Revision history for Perl extension Net::Socket::NonBlock.

0.15  Tue Apr 01 04:00:00 2003
	- Minor bugfix with Gets()
	  If socket buffer is full it's content have to be returned
	  by Gets() even no '\n' symbol in the buffer.
	- Minor documentation change

0.14  Mon Feb 17 19:00:00 2003
        - Major bug fixed in Gets()
          The last piece of data is never returned unless it is terminated by '\n'
	- UDP receiving performance is improved dramaticaly (actually, minor bug fixed)
	- 'Broadcast' parameter added to Listen() and Connect() methods
	- 'DiscEmpty' parameter added to Listen() and Connect() methods
	- Puts(\@Array, ...) syntax introduced
	- IO() is now returning the meaningful value
	- Method DESTROY is defined for Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest
	  and references to a nest removed from Net::Socket::NonBlock,
	  so garbage collector can do his work now
	- Licence and Copyright changed

0.13  Fri Jan 24 23:05:00 2003
	- I forget to change a version number in the module. Sorry.

0.12  Fri Jan 24 23:00:00 2003
	- Serious bug with "Undefined subroutine &Net::Socket::NonBlock::inet_aton" fixed

0.11  Fri Jan 24 00:10:00 2003
	- Serious bug with delayed close fixed

0.10  Sun Jan 19 19:30:00 2003
	- object-oriented interface to sockets added
	- Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest class introduced
	  It is placed in the same file as Net::Socket::NonBlock class
	- functions Listen and Connect are moved to the Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest package
	- function Net::Socket::NonBlock->new() is returning the Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest object.
	  Note: Net::Socket::NonBlock->new() is provided for compatibility only.
	  Use Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest->new() instead.
        - functions Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest::Listen and
          Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest::Connect are returning the Net::Socket::NonBlock object
        - function Net::Socket::NonBlock::Nest::Properties exists in parralell
          to Net::Socket::NonBlock::Properties
        - documentation changed according to module changes
        - I hope the v.0.10 is fully compatible with v.0.06. It means you can continue to
          use the functions in old style.

0.06  Tue Sep 24 19:00:00 2002
 	- Close($SocketID [, $Flush [, $Timeout]]) syntax introduced
 	- IO([$Errors]) syntax introduced
        - SafeStr function removed from the module.
	  You can obtain the sources for this function from the SYNOPSIS section of documentation.
        - The way how the SilenceT working is changed.
          It is necessary now to call the Close function for the sockets which become unavailable
          because of silence timeout.
 	- Minor bugfixes
 	- Minor changes in debug messages printing
 	- Minor documentation changes
        - Minor changess in

0.05  Fri Jul 19 17:00:00 2002
 	- Minor bugfixes
 	- 'NestProperties' method introduced

0.04  Sat Jul  6 23:00:00 2002
 	- Serious bugfixes
 	- 'InstantDeth' parameter removed
 	- 'debug' parameter introduced
 	- The example updated

0.03  Wed Jun 24 23:40:00 2002
	- SafeStr not exported by default any more
	- 'MaxClients' parameter for 'Listen' method introduced

0.02  Tue Jun 19 10:00:00 2002
	- first public release

0.01  Fri Apr 26 17:43:45 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AXcfn Net::Socket::NonBlock
	  "friends and family release"