Revision history for Perl module Range::Object.

0.93  Mon Nov 21 18:47:03 2011

    Moved all Range::Object-descended packages to Range::Object::*
    namespace. An obvious move, in hindsight.

    Fixed some tests broken in 0.91.

0.92  Mon Nov 21 00:26:33 2011

    Removed versions from all packages except Range::Object itself.
    It appears that having all packages versioned only leads to
    confusion (mine, specifically).

0.91  Sun Nov 20 17:11:38 2011

    Apparently, permission for Range::String namespace is already
    taken on CPAN; to avoid collision I renamed my module to

    No other changes were made.

0.9   Sun Nov 20 16:39:23 2011

    Cleaned up code and POD sections for CPAN release.

0.3   Wed Sep 14 01:04:47 2011

    Testing on 32-bit Perl build uncovered a few bugs, mostly with
    regards to digit handling. To avoid messing with integer logic,
    a new Range::DigitString module was added. Basically it's the
    same as Range::Extension except that it doesn't allow [*#]
    in the beginning.

    Fixed a bug in Range::Object that prevented an integer or
    digit string with zero value from being handled properly.

    Update test suite to handle Range::DigitString too.

0.25  Mon Sep 05 23:17:46 2011

    Fixed a bug in Range::Object: both add() and remove() returned
    failure if passed empty input range, when they should have
    returned $self. They do now.

0.24  Thu Aug 18 23:36:04 2011

    Fixed a bug in Range::PhoneDigits: ranges of numbers
    beginning with [*#] did not expand properly.
    Added a test for this condition as well.

    Abstracted expansion code as subroutine in Range::Object.

0.23  Mon Aug 15 17:10:04 2011

    Wrote extended set of tests involving valid and invalid input
    cases for each individual field type.

    Fixed all bugs uncovered by these tests. A lot of them.

0.2   Thu Aug 11 19:06:57 2011

    Fixed a wart in test suite: not all invalid input options were
    checked for each module, leading to bugs.

    Fixed a couple of bugs in Range::Object and Range::Extension,
    all with invalid input handling.

    Refactored Range::Object a bit. Changes include new parsing
    method, more abstraction; Range::Extension is now descended
    from Object instead of String.

    Test suite reworked too; it is more unified now and includes
    more thorough testing for different modules and input types.

0.01  Sat Aug 06 00:17:19 2011

    Started implementing Range::Object