Changes from NSP version 0.61 to 0.63

Ted Pedersen,
University of Minnesota, Duluth
December 2003

	1) Converted README.txt to README.pod

	To create plain text: pod2text README.pod > README.txt
	To create html:       pod2html README.pod > README.html

	2) Converted FAQ.txt to FAQ.pod

	3) removed README.txt and FAQ.txt (now replaced by pod). 

	4) moved /Measures/README.measures.txt to /Docs and converted
	to Measures.pod
	5) Converted NewStats.txt to NewStats.pod

	6) Converted Todo.txt to Todo.pod

	7) Converted Usage.txt to Usage.pod

	8) renamed Docs as docs


	1) Incorporated all documentation for combig into
	Removed file README.combig.txt

	2) Incorporated all documentation for kocos into
	Removed file README.kocos.txt

	3) Incorporated all documentation for rank into
	Removed file README.rank.txt

	1) added simple perldoc to program

	1) added simple perldoc to program

	1) added to support standard perl installation of NSP.
	   Now possible to install NSP using the standard perl
	   "3 step" install. Still possible to install simply
	   by setting paths. 

	2) creates html versions of pod documenations and stores
	   in doc/html.
CPAN Release

	1) NSP is now distributed via CPAN as Text::NSP.

  	   In order to take advantage of CPANs distribution
	   mechanism, we needed to rename a few files, and
	   add a dummy module stub ( NSP still works
	   the same as it always did, it just looks slightly
	   different now. Files that were added or renamed 
	   because of CPAN include INSTALL, README, CHANGES, 
	   MANIFEST,, and Makefile.PL. There is also a
	   directory /t that is to be used for testing (invoked
	   via make test). Right now there isn't much that is
	   tested there, but that could/should change in future.
	   We still have very extensive testing available via
	   /Testing, it just isn't integrated into "make test"
	   at this time.