Imager-File-GIF 0.85

 - add giflib 5.0 support.
   The giflib API Imager uses doesn't have a mechanism to set the
   header version in 5.0.0.

 - previously a transparency enabled write (the default) would always
   use a GIF89a header even if none of the images were transparent.

 - update the GIF library probe code to check for the new giflib 5.0.1
   EGifSetGifVersion() function, and to check for the giflib 4.2.0
   uninitialized gif89 bug.

 - clean up .dSYM directories generated performing probes on OS X
   Mountain Lion.

 - pass the --verbose command-line option through to Imager::Probe in

Imager-File-GIF 0.84 - released with Imager 0.92_01

 - giflib 4.2 eliminates the GIF_LIB_VERSION macro, handle that
   correctly for both probing and runtime.

 - allow building with C89 compilers

Imager-File-GIF 0.83

 - no longer fallback to using DynaLoader to load the XS code

Imager-File-GIF 0.82

 - modify to use the new buffered I/O functions instead of calling
   I/O layer callbacks directly.

 - handle I/O close errors properly

Imager-File-GIF 0.81

 - update the bundled (and still modified) Devel::CheckLib

 - use snprintf() when imconfig.h indicates it's available

Imager-File-GIF 0.80

 - the big types cleanup

 - refuse to write images (or screens) that are too large to represent.

Imager-File-GIF 0.79

 - writing a paletted image to GIF wouldn't always use the colors
   supplied (or generated, eg. via make_colors => "mono"), which was
   confusing at best.  Requires changes from Imager 0.84.

 - replace (imager|tony) in the doc, since I don't
   plan to continue receiving mail at that address.

Imager-File-GIF 0.78

Split out from Imager.