Revision history for MediaWiki-DumpFile

  * Fixed bug in subclassing of pages object
    to handle version 0.4 dump files
  * Fixed incorrect dependencies listed in 

  * Added support for dump files with versions
    less than 3 and for versions equal to
    0.4 with support for the redirect
    feature of the 0.4 dump file
  * Refactored interface to ::XML
    and getting it ready to be split
    off to its own CPAN module
  * Changed the constructor class
    to require the parsing modules
    when the methods are invoked
    instead of use()ing them
    when the module is loaded. 

  * Added minor method to ::Pages::Revision
  * Created ::Pages::Revision::Contributor

  * Added MediaWiki::DumpFile::FastPages - twice
    as fast as MediaWiki::DumpFile::Pages but
    with limited features.
  * Improved documentation for MediaWiki::DumpFile::Pages

  * Remembered to start listing changes
  * Implemented a method to get the contents of
    the create_table statement in ::SQL per bug 

  * First version, released on an unsuspecting world.