Revision history for MediaWiki-DumpFile

  * No longer depends on XML::CompactTree::XS but does recommend it.
    Just install it via CPAN and it will be used automatically to make things faster. 
  * Fast mode is here! ::Pages, ::FastPages, and ::Compat::Pages can 
    all be very fast by giving up support for everything besides
    titles and the text contents of the first entry in the dump file. 
  * Resolved bug #63453 "categories() does not work in MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat"
  * MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat did not perform caching on methods like Parse::MediaWikiDump did
    also from bug #63453
  * Added in formal error messages for a few events, most notably when
    the page dump version changes to an unknown one. Now the user is
    directed to our documentation where there is explicit instructions
    on how to report a bug and override the case where it will not run
    with an environment variable
  * Added the XML benchmarking suite I created to study XML processing speeds
    to distro; hopefully more people will be interested in the shootout. 
  * Ported over documentation from Parse::MediaWikiDump giving ::Compat
    full documentation in this module as well. 
  * ::Compat::page now uses optimized regex caching and compilation 

  * Resolved bug #58107 "MediaWiki::DumpFile::SQL, not all dumps have LOCK"

  * Added current_byte() and size() method to ::Pages
  * Documented bug #56843 in ::Compat

  * API changes in XML::TreePuller
  * Added some missing deps to Makefile.PL

  * Made the CPAN indexer unhappy with me

  * Added in compatibility with Parse::MediaWikiDump via

  * Fixed bug #55758 - When calling subroutine comment ($revision->comment), 
    it throws null pointer exception.
  * Added check to constructor for ::Pages to complain if the input
    specified as a file is not really in the file system

  * Split off MediaWiki::DumpFile::XML into XML::TreePuller
    and made it available on CPAN
  * Removed LIMITATIONS section of MediaWiki::DumpFile 

  * Fixed bug in subclassing of pages object
    to handle version 0.4 dump files
  * Fixed incorrect dependencies listed in 

  * Added support for dump files with versions
    less than 3 and for versions equal to
    0.4 with support for the redirect
    feature of the 0.4 dump file
  * Refactored interface to ::XML
    and getting it ready to be split
    off to its own CPAN module
  * Changed the constructor class
    to require the parsing modules
    when the methods are invoked
    instead of use()ing them
    when the module is loaded. 

  * Added minor method to ::Pages::Revision
  * Created ::Pages::Revision::Contributor

  * Added MediaWiki::DumpFile::FastPages - twice
    as fast as MediaWiki::DumpFile::Pages but
    with limited features.
  * Improved documentation for MediaWiki::DumpFile::Pages

  * Remembered to start listing changes
  * Implemented a method to get the contents of
    the create_table statement in ::SQL per bug 

  * First version, released on an unsuspecting world.