Revision history for Gnuplot-Builder

0.31    2015-11-29
        - Now Script, Dataset and JoinDict are Data::Focus-compatible.
          You can access their fields by focus($obj)->get(...) etc.

0.30    2015-10-18
        - These enhacements are result of pull-request (gh#2)
        - Add experimental methods Script#set_plot(), get_plot() and delete_plot().

0.29    2015-10-12
        - These enhacements are result of pull-request (gh#2)
        - Add "output" option to Script#run_with() method.
        - Add "no_stderr" option to Script#plot_with(),
          splot_with(), multiplot_with() and run_with() methods.
        - Add $Gnuplot::Builder::Process::NO_STDERR option.
        - Minor improvements to documentation.

0.28    2015-04-10
        - Add $Gnuplot::Builder::Process::ENCODING option.

0.27    2014-12-20
        - JoinDict: Add separator(), get_all_keys(), get_all_values() and set_all() methods.
          Add filter and validator options. Add joind() exportable function.
        - PartiallyKeyedList: Add get_all_keys() method.
        - Add Gnuplot::Builder::Template module.

0.26    2014-11-09
        - Experimental methods Dataset#set_join() and delete_join()
          are now deprecated. Use JoinDict instead. Sorry about that.
        - Add Gnuplot::Builder::JoinDict to replace set_join() feature.
        - Script#set() and Dataset#set() now officially support blessed objects
          for option values.
        - Add PartiallyKeyedList#get_all_values() method.
        - Document that PartiallyKeyedList#get_at() method returns the value
          in scalar context.

0.25    2014-10-27
        - Add Gnuplot::Builder::Dataset#set_join() and delete_join() methods.
          This is an experimental feature for now.

0.24    2014-10-12
        - Change the default value of $Gnuplot::Builder::Process::MAX_PROCESSES from 10 to 2.
          10 was too large because gnuplot is CPU-intensive.
        - Add $Gnuplot::Builder::Process::ASYNC pacakge variable.
        - Add Gnuplot::Builder::Process->wait_all() method.
          It is exported as gwait() by Gnuplot::Builder.
        - Add "DEBUGGING TIPS" section.

0.23    2014-10-05
        - Add $Gnuplot::Builder::Process::TAP package variable. This is useful for debugging.
        - Add Gnuplot::Builder::Tap module. This is even more useful for debugging.
        - Comment about gnuplot 4.6.6.

0.22    2014-08-17
        - Migrate to Module::Build::Prereqs::FromCPANfile.

0.21    2014-08-14
        - Add $Gnuplot::Builder::Process::PAUSE_FINISH option parameter.
          This helps create fully functional plot windows, but it can cause
          never-ending gnuplot processes in some cases. Use with care.
        - Now Gnuplot::Builder::Process::* options can be set via environment
        - Update SYNOPSIS of Gnuplot::Builder::Script.
        - Add section about plot windows to Gnuplot::Builder. It's really tricky.

0.20    2014-03-17
        [API CHANGES]
        - Add multiplot(), multiplot_with(), run(), run_with() methods to Script.
        - Drop dependency on Guard.
        - Add dependency on Try::Tiny.

0.15    2014-03-09
        [API CHANGES]
        - Script, Dataset: you can now call get_option() method in scalar context.
          It returns the first value for the option name, or undef if the option
          is empty. It used to return the number of values in some cases, but
          this behavior is modified.

0.14    2014-03-09
        [API CHANGES]
        - Mostly backward-compatible API changes.
        - Script, Dataset now have get_parent() method for better consistency
          with other methods. parent() method is deprecated, but supported for
        - Add set(), setq() and unset() methods to Dataset as aliases of
          *_option() methods for better symmetry to Script API.
        [BUG FIX]
        - Script, Dataset: set_parent() now uses blessed() function to check
          the argument. It's safer.
        - Mention Gnuplot::Builder::Wgnuplot.
        - Improve SYNOPSIS for Dataset.

0.13    2014-03-02
        - Project-local update. Fix output of

0.12    2014-03-02
        [BUG FIX]
        - Script plotting methods: if async => 1 and the gnuplot
          process writes large data to STDOUT, the process wouldn't
          finish because it exhausts the write buffer. This is fixed
          now that the output is redirected to the null device if
          async => 1.

0.11    2014-02-24
        - Now Gnuplot::Builder inherits Exporter (instead of importing import()),
          because I want to call export_to_level() on that.

0.10    2014-02-24
        - Add some easy-to-type functions to Gnuplot::Builder. They are exported by default.
        - POD update on Gnuplot::Builder.

0.03    2014-02-24
        - No change to the code.
        - OK, I give up giving all modules the same version number.
          Now only Gnuplot::Builder has the version. Others just don't have any version.

0.02    2014-02-24
        - No change to the code.
        - Now version numbers refer directly to $Gnuplot::Builder::Version::VERSION.
          Using an Exported function seemed to mess up something in CPAN...

0.01    2014-02-23
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.