Revision history for Perl extension App::plenv

1.4.12 2013-04-15T05:43:50Z

    - Added `plenv --version`
      (Suggested by miyagawa++)

1.4.11 2013-03-31T03:43:53Z

    - pass test option to Perl::Build
      (ks <>)
    - Depend to Perl::Build 0.13

1.4.10 2013-03-30T13:41:09Z

    - Removed deps for Module::Build::Pluggable

1.4.9 2013-03-28T02:46:35Z

    - depend to Perl-Build 0.10

1.4.8 2013-03-28T02:39:34Z

    - re-packaging

1.4.7 2013-03-27T12:22:53Z

    - 1.4.5 & 1.4.6 was broken if you are using plenv by `git clone`.
      I forgot to users using plenv by `git clone`.
      I renamed `bin/` directory to `script/` at 1.4.5.
      But it's so bad.

1.4.6 2013-03-27T12:11:54Z

    - Latest Perl::Build deprecates `patchperl` parameter.

1.4.5 2013-03-27T06:14:00Z

    - Depend to Perl-Build 0.09

1.4.4 2013-03-10T10:53:22

    - Updated deps for Devel::PatchPerl and Perl::Build.
      Latest version of Devel::PatchPerl removes deps for IPC::Cmd!

1.4.1 2013-02-07T11:50:56

    - bundle IPC::Cmd
    (This version is not uploaded to CPAN)

1.4.0 2013-02-07T09:48:26

    - bundle cpanm and just use it in `install-cpanm` command
      (Reported by @turugina, and thanks to @miyagawa)
    - Fix for parsing command line argument
      - Loop for @D, @A, @U makes no sense
      - Remove '--' if @ARGV contains it(See also Getopt::Long document).
     (Syohei YOSHIDA)
   - speciallize the shim file for cpanm. Speciallized version of 'cpanm'
     shim runs rehashing after installing.

1.3.1 2013-01-24T11:56:38

    [BUG FIX]
    - expand ~ in --build-dir.

1.3.0 2013-01-24T11:28:10

    - added '--build-dir' argumetns for plenv-install.
      It helps to save object files for debugging with gdb.

1.2.1 2013-01-23T08:15:49

    - fixed installation issue

1.2.0 2013-01-23T07:52:54

    - added lots of documents
    - `global` command removes "perl-" prefix
      `install` command removes "perl-" prefix but `global` doesn't.
      (Masato Ikeda)


    - fixed broken path


    - first release to CPAN!

0.0.1    Sat Jan 12 11:42:02 2013
    - original version