum regexps to beginning and end of string.
 - (Documentation) Beginnings of Type::Tiny::Manual.

0.000_01  2013-04-02  # Developer preview