Revision history for Perl extension Minilla

v0.4.8 2013-06-08T01:25:45Z

    - Win32 Portability fix for testing code.

v0.4.7 2013-06-04T21:44:45Z

    - Set PERL_CPANM_HOME for cpanm-reporter in test case.

v0.4.6 2013-06-01T05:35:12Z

    - Remove xt/spelling.t while migrating

v0.4.5 2013-05-29T20:14:47Z

    - fixed a bug that empty file couldn't be included to dist archive.
    - Fixed testing failure

v0.4.4 2013-05-24T04:38:41Z

    - Depended on latest Pod::Readme
      (reported by mlawren++)
    - Force name delimiter to be single hyphen.

v0.4.3 2013-05-17T07:06:16Z

    - Depended on Getopt::Long 2.36 for GetOptionsFromArray
    - Fixed "Use of uninitialized value $name in substitution (s///) at lib/Minilla/ line 55." error.
    - Ignore directories start with a dot if include_dotfiles is false
      For compatible with Dist::Milla.
    - docs for FileGatherer

v0.4.2 2013-05-07T10:41:39Z

    - Removed dependency on Path::Tiny

v0.4.1 2013-05-07T09:06:46Z

    - Module::Build keeps -Ixxx arguments in running `./Build`.
      Do not make rel2abs '.'. In executing `perl Build.PL`
    - Cleanup code around `minil build`. Clean and saner code.
      Older implementation creates work dir in '.build/XXXXX/' and copy it.
      New implementation creates work dir in 'Module-Name-X.XX/' directly.

v0.4.0 2013-05-07T05:09:19Z

    - documented build.build_class
      (Fuji, Goro)
    - Use `cpanm --notest` when using `minil --no-test install`
      (reported by xaicron++)
    - Support script_files in minil.toml
    - Added allow_pure_perl option.

v0.3.2 2013-05-03T01:09:37Z

    - Do not run test case when cpanm command is not available
    - Add newline same as other error messages
      (Syohei YOSHIDA)

v0.3.1 2013-05-02T07:38:53Z

    - Regenerate Build.PL/ before release, automatically
    - Deny Foo::Bar style name in minil.toml.

v0.3.0 2013-05-02T00:42:00Z

    - Support MANIFEST.SKIP
      (Suggested by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

v0.2.0 2013-04-30T02:21:41Z

    - add [no_index] feature for minil.toml
      (Masayuki Matsuki)

v0.1.0 2013-04-27T14:51:23Z

    - Added authors_from, abstract_from

v0.0.56 2013-04-24T05:23:14Z

    - Use cpanm instead of CPAN::Meta::Check. Closed #12
      (Suggested by miyagawa++)
    - Fixed Double-encoded author name in META.json Closed #44
      (Reported by ilmali++)

v0.0.55 2013-04-24T03:09:28Z

    - Save mode when copying files to working directory.

v0.0.54 2013-04-22T23:27:19Z

    - Enable xt/spelling.t by ~/spellunker.en, instead of ~/.aspell.en.pws

    - Better zsh completion
      (Syohei YOSHIDA, Yuji Shimada)
    - Better spelling checking with Spellunker.
    - Better version number incrementation with Version::Next
    - Disabled ACTION_distmeta and ACTION_installdeps in Build.PL
    - Added new configuration parameter: readme_from
    - Support 'share/' directiory(Distribution share directiory only)
    - Remove dupilicate entry in manifest file
      (Masayuki Matsuki)
    - force add LICENSE in migration
    - add MYMETA.* and <% $dist %>-* to default .gitignore

v0.0.53 2013-04-09T05:57:07Z

    - Exclude extlib/ directory from tar ball.
      (Reported by kazeburo++)

v0.0.52 2013-04-08T03:11:44Z

    - Tiny tweaks for CPAN testers.

v0.0.51 2013-04-07T04:09:37Z

    - Remove M::I related files while migration.
    - Added '=encoding utf-8' in skelton
    - Do not run test cases without git command.

v0.0.50 2013-04-04T06:03:31Z

    - first release on CPAN!

0.0.1 2013-03-18T19:11:49
    - original version